10 Best Primers for Textured Skin in 2020 [Our Top Picks]

Best Primer for Textured Skin
Best Primer for Textured Skin
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Cleaned your face, applied a good moisturizer, and now you’re ready to apply makeup. But wait a moment! You have skipped an important step in your makeup prep ritual. Guess what? It is applying a good quality primer.

A primer is a cream or gel that works as a wonderful base for makeup. It removes the visible flaws of your skin by blurring them, thus, allowing for smoother application of makeup. And it also helps the makeup stay on your skin for a long period.

Whether you have always used a primer or you are new to it, most of you are unaware of certain rules of using it effectively. That’s where we step in! Let us share them below to help you make the best out of a primer. Know them already? Skip to the reviews!

  • Rule 1: Always apply a dime or pea-sized amount of primer. Less is enough when it comes to makeup primers.
  • Rule 2: Wait for a minute or two before you start putting on that foundation, lipstick, or mascara. If you don’t wait for the primer to dry and start applying makeup, the result could be messy.
  • Rule 3: Clean your face thoroughly with a cleanser before applying a primer.
  • Rule 4: Use your fingers instead of a brush, sponge, or other applicators to put on primer. Fingers help you spread the primer more evenly and perfectly.

Best Primers for Textured Skin in 2020

1. Best Overall: Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Prime

Your face is home to spots, lines, uneven color, etc. This single Face Studio Master Prime Primer for textured skin can hide all of these! Its weightless, non-oily formula does 2 things to your face’s imperfections. 1. It blurs spots and cracks and 2. It smooths fine lines and wrinkles. The application of this primer enhances the look of your makeup, making it look professionally done and just perfect.

  • Water-based, lightweight formula expertly blurs and smooths imperfections.
  • Removes excess shine by controlling oil production for grease-free makeup finish.
  • Can also be worn alone for a natural-looking radiance.
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2. Best Primer to Cover Pores: Hydra Touch Primer

If wearing unordinary makeup is what you love, you will want to own the NYX Cosmetics Hydra Touch Primer. It creates a smooth, velvety texture for your skin, allowing you to rock different makeup styles or your usual mascara and lipstick look like a pro. The formula of this makeup primer is very hydrating, which makes it the number 1 choice for makeup enthusiasts.

  • Helps contour the face.
  • Smooths skin and delivers a crease-free foundation look.
  • The immensely hydrating and moisturizing formula makes skin feel wonderful and comfortable even under heavy layers of makeup.
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3. Best For Oily Skin & Pores: Maybelline Instant Pore Eraser

We all love touching the face of a baby. Reason – its non-greasy, silky softness. Now you can get that much-loved baby skin for yourself with this primer from Maybelline. When its lightweight formula comes in contact with your skin, the effect is a stunningly smooth and matte finish plus all-day moisturization.

  • Lightweight formula blurs visible pores without blocking them.
  • Mattifies oily skin.
  • Moisturizes skin all day.
  • The fragrance-free formula makes it ideal for sensitive skin.
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4. Best Primer for All Skin Types: Covergirl Base Business

Look like you have just stepped out of a celebrity salon with the Covergirl Base Business Face Primer. This primer is created with an oil and fragrance-free formula that sits lightly on your cleansed skin. It blurs all the spots and controls excess shine. When you apply makeup on top of this primer, the end look is something to fall in love with and be proud of.

  • The lightweight solution reduces the visibility of facial imperfections.
  • The resultant smoothed out skin works as a perfect base for any kind of makeup.
  • Its oil and fragrance-free formula is suitable for all types of skins.
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5. Best for Smooth Skin Texture: Bare Escentuals Hydrations Silky

Dry skins cannot find a better primer than this Good Hydrations Silky Face Primer from bareMinerals. It has flakes and dryness fighting plus pore covering ingredients that make your skin a flawless base for laying the foundation of makeup. The Silky Face Primer also adds a luminous glow to your face, thanks to its anti-oxidants and minerals.

  • The best primer for dry skin due to its excellent moisturization benefits.
  • Reduces the visibility of pores without clogging them.
  • Anti-oxidants and minerals improve the health of the skin and make it glow.
  • Free from oil, paraben, sulfate, and fragrance.
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6. Best Primer For Combo Skin: Pore Perfecting Face Primer

This rich and silky formula helps makeup glide on smoothly and stay as it is for hours without the need for reapplications. Its list of ingredients makes it a powerful base for even, crease-free and lasting makeup application. It also doesn’t make your skin feel heavy or oily as its formula is non-oily and lightweight.

