Best Cruelty Free Foundations For Full Coverage – 2020 (Reviews)

Full Coverage Cruelty free foundation
Full Coverage Cruelty free foundation
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Undoubtedly, it is an annoying fact having to have too much of cosmetic products under the scorching – typically, this kind of a situation would call for a ‘no-makeup’ strategy. But at times, circumstances just seem to be flowing in the opposite current, and you would need a touch here or there on the face. Some of these days you come across the need for cruelty free full coverage foundation, and especially in the instances where an impromptu pimple on the skin has popped up and left acne scar behind, or may your skin is just a tad bit too red to not be noticed – a full coverage makeup solution could very well be the ideal savior for you in such a moment.

However, unlike the other cosmetic products, full coverage foundation brands are the ones where you could very easily go wrong. You may go out with something in mind, and could just end up with a product which effectively conceals everything – even your facial beauty, albeit.

To ease your first choices a bit, we have compiled a list of 14 best cruelty free foundations on the market, which would make sure your face does not like a cake-ma after applying them. However, since we assert the advent of animal rights, we have carefully included the cruelty free makeup brands which are certified by organizations like Peta. Read on to find out our pick of the top cruelty free foundation for full coverage.

Best Cruelty Free Foundations for Full Coverage

1. Overall Best: Catrice HD Liquid Foundation

This liquid foundation is available for you to buy in 24 different shades, the brand itself is cruelty-free. Given the fact that this foundation is able to give you a natural looking finish, the product itself is ultra-light on the skin, and would be a preferable choice for most women. A thoughtful brand, the design of the applicator has been simplified to make the process easy.

  • Leaves a mattifying effect on the skin
  • Long lasting – lasts for round the day on the skin 
  • Free of harmful chemicals, and is vegan

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2. Cheap Cruelty Free Foundation: E.L.F. Flawless

E.l.f is popularly known for their quality cosmetic products, and this is another one of their full coverage foundations. The product has an overall light feel for the user, and works wonders when it comes to the uneven skin textures of the customers. Not to mention, the product is also available in various shades, for any pick that you may want. As the brand claims, this product is cruelty-free as well as vegan. 

  • Devoid of any harmful chemical
  • Available in plenty of shades
  • Can be used for brightening skin tone

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3. Best Paraben Free Foundation: L.A. Girl Pro

The Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation uses a formula which can be worn all day without it being felt as a burden. Their range includes a variety of shades to cover all forms of skin tones, but they also include a ‘white lightener’ in order to increase your chances to vary the shade of the product. The product also contains anti-oxidants that are beneficial for the customer to ensure that their skin remains hydrated. 

  • Lasting formula – can be worn throughout the day
  • Does not contain paraben, is cruelty-free
  • Ideal for use by people with normal to dry skin

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4. Best for Dry Skin: Elizabeth Arden Flawless

This product by Elizabeth Arden has received high critical praise from the customers, who claimed that the effect of the foundation lasted for as long as 12 hours. The ingredients chosen by the brand tend to remove the fine lines on the skin and also lessen the discoloration of the skin of the user. A great benefit for the user would be the fact that this best cruelty free foundation for dry skin is available in as many as 16 different shades.

  • Infused with diamond 
  • Leaves a creamy texture on the skin, keeps it hydrated
  • Easy and convenient in application

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5. Good Cruelty Free Foundation: It Cosmetics

This product is a stark departure from your usual foundations – it would not only be radiant for your skin, but it is also effective in concealing several skin conditions, such as redness, rashes etc. However, the SPF 50+ protection within the foundation is an added bonus for protection out against the harmful sunrays. The added diamond power does its own wonders for making your skin brightly shine, nonetheless.

  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Added sunscreen protection
  • Effectively covers aging, hydrates and smoothens the skin

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6. Best for Everyday Use: Covergirl Full Spectrum

This Full Spectrum Foundation by Covergirl is a surprisingly adequate product – given the all-round utility it gives the customers. With its overall matte finish on the skin, the Foundation gives off a glowing finish. It also has the oil absorbing powders in it, which tend to absorb any excess oil on the skin of the user. The cruelty-free products gives the user with several benefits in a simple package.

  • Transfer resistant product – does not get smudged by water
  • Lasts all day long after being applied
  • Contains oil-absorbing qualities

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7. Best Value for Money: Becca Foundation

The Becca Ultimate Foundation is a breathable layer of foundation which does not clog the pores of the skin, but rather gives off beauty without posing any form of burden onto the user. The product comprises of a perfect balance between pigments, and water, and is a good cosmetic solution to hide any redness or a dark texture on the skin. The product is cruelty free, as well as leaves a glowing effect on the skin of the user.

  • Free of parabens, alcohol and any fragrance
  • Can be used by people of most skin types
  • Free of other harmful ingredients

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8. Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation Stick

This Conceal + Perfect combo presented by Milani can be considered as a fairly effective product to conceal skin imperfections, as well as provide an added touch to the skin of the user. With the variety of shades available for the consumers, they have amply widened the range of people who can effectively use this product. Since the formula is water resistant, it will not be easily wiped away due to rain or sweat. While the formula contains several plant extracts, it also does have oil-absorbing qualities.

