14 Best Glitter Eyeshadows for a Dazzling Diva Look

Best Glitter Eyeshadow
Best Glitter Eyeshadow
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Glitter can never go out of fashion. There are occasions, times, moods that demand a dash of these sparklers on your beautiful face. Those who love glitters and those who don’t, this glitter eyeshadow article is for all to read!

I am not a glitter girl, so why would I care about glitter makeup?

Matte may have its sophistication, but glitter has an irresistible charm that never goes unnoticed. You cannot always go for elegant. Sometimes your own mood demands that you shed all inhibitions and look like a shining star! Glitter is just what you need for such occasions! 

I can’t wear glitter every day or, say, to official meetings and gatherings

If you are talking about the most jazzy and sparkling glitter, then yes, you can’t. But there are different levels of shine in glitters. You can get less sparkling glitters in nude and light tones which you can easily flaunt over your professional suit.

You can also mix glitter with matte eyeshadow to get that highly appealing look. Thus achieving a sparkle which is neither too overpowering nor too subtle. 

I love glitter but don’t want to look like I have bathed in it! 

We agree. Glitter makeup can stick to the surrounding areas and ruin your entire look. However, this just means you haven’t found the right way to wear it. With the correct application and a few tips, you can enjoy your glitter makeup without worrying about it unintentionally covering parts of your face. 

  • First apply a foundation or primer before applying glitter makeup. This will ensure the glitter glides on smoothly and stays on longer. 
  • Take a deep breath and steady your hands. You want to be extra careful with your hands when applying glitter makeup. 
  • If you want to finish your look with a mascara or eyeliner, wait for the eyeshadow to dry. Always apply mascara at the end to avoid the glitter sticking to it. 

Are there different types of glitter eyeshadows?

Yup! There are 4 types of glitter eyeshadows to choose from. 

Loose pigmented glitter eyeshadow is the best type with glitter and eyeshadow colour mixed together. 

Loose glitter is glitter with no additives and you must add it to your choice of eyeshadow shade. 

Pressed powder cream glitter eyeshadow has a smooth consistency with a powdery finish. 

Cream glitter eyeshadow is a liquid shadow with glitter mixed in it. 

Now let us get to the main point- the best glitter eyeshadows. Here are 15, handpicked shadows just for you girl! 

1. Best Award Winning: E.l.f. Cosmetics Liquid Glitter Gel Eyeshadow

This gel glitter eyeshadow is designed to turn your casual look to ultra-chic. It has a liquid formula which allows for smooth and perfect application. It dries quickly and stays on for hours.

The Flirty Birdy shade of the glitter has a charming and attractive look that will go with any of your party and casual ensembles. A single application is all it takes to get that glamorous look.

  • Non-sticky and quick-drying gel formula
  • Delivers rich colour in just a few swipes
  • Stays on for hours even without a primer
  • The colour has a very vibrant and infectious vibe
  • Can be applied alone for a lighter look or over a darker shadow base for a grander touch
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2. Best Cruelty-Free: UCANBE 16 Colors Glitter Eyeshadow Starry Palette

With the 16 Color Glitter Eyeshadow Palette from UCANBE, you can create a new look for every event and occasion. Featuring shades like sky blue, gold, light pink, and even white, this starry palette will light up every outfit from your wardrobe.

The shadows are highly pigmented, which means, they are rich in color when applied and stay like that for hours.  Use this palette to make your sparkling eyes the best accessory for every night out.

  • 16 unique glitter shades to suit every ensemble
  • Long lasting
  • High pigmentation; Richer colour with few application
  • Vegan product
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3. Best for Sensitive Skin: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Extreme Shimmer Shadow & Liner

Women with sensitive skin, rejoice! Your dream of flaunting shimmering eyes will come true with this shimmer eyeshadow and liner from Physicians Formula. This eye makeup is carefully made with choicest of skin-safe and friendly ingredients. The palette includes 6 beautiful shimmers in nude shades.

You can create different eye looks with ease and peace of mind even on a regular day.  For some bolder colors, consider going with Physician's Formula Disco Glam

  • 6 ultra-glam shimmery nude eyeshadow and liner shades
  • Smooth, non-creasing formula
  • Colors last for up to 24 hours
  • Free from fragrance, paraben, gluten and other allergic ingredients
  • Tested by dermatologists
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4. Best Bold colors: TOO FACED Twinkle Twinkle Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow - Candied Rose

This shimmer eyeshadow is designed not only to make you look ravishing, but also to revisit the unforgettable lanes of your childhood. This eyeshadow looks like it is made up of stars with bright colours mixed in! It is a liquid eyeshadow in vivid pink shade.

