10 Best Skin Bleaching Creams For African Americans in 2020 [Also Suited For Dark/Black Skin]

Best Skin bleaching cream for africans and americans
Best Skin bleaching cream for africans and americans
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You could’ve picked any random bleaching cream to lighten your dark skin, but that’s not safe. Not only would you be wasting your hard-earned money on them, but using it on your skin could make it even worse!

Just for a fact, Even with the most expensive skin lightening creams, the natural black color is not going anywhere, so don’t expect the creams listed here to make you look like a white person. You should rather love the natural color and live happily with it. But, we live in a world that is full of environmental problems.

Environment problems like pollution, dust, and not to forget the harsh UV rays from the sun could cause skin problems like tanning, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, etc to people who spend huge time in the outdoors. That’s the reason why a lot of black people and white people consider having a good quality bleach cream.

In the world where money is required for basic necessities like water, sitting at the home just to protect our skin isn’t something you would want to do. But what you could do is, continue working hard in the toughest environment and replenish your skin with the rectifying nutrients that are present in the best bleaching creams.

Although, 67% of the bleaching creams that are manufactured are used by the Black African Americans, the other 33% is used by other people who have darker skin or want to reverse the skin tan they’ve received in the summers without messing up with the natural color of their skin.

10 Best Skin Bleaching Creams For African Americans

We interviewed a 63 people whose skin type was African American and 19 people who’ve been using skin lightening creams regularly and after talking with 82 people and taking their experiences into account. We’ve removed the products that were just known because of great at advertising, but had bad results or made the skin worse.

Also, we tested a few creams in our labs and after combining the results from the interviews and the lab tests, here’s a list of 10 best skin bleaching creams that are highly suitable for all types of skin colors (especially dark/black/tanned or African american.) So, shall we begin with the reviews of the creams?

1. Best Safest Bleaching Cream For Black Skin: Amaira Intimate Lightening

The Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum Bleaching Cream is a scientifically proven product for safest use on your skin. It is dermatologically safe that can be used on underarms, dark patches and even in intimate areas. This can be rightfully chosen as the best bleaching cream for black skin.

  • Its fast action formula shows positive results of skin lightening in just 2 weeks.
  • With six weeks of regular use, dramatic change in color of the skin is visible with reduced pigmentation and discoloration.
  • The cream is formulated with safe skin bleaching ingredients like Glycolic acid and Kojic acid, so it is safe to use even in sensitive areas like underarms and genitals
  • The natural extracts from plants give an irritation-free result which further works to protect your skin as well.

2. Best Whitening Cream for Skin: Alchimie Forever Pigment Lightening Serum

If you are looking for a luxurious bleaching cream that does its job well, it cannot get much better than the Alchimie Forever Pigment Lightening Serum. With the tagline ‘Looking good. This means feeling good. Means doing good.’ this cream has been formulated by two of the most renowned dermatologists in the world. It is the ultimate product as the best bleaching cream for black skin.

  • This cream is loaded with agents like vitamin C and vitamin E which are beneficial for healthy skin. They are known for nourishing the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation.
  • The hyaluronic acid in it has anti-aging properties to maintain the youthfulness of your skin. It keeps age spots, fine lines and other signs of aging away.
  • Antioxidants like alpha-arbutin and green tea protect your skin and repair it as well.
  • It is free from parabens, animal cruelty and synthetic dyes which are harsh on delicate skin.

3. Best For Dark and Tanned Skin: Obagi Nu-Derm Clear Fx

This magical product can be called the best for dark and tanned skin as it is suited for darker skin. It is specially formulated cream is loaded with arbutin for brighter and clearer skin. The cream not only lightens dark skin but also works on the dullness.

  • It promotes even-toned skin for a healthier appearance.
  • It has the power to combat skin related problems like large pores, rough skin and excessive oil production.
  • The Obagi cream visibly reduces the signs of aging on your skin and regenerates younger-looking skin by imparting glow and moisture.
  • It does not contain hydroquinone which causes irritation and possible health issues in the long run.

4. Best For Dark Skin: ASDM Beverly Hills Natural Maximum Strength

The ASDM Beverly Hills Natural Maximum Strength Skin Lightening Body Lotion is a steal for the price tag it comes with. It is easy as well as an economical solution to getting lighter skin. ASDM Beverly hills lotion shows the best results when sunscreen is used during the day and preferably a hat as well.

