Best Cruelty-Free Face Washes in 2020 (The Buyer’s Guide)

Best Cruelty Free Face Wash
Best Cruelty Free Face Wash
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For long animals have been sacrificed so that they could be all guinea pigs for testing products that would go into our skincare. Although still prevalent in many places, brands are getting conscious and certain laws in countries have started banning animal testing.

Would it not be better to look and feel good while making sure we are not harming our environment? Why should poor animals suffer at the cost of our beauty? Choosing cruelty-free brands’ products makes you conscious of your choices and of course, the added benefits of organic and local, natural products make your skin lovable.

Face washes and facial cleansers are a part of a daily skincare routine, hence making it a product that is to be chosen carefully considering your skin type and fulfilling your other requirements. Our face is extremely sensitive and always being exposed to dirt and environmental aggressors needs the utmost care.

If makeup is used, then it is important to use a gentle cleanser that will remove the grime away. Understanding that it is a part of our daily routine, is it not best to choose a product that is not made at the cost of some innocent animal? To help you make this wise decision, here are some best cruelty-free face wash that will suit your skin type and give you clean, fresh skin.

Best Cruelty-Free Face Washes in 2020

1. Pacifica Beauty Sea Foam

A face wash that fights against aging of your skin and lets you harness the power of the ocean is exactly what you need. Pacifica Beauty Sea Foam Face Wash removes dirt and oil gently and works great on all skin types.

  • It helps in removing makeup and oily impurities and provides radiant and clean skin.
  • It has advanced marine phytonutrients such as extracts from coconut water, natural sea vegetables, and antioxidants.
  • Suitable for skin of all types and ages and for better results one can use it twice a day.
  • Free of sulfate, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Best vegan face wash out there in the market.

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2. Bliss Rose Gold Rescue Cleanser

This gentle foaming face wash results in providing a soft and smooth skin after removing excess oil, impurities, and makeup. This face wash does not over-dry the skin or irritate the skin.

  • Rose flower water protects the moisture barrier of the skin and matches the natural pH of the skin
  • Formulated with premium ingredients such as colloidal gold, rose gold shimmer, rose flower and willow bark extract
  • Colloidal gold present fights off free radicals and reinforces skin’s protective barrier
  • Free of SLS, phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, formaldehyde and is certified by PETA

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3. ACURE Soothing Cleansing Cream

Hydrate the driest of any skin and soothe it gently with this cleanser. This is the perfect face wash for dry or sensitive skin. Your face wash should be gentle on the skin and this face wash is exactly that.

  • Cruelty free acne face wash.
  • Formulated with organic argan oil, sunflower amino acids, and peony extract, this face wash is creamy and mild.
  • Balances the tone of the skin while removing impurities gently and soothes the skin.
  • Hydrates the skin with its super nutrients and the powerful botanicals calm and minimizes the redness of sensitive skin.
  • Overall, good vegan face wash for sensitive skin.
  • Free of sulfate, mineral oil, paraben and mineral oil; vegan and certified cruelty-free brand.

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3. Yes To Cucumbers Milk Cleanser

Looking for a moisturizing cleanser that will not over-dry or strip your skin? Look no further, Yes To Cucumbers is a face cleanser that soothes the skin gently while cleaning its impurities and leaving it fresh.

  • Best of ingredients such as Cucumber, Aloe, and Green Tea cleans the skin with the utmost freshness.
  • Soy Proteins provide moisture to the skin and Green Tea provides an antioxidant that softens the skin.
  • Works perfectly well on sensitive skin as cucumber extracts provide an immense amount of calmness.
  • 95% natural and free of SLS, parabens, silicones; cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny.

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4. Yes To Cucumbers Milk Face Cleanser

The perfect face wash for an acne-prone skin that is all-natural and detoxifies your skin is here. Yes, To Tomatoes face wash is meant for sensitive skin or acne-prone skin as it helps in cleaning deep pores and prevents breakouts.

  • Extracts from tomatoes provide necessary antioxidants, charcoal removes dirt and salicylic acid clean scars and pores.
  • All the ingredients together along with Jojoba spheres that help in exfoliating clears the skin without drying it.
  • Products are at least 95% natural and made with recyclable materials.
  • Cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny and free of SLS, parabens, and silicones.

