Best Concealer for Hyperpigmentation (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

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Skin tone and pigmentation is particularly important since uneven texture on the skin can really leave a dent in your confidence. This is what particularly makes people fear hyperpigmentation – it causes in people’s skin an uneven pigmentation patters, leading to an increase in the dark patches on the skin, or even bring out the effects of ageing on the skin of the person. In the simplest terms, what hyperpigmentation does is cause the production of melanin to trigger increased amounts, leading to a severe darkening of your skin in these areas.

It is essential that the women who are suffering from hyperpigmentation take every ounce of precaution when it comes to proper skin care.

Hyperpigmentation can be triggered due to many reasons, and undergoing hormonal changes with time can also be one of the reasons. Controlling it may require medical attention, but keeping it concealed is not that difficult a job. Keeping it under the covers can be done using concealers and foundations, especially ones which are skin-friendly for those suffering from hyperpigmentation.

Here we have provided you with a list of concealers and foundations on the market, which can be a safe bet for you to keep the randomly pigmented patches under the covers for special occasions.

10 Best Foundations & Concealers for Hyperpigmentation

1. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

The Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation is a lightweight accessory that does not feel heavy on the skin upon application, and also does not clog the pores of the skin. The formula being skin-friendly, it allows the skin to retain an even tone. It also does not wash away with sweat or in humidity. Although initially, the shade may appear slightly deeper, it quickly blends with the natural tone of the skin colour. No doubt, it’s the best concealer for dark spots.

  • Foundation and concealer – both in one product
  • Works for both dry as well as oily skin types
  • Lasts for a whole day after application

2. EVE PEARL Dual Salmon Concealer

The Eve Pearl Concealer is more in the type of cream, which feels lightweight on the skin. With two shades present, it helps you try out a variety of combinations to the point where you are able to achieve the ideal shade for your skin tone. Works to conceal the darkness below the eyes as well, and leaves behind a matte colour tone to the skin of the user. The formula used is ideal for acne-prone skin, sensitive as well as aging skin, making it a good choice for the price paid. It’s the best concealer for hyperpigmentation out there in the market.

  • Contains natural anti-oxidants – coconut oil and Vitamin E
  • Variety of shades available
  • Natural tones the skin and hydrates it

3. bareMinerals Bareskin Complete Coverage

The product is a concealer and serum, all-in-one. With a silky-smooth texture on the skin after application, it is one of the highly effective products on the market used to conceal dark skin and other forms of discoloration of the skin. As a result, the user is able to get an even skin tone. Additional ingredients allow the skin on which it is applied, to be hydrated and attain a lustrous glow, and conceals any uneven coloured pigmentation over that area. Person looking for the best cover up for dark circles or spots can opt for this one.

  • Contains high definition minerals – effective against shadows on the skin
  • Smoothly glides on the skin
  • Lasts for the whole day after application

4. Covergirl Full Spectrum Matte Ambition

This cruelty-free product from CoverGirl allows you to provide to your skin the perfect tone, such that you are able to successfully and evenly conceal the dark skin if there is any on your face. Being transfer-resistant, the product does not get removed easily and can last for a whole day. The lasting texture provides a matte look to the skin of the user, and the overall effect of the product gives you an even skin tone.

  • Contains oil-absorbing powders
  • Blends with the natural tone of the skin easily
  • Comfortable on the skin – no harmful effects

5. Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind

The Instant Age Rewind allows you to deal with the irregularities on the skin and can be used to remove the fine lines of the skin with this Skin Treatment Accessory. Functional as an anti-aging skincare remedy as well, this product easily helps you conceal any uneven feature on the skin. As an added benefit, it also prevents from formation of any other irregularities due to exposure to the sun, with the added sunscreen SPF 18.

  • It contains concentrated formula – goji berries and collagens.
  • SPF 18 Sunscreen prevents further skin damage.
  • Easily application allows for the removal of skin imperfections.

6. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer Foundation

The Kevyn Enhancer can help the user in covering and concealing any irregularity on the skin of the user, and above all – it is waterproof. The product inherently consists of ingredients that hydrate the skin. The added natural extracts from jojoba oil and honey work as enhancing for the health of the skin and the product helps in effectively concealing the darkened patches of skin as it’s the best foundation for dark spots/circles.

  • Naturally conceived – healthy for the skin
  • Effective in gaining an even skin tone
  • Waterproof – does not wash away with sweat or humidity

7. Osmosis Pressed Base Foundation

Osmosis Concealer is an ideal solution to provide camouflage to any darkening imperfection on your skin and give it a cover under a layer of makeup. The chosen ingredients in the formula include hydrating balms which provide a plump texture to the skin on which it is applied so that any further makeup which is applied does not settle into the pores of the skin.