  • It evens out the skin tone by lightening the dark skin and patches.
  • The lotion slows down the melanin production by your skin for a lighter appearance. As excess melanin causes darkening, it targets its efforts towards reducing its production to get a lighter appearance.
  • Apart from its lightning effects, it has nourishing properties that give your skin a moisture surge to improve the glaze of your skin.
  • It reverses sun damage and with regular use of 7-8 weeks, you will see remarkable results.

5. Best Cruelty-Free Bleaching & Whitening Cream: AsaVea Advanced

The AsaVea Advanced Brightening and Whitening Cream naturally restore the lost sheen in your skin while whitening it as well. The carefully formulated product is safe for use and shows results to the user like no other product.

  • The ingredients used to lighten and whiten the skin are quite effective and the results can be seen within a few weeks of use.
  • A natural appeal of the product with plant-based ingredients make it safe for use on your skin.
  • Unlike harsh products, this cream is so gentle and cruelty-free that it is safe to be used even on the underarms and genital area. It takes care of the sensitive parts of the body quite well.
  • It also makes your skin smooth and supple with its nourishing qualities.

6. Best for Redness and Discoloration: IMAGE Skincare Iluma Intense Bleach Cream

If you are one of those people whose skin gets irritated by most products, this serum is the right choice for you. The IMAGE Skincare Iluma Intense Brightening Serum has been specially formulated by physicians to work wonders on sensitive skin and brighten it.

  • The two main skin problems of redness and discoloration on sensitive skin can be handled like a pro with this serum.
  • It has to be applied twice a day on cleansed face for the best results.
  • As the name suggests, it is useful for illumination of dull skin because of stress, busy lifestyle and pollution.
  • It can reverse sun damage on the skin gently without irritating it.

7. Best Natural Bleach Cream: Puriderma Natural Skincare Lightening Serum

If a heavy-duty yet versatile skin lightening bleaching cream is what you are looking for, your search ends here. The Puriderma Natural Skincare Lightening Serum gently evens out discolored skin and works on the signs of aging for a long-term effect. Problems like melasma and acne scars are also rectified with the help of this magic serum.

  • Kojic acid is a featured ingredient of this product which is an excellent skin lightening agent
  • It not only bleaches the skin for a lighter look but also works as a spot-corrector for getting rid of the unwanted brown spots.
  • Puriderma cream is safe to be used on the face as well as on the body. It is so gentle that can also be applied to the most sensitive and intimate areas like genitals and nipples.

8. Best for Dark Spots & Regeneration: SkinPro Ultra Brightening Skin Lightener

The SkinPro Ultra Brightening Skin Lightener is one of the fastest skin whitening products you can get your hands on. It has a hydroquinone of the highest legal concentration in its formula. The cream has been known to lighten skin in a small period by inhibiting melanin growth.

  • It effectively fades dark spots and treats uneven skin while making sure these troubles are kept to a minimum in the future.
  • Melanin production is suppressed and newer cells are regenerated for a lighter, fresher look.
  • It has a money-back guarantee with a no-risk formula.
  • This product is of medical grade and thus highly effective for skin whitening.

9. Best with Vitamin C: Nazelie Skincare Youth Illuminator Skin Lightening Cream

Most bleaching creams only focus on lightening the skin. Hardly any of them takes care of aging and dryness issues. The Nazelie Skincare Youth Illuminator Skin Lightening Cream is perfect for adult skin which is going through the onset of aging signs with its collagen and antioxidant-rich formula.

  • The vitamin C content takes care of the free radicals in the skin and promotes younger-looking skin.
  • With a blend of natural ingredients, licorice and Calcium Phosphate Hydroxyapatite reduces the appearance of dark spots and effectively whiten skin.
  • Pomegranate extracts add an extra glow to the skin by making it clearer and smoother.
  • It is also useful in keeping acne at bay with the salicylic acid in its formula.

10. Best for Dead Skin Cell Removal: Divine Derriere Intimate Skin Lightening Gel

This gel-based bleach is one of the most powerful yet safest skin lightening products in this list. The Divine Derriere Intimate Skin Lightening Gel is made for the most sensitive part of the body- the genital area. Its gentle action evens out the dark skin in those areas for an even-toned look and is the best bleaching cream for black skin.

  • The natural ingredients and extracts from plants remove dead skin cells for a clearer appearance. They are also responsible for lightening the skin of those areas.
  • No expensive and embarrassing trips to the doctor’s office or a beautician are needed if you have this product
  • It is proven to be safe for the anal and nipple area as well.