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5. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Cleanser

Get healthy and smooth skin with Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Cleanser. It is a cleanser that works great on all skin types, from normal to dry to combination and even the most sensitive skin.

  • Nourishes the skin gently while removing the excess oil and impurities from the skin
  • If you have sensitive skin, this facial cleanser works wonders to hydrate and nurture it
  • Pleases and soothes the pores  with the help of papaya and pineapple enzymes
  • Gentle granules dull the debris and dead skin away and result in a glowing skin

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6. Radha Beauty Vitamin C Cleanser

Give the gift of healthy skin to yourself with this luxurious and radiant Vitamin C enriched cleanser. It is safe for all types of skin and helps in reducing wrinkles and age spots.

  • The cleanser is great at minimizing wrinkles, fine lines, and improves discoloration.
  • Increases collagen and helps in fading sunspots resulting in a better texture, clarity, and overall appearance of skin.
  • Vitamin C protects the skin cells from free radicals and enhances the production of collagen thus giving a youthful look.
  • Antioxidant protection and hydration come from ingredients like Aloe Vera, Herbal Infusions, and Rosehip Oil.

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7. Burt's Bees Orange Essence Cleanser

Wash away your worries about dirt and excessive oil with this Cleanser. Your skin will have a natural glow with all the natural ingredients present in Burt’s Bees cleanser. It is nourishing for all skin types, through all stages of life. It’s one of the top cruelty free drugstore face wash.

  • With a refreshing citrus aroma, your skin gets cleaned with a mix of Orange Oil and Soap Bark extract.
  • It is a 99.9% natural cleanser with Olive Oil and Aloe and other plant-based ingredients that hydrate the skin.
  • The sulfate-free face wash gives a radiant, luminous complexion and gives a natural, fresh cleansing.
  • It does not contain parabens, petrolatum, and phthalates.

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8. Boscia Black Charcoal Cleanser

Boscia’s products are all successful plant-based products. This cleanser provides a signature double cleanse where the first step is to remove makeup and the second step is to cleanse the skin.

  • Two-step cleaning – makeup removal and then the cleansing of the skin.
  • Unclogs pores absorb excess oils, detoxifies, and deeply cleanse with the presence of warming charcoal cleanser.
  • Formulated with natural ingredients such as Rose Geranium Oil, Licorice Root, Artichoke Leaf extracts, and Vitamin C and P.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

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9. Bioré Rose Quartz Charcoal Cleanser

Dive into a deep cleansing experience with this daily purifying cleanser that will help you radiate self-love. It is non-comedogenic and safe for sensitive skin and has been tested by dermatologists.

  • Rose Quartz and Natural Charcoal go deep into the pores thus cleaning daily impurities and excess oil from the skin.
  • The Japanese Skin Purifying technology provides 2x better and superior cleansing without disturbing the skin in any way.
  • Ideal for oily skin as it absorbs oil and leaves the skin fresh.
  • Free of paraben and is vegan friendly and cruelty-free.

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10. Bliss Fab Foaming 2-In-1 Cleanser

Bliss is a spa-powered wellness brand for skin that is 100% cruelty-free, certified by PETA.  With its daily use, this face wash will deliver happiness for all skin types except sensitive skin.

  • The 2-in-1 wash is an exfoliator and cleanser that makes sure your skin feels fresh and soft
  • Removes dirt, grime, and makeup gently with its exfoliating properties.
  • Dead skin is removed because of tiny bamboo buffing beads and moisture comes from glycerin present.
  • Rosehips, passionflower, chamomile, and other flower botanicals soothe skin and does not let it dry.

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11. Naturally Serious Moisture Cleanser

This gentle cream cleanser will give you radiant skin by melting away your makeup and making it smoother. Naturally Serious cleanser is a major moisture provider hence ideal for dry skin.

  • Natural Balance of skin is restored with probiotics and Bisabolol and Squalane soothe the skin.
  • Pomegranate enzyme exfoliates and licorice root extracts brighten the skin.
  • Formulated with coconut oil that nourishes and removes makeup, removes oil and dirt.
  • Pomegranate, Grape Seed, Red Tea, Goji Berry, Green Tea, and White Tea mix to form an anti-pollution blend that reduces aging signs.

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12. Beauty Without Cruelty Cleanser

A soap-free cleanser that is creamy, gentle, and takes care of your skin by soothingly removing daily impurities is what BWC Herbal Cream Facial Cleanser is. Although, the cleanser contains AHA which may cause sunburn by increasing sensitivity to the sun.