  • Contains natural anti-oxidants – argan, coconut oil, and apricot
  • Softens the signs of aging and any discoloration
  • Helps achieve an even skin tone easily

8. BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème

This Complexion Crème is one that is sure to last for a whole day, covering the blemishes of the skin with water, so that the resultant skin texture appears to be more natural as compared to the other products. It is not wrong to call this a breathable product since it does not block the skin from breathing fresh air even after application. The ingredients help the user achieve an even skin tone, covering all the imperfections.

  • Ideal for – normal, dry and oily skin
  • Moisturizes the skin for a natural outlook
  • Contains no harmful chemicals such as sulfates or paraben

9. MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Velvet Full Coverage

The ‘Make Up For Ever’ Full Coverage prioritizes two things – a uniform complexion and covering the dark patches of skin. The formula used allows the skin to breathe easily, as the product maintains flexibility over the skin, ensuring skin comfort and the supple formula of the product helps in adjusting to the movements of the skin, not allowing the applied makeup to be cracked, leaving behind a smooth, velvety complexion.

  • Does not cause a mast effect on the skin of the user
  • Waterproof formula – lasts for as long as 24 years

10. Mineral Fusion Light to Full Coverage

The Mineral Fusion, just like the name given to it, is a combination of extracts from a variety of minerals found naturally, providing the user with a blend which does not harm the skin, yet is able to provide the user with an even skin tone. It also smoothens the fine lines on the skin and removes the unevenness of the skin tone of the user. Additionally, some ingredients used also tend to soothe the skin of the user upon application.

  • Contains natural extracts – Licorice root, Aloe Vera and Cucumber.
  • Abundant enriching mineral extracts, Vitamins C & E.

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Best Concealer for Hyperpigmentation – Buyer’s Guide

Hyperpigmentation is not an unusual ailment for people – it can happen to anyone. The skin cells get damaged, and are unable to produce melanin, or get overcharged and overproduce melanin. This often causes some sort of darkening of the skin of the person or patches which create uneven skin tone. This is why it is essential to make sure that you take proper care to create evenness in the colour of the skin.

However, there is more than this involved in taking proper care – identification of the type of hyperpigmentation on the skin is necessary, so as to decide which form of ingredients will be best. After that is done, is when you have to shortlist the products which contain the appropriate ingredients for your skin ailment.

Choosing the correct ingredients:

Some of the ingredients commonly known to help in healing hyperpigmentation are as commonly found in products targeting the skin ailment. These ingredients include – Kojic Acid, retinoids Vitamin C, E, and Arbutin. These ingredients help brighten the skin and also are commonly used medicinally to numb the skin and treat inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is also advised to scout the ingredients of the product to find any of these products for your condition.

Included Sunscreen:

Most cases of hyperpigmentation are triggered by exposure to the sun, and keeping in the sun can be further damaging to the skin, even after applying makeup. In light of that, it is ideal that either your makeup should contain sunscreen embedded into it, or should at least be compatible with it.

FAQs Related to Best Concealer for Hyperpigmentation

1. How many forms of Hyperpigmentation are commonly found?

Commonly, people are found to have any of the following 3 forms of hyperpigmentation – sun spots, Melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is necessary to ascertain which form you are ailing from, in order to select the right ingredient in the product you wish to purchase to deal with such hyperpigmentation.

2. What ingredients are safe for people looking for cleansers or foundations?

While harmful chemicals are advised against, the organic anti-oxidants are suggested to be included in a cleanser. Aloe vera, Coconut oils, and other natural anti-oxidants are safe. Ingredients such as Kojic Acid, and Vitamins C & E are also suggested to be looked out for.

3. Is it advised to use skin-lightening creams to deal with hyperpigmentation?

Usually, skin-lightening creams are not a bad option, but they are not the absolute cure to it. At the same time, overusing them is going to be a bad call, causing premature skin aging or worse, skin cancer.


There are plenty of ways to deal with hyperpigmentation, and you just need to start in the right place. Retaining the colour of the pigment of the skin is easily attained, provided that you use a safe product, given the condition you are facing. Any of the best concealer for hyperpigmentation which we have enlisted above can be suitable for your needs, the choice being the price point you are willing to pay for the care you are getting. Most of these products are safe for all forms of skin, and thus would make an ideal choice to be an allrounder.


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