  • Transfer-resistant formula
  • Best vegan cruelty free foundation
  • Breathable for the skin
  • Vegan formula used for the product 

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9. Smashbox Skin Full Coverage Foundation

The Smashbox Foundation, quite like the few of the other products included in this list, can be easily applied onto the skin of the user without it being heavy for the user on the skin. However, unlike the other products, the formula used in Smashbox Foundation is fast acting and is capable of delivering results in a quick time. Given that, the matte finish it gives the skin is an added bonus. 

  • Sweat and Water resistant, does not transfer from surface
  • Usable by people with all skin types
  • Hyaluronic Acid –  for smoothening the skin

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10. Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Light Foundation

This Full Coverage Foundation by Katt Von D is a completely vegan solution for those who need so, and particularly a favourable one since it is available for a wide variety of customers with several skin tones. Another beneficial thing about it would be the fact that it is able to stay on the face of the user for a long time after having been worn. The results are astounding, and the product has been received fairly well by the customers. 

  • Non-transfer, water resistant formula
  • Available in a wide variety of shades

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11. Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage BB Cream

The stand-apart factor for Jane Iredale BB Cream would be the fact that it has inherent sun protection in it, as this full coverage foundation cream contains SPF 25 protection for your sunny-day-out. Although limited to a time limit, the product is water resistant for a duration of forty minutes, and has been generally tested in clinical conditions against all known forms of allergies.

  • Efficient protection against the sun 
  • Minimizes sight of skin pores – anti aging effects, as well
  • Allergy tested, non-comedogenic 

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12. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage

This full coverage foundation by Tarte Amezonian also contained considerable sun protection in it, and has been formulated to last longer on the skin of the user. Since the major composition is natural, the overall effect of the product on the skin is healthy and infallible. The product itself is not heavy on the skin, nor does it clog the breathing, rather it efficiently conceals the minor to medium imperfections, without causing any adverse effect. 

  • Dermatologically safe
  • Does not contain any harmful chemicals, paraben free
  • SPF 15 for UVA/UVB Protection

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13. Burts Bees Goodness Glows Liquid Makeup

The Goodness Glows Liquid Makeup works as a full coverage foundation, and is a particularly good for people with tanned skins. However, unlike some of the products above, the ingredients chosen by Burts Bees are mostly natural, making it mostly an organic product which would be compatible with most of the skin types of normal people. As well, the product is free of any of the dangerous chemical elements which could be harmful over time to the skin. 

  • Natural ingredients – Meadowfoam Seed Oil
  • Lasting coverage for skin 
  • Constant moisturization and hydration

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14. TOO FACED Full Coverage Foundation

The TOO Faced Dew You Foundation is a gel-cream foundation, which has been built up with natural ingredients such as cucumbers and watermelons as the base, and is available in plenty of shades for the customers to choose from. The lasting effect of this product leaves a satin-finish to the skin of the user, and it also helps in keeping an even skin tone on the skin of the user.

  • Hydrating formula for the skin
  • Lasting existence on the skin once worn
  • Natural ingredients for a refreshing feel

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Best Cruelty Free Foundation – The Buyer’s guide

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of things can go w when you don’t know the actual things to watch out for when purchasing cruelty-free full-coverage foundation products. Of course, brands matter, but more so than that, you need to be aware of whether the product innately would suit you or not. Some of the pointers to keep in mind would be as follows.

1. Know your undertone

Not everyone knows that your complexion and undertones are two different things. The key to understanding what foundation will give your skin the deserving look is identifying your undertone. It is said that there are two types of undertone, ie. A warm undertone and a cool undertone. To know which one is your type, you can try it with jewellery, mainly gold and silver. You must know which suits you better. Gold complies with a warmer tone and silver goes with the cooler undertone.

2. Don’t swatch on your wrist

The skin tone on your face, neck and hand are different. If you try the foundation on your wrist, you get a different result than what you expect on your face. Hence, you must avoid finalizing your foundation by trying on your wrist and rather go for a trial directly on your facial skin.

3. Avoid choosing it on e-store

What you see on the screen might be very different from what is actually kept in the store. You should always try to go and check from the store first and the maybe try to order online. You might get better discounts online.

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FAQs About Cruelty Free Full Coverage Foundations

1. Are full coverage foundations effective for skin imperfections?

Admittedly, using full-coverage foundations can be effective in concealing skin imperfections to some extent, however, they are not the lasting solution to it. Lines and wrinkles on the face are unavoidable, and can even be caused as a direct consequence of overuse of such products.

2. What are the necessary precautions in order to apply foundation safely?

There is no particular set of precautions other than skin compatibility. It is essential to ensure that your skin type can endure the product you intend to use. However, it would also be better to hydrate your skin adequately before applying the product, to ensure that the flaky dry texture to the skin does not pop up.


The list above more or less concludes the best products on the market which can be used as full-coverage foundations, and as we mentioned, all the brands included here produce products which have been certified to be cruelty free. This is to ensure your peace of mind while also providing you with products which can be used by you without hesitation as to their quality and performance. Any one of such products as we have enlisted above will, without a doubt do wonders for your skin, beauty wise.


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