Best Skin Bleaching Cream FAQs

1. Are the effects of skin lightening creams permanent?

No, the effects of skin lightening creams are not permanent. You cannot apply a skin lightening cream once and be assured for the rest of your life that the lightning effect is going to persist. They cannot control the production of melanin in your skin permanently. They can only temporarily restrict the activities of melanocytes. These are the cells that regenerate to produce more melanin. The creams either stop these cells or destroy them to promote lighter skin. Some creams have been formulated for a longer-lasting effect like for a week but lifetime effects cannot be expected from one use of even the best bleaching cream for black skin.

2. What is the skin lightening agents in these creams?

The best bleaching creams for black skin have to be formulated properly keeping in view that the skin of the user is delicate. These agents should be powerful enough to reverse the sun damage and reduce the melanin production in the skin yet gentle enough not to cause skin irritation or breakouts. Some of the most popular agents used in the best bleaching creams for black skin are hydroquinone, corticosteroids, and tretinoin. Different parts of the world have their own set of rules regarding these agents. Most European countries have not legalized the use of hydroquinone as it is believed to be a carcinogen. The agent to be used depends upon the needs of the user.

3. Is using a skin bleaching cream safe?

For the most part, the drugstore skin bleaching creams are relatively safe to use given the fact that they suit your skin. They contain some harsh chemicals for skin lightening which can have an adverse effect. Some chemicals are banned or avoided as they carry the threat of long-term health issues. Hydroquinone is banned in a lot of countries as it is believed to be a carcinogen and bring about liver, kidney and skin damage. Other products that contain corticosteroids are available only if it is prescribed by a medical practitioner. So it is not entirely safe yet using the low strength products is relatively safer.

4. What happens when you stop using a skin bleaching cream? 

Nothing is permanent. If the user wishes to choose to stop applying these bleaching creams, he or she is free to do so. Keep in mind that these creams do not have long-lasting effects. The lightening effect will fade off in a couple of days and the natural skin color with increased melanin production will be restored. This change in skin color will not happen overnight. You will see a gradual change over a couple of days until the natural color of the skin comes back. If you stop using skin bleaching creams, there are no side effects as such which appear on your skin. Just the reversal of the lightening of the skin occurs.

5. Is it possible to bleach the dark skin?

Yes, you can surely bleach dark skin or any skin color. Contrary to popular belief, dark skin is also prone to tanning. we can reverse the sun damage by using these bleaching creams. The best skin bleaching creams for African Americans are the ones that brighten up the skin while removing tan. Make sure the bleaching amount not to exceed otherwise it may cause discoloration. Just like light-skinned people, dark-skinned people can also use bleach for a brighter and clearer complexion without damaging the facial skin.

Skin bleaching creams for African Americans Buyer’s guide

1. Skin type: 

The product you choose should fit the skin type you have. Not choosing the right product for your skin type can land you into a world of troubles. Irritation and redness are common effects if the product does not suit your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you should go for hypoallergenic creams over the others.

2. Ingredient list:

Before buying any product for your skin, make sure you check the ingredient list given on the box of the product very carefully. Some chemicals might cause allergies and reactions. You need to keep an out for them and try to avoid them as much as possible.

3. Sunscreen compatibility:

Going out in the sun after bleaching is not safe for the skin. In this case, a broad-spectrum sunscreen comes in handy. One should select the bleach cream which allows sunscreen after use. Without sunscreen, hyperpigmentation and tanning can get worse.

We have tried to pen down the best products, you can select any of them. They show the best results, the thing is you need to follow directions and precautions. They are the key to lighter and brighter skin at home.


You should purchase a skin bleaching cream only if it conforms to your skin type. The products mentioned here are some of the best when it comes to skin bleaching cream for African Americans. If you have any skin allergies, prefer cream with natural ingredients or do a patch test before applying on the skin.

Sunscreen compatibility is always more convenient because you never know when you would have to expose yourself to the sun. Amara Lightening Serum is a good choice if you want to enjoy all the benefits.

Bleaching is the best regime to avoid discoloration of dark skin from sun damage. Although the effects are not permanent, the results might astonish you. Tan removal is a healthy routine. In the case of African-Americans, the skin color lightens while doing so.

Considering all the advantages of skin bleaching, it is crucial to choose the best one for you. If you have sensitive skin, you can go for IMAGE Iluma. For faster results, you can try the lightening product by SkinPro.


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