Besides the twinkling stars, this line of eyeshadows will also remind you of your favorite candied fruits from childhood. It is the perfect makeup to wear on a nightly outing and whenever you feel your inner child cheering. Also available in Lemon Zest, Licorice and many more!

  • Vivid shade eyeshadow inspired by stars and tutti fruities
  • Liquid eyeshadow lightens up eyelids with full shine
  • Multi-dimensional shine creates a more appealing look
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5. Best Value Palette: Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Glitter Palette

Get ready to sizzle up a storm with your dramatic eyes with this Fantasy Makers Glitter Palette. The palette features 6 shades to spice up your date or party night. The glitters can be applied directly over your eyeshadow without a glue. They glide on smoothly and show bold and rich colour with just a few applications. The palette includes an applicator for easy and mess-free application.

  • Includes 6 attractive shades
  • Highly pigmented glitter colours
  • Product is cruelty free
  • Comes with a brush applicator
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6. Best Transfer-proof: L'Oreal Paris Makeup Brilliant Eyes Shimmer Liquid Eye Shadow

What are the things you wish for in your glitter eye makeup? Crease free look? Bold colors? Long lasting shine? Get all of this with the shimmer eyeshadow from L’Oreal Paris. The formula of this shadow is created to give you flawless shine plus comfortable long-lasting wear.

With a gorgeous Blush Jewel shade and highly stunning shine, this shimmer liquid eye shadow will let you steal the show by just showing up and flashing your gorgeous eyes.

  • Pretty Blush Jewel color
  • High shine, easy wear and lightweight formula
  • Lasts up to a 16 hours
  • It applies smoothly without creating creases
  • Transfer-proof formula ensures the glitter stays in its place without falling all over your cheeks
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7. Best Premium Quality: MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid- Not Afraid To Sparkle

The MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid will give you the emboldened eyes you desire. The beautiful shade “Not Afraid To Sparkle” helps you create a range of looks from subtle to dramatic and ethereal to jazzy within minutes.

The non-creasing and highly pigmented color sits on your eyelids for hours without falling and creating a mess. This eyeshadow is blended into a velvety consistency for a comfortable wear despite having glitter in it. 

  • Long lasting colors with high payoff in a few strokes
  • Ultra-soft texture feels highly comfortable on lids
  • Formula glides smoothly without a crease for a perfect look
  • Tested by ophthalmologists
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8. Best Moisturizing: Wet N Wild Color Icon Glitter Single

If you are a fan of intense sparkles, then you should definitely try the Wet N Wild Color Icon Glitter Single. It has a marvelous Brass shade which you can wear alone or with other deep eyeshadow colours. Top the look with a mascara or eyeliner and you have that wide and bold eyes look within minutes.

The formula of this glitter eyeshadow is creamy and non-creasing for smooth application and look. Additionally, it is enriched with coconut oil and aloe for a comfortable moisturizing and non-dry feel. 

  • Creamy texture and non-creasing formula
  • Stays on your lids for long hours without falling out
  • Enriched with aloe and coconut oil for a moisturizing, non-dry feel
  • Rich and deep Brass colour shimmer creates a big and bold eye look
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9. Best Long-Lasting: L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Shadow

We are all gaga over the L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Shadow, simply because it is so AMAZING! This eyeshadow has a stunning Iced Latte shade which simply mesmerizes. The texture of the shadow is silky smooth because it is a blend of creamy and powdered ingredients.

It covers your eyelids in a smooth layer and stays put for a full 24 hours! Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the glitter falling loose and getting messy for the whole time you are wearing it.

  • Great colour payoff with a single glide
  • Cream and powder formula offers perfect application and is super comfortable to wear
  • Lasts for a full 24 hours
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10. Best Color Selection: SEPHORA Colorful Glitter Eyeshadow

The SEPHORA Colorful Glitter Eyeshadow can prove to be a great addition to your personal eye makeup collection. This eyeshadow comes in as many as 72 shades in different finishes.

We have picked the “A Cup of Coffee” shade with an irresistible frosty finish. The eyeshadow glimmers prettily and intensifies your eyes. It is perfect for wearing alone or blending with other eyeshadows.

  • Intense and rich color payoff
  • The shadow has a frosty finish which looks absolutely stunning
  • Can be mixed with other colors for a darker tone
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11. Best Overall: Revlon ColorStay Crème Eye Shadow

This one is one of our favorites as is a great combination of quality and value. The Revlon ColorStay Crème Eye Shadow has a creamy, smooth formula that spreads on your eyelids with perfection.