  • Lightweight and oil-free formula.
  • Perfect for normal, oily, and combination skins.
  • Free from irritation causing ingredients.
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7. Best for Sensitive Skin: Sun Project Shimmer Sun Essence

This product not only makes your face makeup ready but also strengthens it against the sun caused damages. Formulated with SPF 30 and PA++, this sunscreen stops the UV rays of the sun from causing damage to your exposed facial skin. When you apply makeup over this sunscreen plus primer, your final look will be picture perfect. It is made using all-natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types.

  • Natural ingredients such as altheaea rosea flower extract and aloe leaf extract provide all-day moisture.
  • Nourishes skin and makes it wrinkle-free.
  • Makes your skin glow softly.
  • SPF 30 and PA++ work to protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.
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8. Best For Extremely Oily Skin: Smashbox Photo Finish

Forget using those beauty-enhancing filters on your camera. You can now create your favorite filter look with the Smashbox Photo Finish Mattify Primer. It fights excess oil production of the face, mattifying the cake-like shine and giving it a luxurious, non-greasy touch. With this primer under your makeup, you can expect the rich, matte look to last for hours.

  • Oil control ingredients lend a photo-ready luminous matte look.
  • Blurs cracks and spots for smooth makeup application.
  • Ideal for oily and normal skin.
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9. Good Primer For Oily Dry Skin: Facial Sunscreen & Antioxidants

If you are looking for more than a lasting makeup look from your primer, then we recommend the Olay Sun Makeup Primer. It has SPF 35, which works as a great sun protector. It delivers the best protection and moisturization with fewer ingredients. This makes this sunscreen cum primer almost weightless and gives you that oh so comfortable feel, all day.

  • Solarsheer Technology creates a barrier between the skin and the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Antioxidants, Vitamin B3 & Vitamin E protect the skin from pollutants and improve its health.
  • Oil-free formula is very hydrating and non-greasy.
  • Made using very few ingredients for that incredible light feel.
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10. Best Cruelty-Free Primer: E.L.F. Mineral Infused

This face primer from e.l.f. is infused with minerals that help you perfect the imperfections of your facial skin. It creates a smooth layer, covering all your pores, discolorations, wrinkles, and more. Your makeup looks more flawless and radiating when you put this on. This primer is made using 100% vegan materials and is not tested on animals. Not just that, it’s free from skin-irritating chemicals.

  • Contains the goodness of minerals.
  • Has a weightless, silky smooth texture.
  • Free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, triclocarban, ethoxylates, etc.
  • Perfect for all skin types.
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Buyers’ Guide to the Best Primer for Textured Skin

Are you convinced that using a primer before your makeup application is the best thing? Then the next step involves finding the one that is made for textured skin. Have a look at these below points to end up with the best primer for your skin.

Different Types of Primers

There are as many as 6 types of primers as follows:

  1. Illuminating
  2. Hydrating
  3. Mattifying 
  4. Colour correcting
  5. Pore minimizing and 
  6. Long-wearing 

You need to match these types with the nature of your skin and your needs to find the ideal one. Illuminating primers add a touch of shine to dry skin.

Hydrating primers are a must-have for dehydrated and wrinkled skin as they infuse them with enough moisture. Mattifying primers bring down the excess shine from oily skin.

Colour correcting primers are suitable for skin with uneven coloring, redness or sallowness. Pore minimizing primers work best on skins dealing with large pores that make them look spotted and unsightly.

And long-wearing primers are for those looking for an even more extended makeup longevity than offered by normal primers.

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Best Primer for Textured Skin – FAQs

1. What does makeup primer do?

Makeup primer smooths out the flaws of your facial skin so you can get a picture-perfect makeup look that lasts longer.

2. Can I use moisturizer instead of a primer?

A moisturizer will only hydrate your skin while a primer will smooth out the pores and other imperfections. For a smoother application and longer wear of makeup, use a primer over a moisturizer.

3. What is the hydrating primer?

Hydrating primers are the best for dehydrated or dry skin. They contain natural moisturizing extracts to provide complete and long-lasting hydration for beautiful and healthy-looking skin.

4. How do you apply a face primer?

Take a small amount (preferably pea-sized) of primer and apply it on your face or flawed area. Use your fingers for even application. Allow it to dry for a minute and then start applying makeup.


No skin is free of flaws and these primers ensure they cover the flaws nicely and perfectly. Did you know, you don’t necessarily have to wear the primer all over your face? You can apply it only on spots you need correcting. Uneven skin tone, acne spots, large pores, or fine lines; a good primer for textured skin can help you cover these imperfections and get a flawless makeup look in minutes.

There are even primers specifically made for eyes and lips. Discover what is your need and the type and quality of your skin to get the best out of a primer.


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