  • Washes away dead skin, dirt accumulated on a daily basis, and excess oil.
  • Contains botanical powers and aroma-therapeutic essential oils that enhance circulation and give a fresh, soft skin.
  • It does not dry out the skin and is pH balanced and soap-free.
  • 100% vegan, cruelty-free and free of parabens and synthetic or engineered fragrance.
  • Not recommended for sensitive or dry skin.

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13. Gabriel Organics Red Seaweed

Refine your skin surface and indulge in a deep cleansing process with Gabriel Organics Purifying Gel cleanser. Many effective ingredients are used in this cleanser to give an experience that is refreshing and calming.

  • Red seaweed gives the benefit of deep cleansing whereas rosemary & lavender extracts set oil production that helps in moisturizing.
  • Skin tone improves with the aid of Green Tea and Azulene has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes skin.
  • This tonic uses ginseng to energize skin and chamomile to calm the skin down.
  • Made with organic products that are 100% natural which heals the skin and is cruelty-free.

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14. Simple Kind to Skin Cleanser

A cleanser that is gentle yet effective is what Simple has put in this cleanser. It is a refreshing experience that hydrates the skin of any type, even the most sensitive skin.

  • Formulated for makeup removal as well as unclogging pores and cleaning dirt and impurities off the skin.
  • All Skin types get hydrated by 90% instantly and it does not cause any skin irritation.
  • The cleanser is made with triple purified water, hexylene glycol, vitamin B3 and C and other ingredients that love the skin.

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Buyer’s Guide to The Best Cruelty-Free Face Wash

As many brands are now going cruelty-free, it is important to keep in mind why you need that particular face-wash and how it would benefit your skin. Here are some factors to help you choose the best cruelty-free face wash that is authentic and good for your skin:

1. No harsh chemicals

Cruelty-free face washes will not have chemical-filled tubes as other face washes do. Your skin would be safe from harsh chemicals and other synthetic preservatives that could cause irritation or allergies.

2. Third-Party Certification

Many brands get their cruelty-free certification from independent third parties. It would be wise to check up on the certification and be familiar with these organizations just to make sure you are not being duped.

3. Familiarity with Official Logos

“Bunny” logo represents a “cruelty-free” product however, some products may vary. It would be wise to be familiar with the logos used by organizations and research thoroughly.

4. Ingredients

Most of these cleansers are free from harsh chemicals and safe for skin, however understanding every skin is different, which ingredients would suit your skin should be read in the label. Opt for more natural and organic products and always do a patch test for any new skin product that you buy.

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FAQs Regarding Cruelty Free Face Wash

1. What does cruelty-free mean?

No animal testing for products is what cruelty-free means. The products should not have been tested on animals and no animals should have been hurt while the product was produced.

2. What is the best cruelty-free face wash brand?

Yes, To, Gabriel Organics, Simple, Bliss, Naturally Serious, Burt’s Bees, Boscia, The Body Shop, Pacifica Beauty, Alba Botanica are some of the best cruelty-free face wash brands.

3. What are the advantages of using cruelty-free products?

You are saving animals thus maintaining the natural balance in the environment and refraining yourself from using harmful chemicals.

4. What is the difference between Vegan and Cruelty-free brands?

Cruelty-free products can use animal byproducts such as beeswax, bone powder, fats, etc. but a vegan product would not use animal byproducts.

5. What kind of face wash should I buy for dry skin?

A face wash that does not strip your skin of its natural oils while removing the impurities. Look for soap-free formulas that have glycerin or essential oils present for hydration.

6. What kind of face wash should I buy for oily skin?

Ones with charcoal are very effective as it digs into deep purifying of pores. Look for a formula that provides pH balance, is oil-free, and helps prevent breakouts.

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Many might think cruelty-free products are just a market gimmick but if you are opting for a cruelty-free face wash, then remember, you have made a conscious choice and you are helping in saving the animals, thus saving the environment. It really is not fair that an important daily skincare product, such as face wash, should come at the cost of harming and testing on animals. It is one such product that requires frequent buying, so you should be wise in the choice that you make and consider your skin type before choosing the best cruelty-free face wash to remove the daily dirt away and get a fresh beautiful face.


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