You can expect the color to last for a full 24 hours and stay at its place for the entire time. The Caramel shade of the shadow does justice to your glamorous and vibrant look. For easy application, it comes with a precision brush.

  • Smooth, creamy texture spreads evenly and completely onto the lids
  • Waterproof and lasts for up to 24 hours
  • Comes with a built-in eye shadow brush for expert application
  • Tested for safe usability by ophthalmologists
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12. Best lightweight-feel: Covergirl Exhibitionist Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow

Don this exquisite glitter eyeshadow from Covergirl to feel beautiful and confident. Its exotic and lovely La Vie En Rose shade with multi-dimensional shimmer adds jazz to even the simplest of looks. It has a light and non-sticky texture for a comfortable wear.

Also, this liquid eyeshadow doesn’t take long to dry and conforms to the contours of your eyelids perfectly without spilling or falling. 

  • Non-sticky, lightweight and quick drying formula
  • Rich and deep colour with multi-dimensional shimmer
  • Cruelty-free
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13. Best value single: Adeliber PHOERA Glitter Shimmering Colors Eyeshadow

This glitter eyeshadow gets a thumbs up from us for its unique metallic finish with lustrous pearly shine. The silvery tone of the eyeshadow provides an astoundingly beautiful touch to your both everyday and special event look. Its texture has a lovable silky smoothness which sticks perfectly to your eyelids without creating a crease. 

  • Silky smooth texture for a perfect blend and finish
  • High-pigmented metallic color
  • Color made using baked technology for smoothness and high sheen
  • Crease-free formula
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14. Best Color-intensity: WUNDER2 Pure Pigments Ultra-fine, Midnight Blue

Glorify your look with this enchanting loose powder eye shadow from WUNDER2. This eyeshadow is available in various shades, but we loved the Midnight Blue one. It is a truly bold blue you don’t often find.

The powder is loose, so you will need to lay down an eyeshadow primer first. Consider using WUNDER2 Prime & Behold as a primer.

  • Sparkling and appealing metallic colour
  • High colour payoff and quick drying creamy formula
  • Cruelty-free
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Buyers’ Guide- What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Glitter Eyeshadow for Yourself

After going through the product list, you would want to know which one would be best for you. There are certain pointers to keep in mind when choosing a glitter eyeshadow. These are highlighted below. 

1. Choose a Skin Matching Colour

You might be highly attracted to that blue glitter eyeshadow, but if your skin tone doesn’t goes with it, you will be making a wasteful purchase. It is essential to determine your skin color before you go shopping for eyeshadows. You can find expert blogs on best eyeshadows colours according to skin shade. Or the fail-proof way to check skin color suitability is by applying the eyeshadow on your forearm while at a beauty store.

2. Check the Intensity of the Glitter

Do you want to wear glitter eyeshadows during the day or are you looking for a nightly outing shimmering shadow? It depends on the planned usage and your personal tastes as to what level of intensity you want your eyeshadow to shine. A look at the eyeshadow can tell you whether it is too sparkly or subtly luminous or a rich balance between soft and high shine. 

3. Pay Attention to The Type of The Eyeshadow 

With so many types available, you might be comfortable with some and not with others. So check whether you are okay with loose glitter, powder or liquid eyeshadows. You can do that by applying samples of each on your underarm to see which texture your skin can handle best. 


1. How do you get glitter eyeshadow to stick?

Most of the glitter eyeshadows are made with easy sticking formula. But if you have loose glitter, then you can use glitter glue or a lip balm to stick it to your eyelids.

2. Do you need primer for eyeshadow?

If you wish your glitter eyeshadow to last longer, then using a primer before applying the shadow is highly recommended. 

3. What is the easiest way to remove glitter from skin?

Use cotton pad dipped in oil to easily remove glitter from skin. Oil will help to un-cling the stubborn glitter from your eyes or other areas with few soft swipes. 

Final Words

There are certain myths associated with shimmer eyeshadows; like you cannot wear it to work. However, with the wide-range of glitter intensities availability, you can still wear a muted glitter eyeshadow to work. We hoped we busted some of these myths through our in-depth article on this exciting eye makeup. Do you know what the glitter in glitter eyeshadow is made of? It is mica, a metallic substance that is known to provide glimmer to the eyeshadows. If you have sensitive skin, it is advisable to choose glitter eyeshadows that have been tested for safe-use around the eyes by ophthalmologists.


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