Best Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands [Complete List for 2020]

Best Cruelty Free Makeup Brands In India 2
Best Cruelty Free Makeup Brands In India 2
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The term cruelty-free was first understood and recognized by the organization of PETA. Another main organization is that of Leaping Bunny which has comparatively stricter criteria for the companies to adhere to. This designation means that the company or brand has restricted itself from testing their products on animals and can be recognized as cruelty-free. This testing includes all the supply chains, formulas, ingredients, and their final products as well. No customer should be duped by profit-making companies that engage themselves in such obsolete practices.

There are some of the very famous brands which exclude themselves from these archaic practices such as Wet and Wild, The Body Shop, Shea Moisture, NYX, Marc Jacobs, L.A. Girl, Forest Essentials, ColourPop, Bare Minerals, etc. Apart from these brands, there are many more brands that don’t test on animals and strictly adhere to making cruelty free makeup so that their customers can put on makeup with a clear conscience. Following is a list of best cruelty-free makeup brands that customers can choose from divided into three categories ranging from Mid to High-End brands, Drugstore Brands and Natural and Green Brands.

A. Mid to High-End Brands:

The brands included under this head are the ones which are renowned around the world, and the slab has been made according to the price range. These are those product brands that fall between the medium to the high section in terms of their costing.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills

The brand was launched by Anastasia Soare along with a Beverly Hills which was initially a salon. They specialize in creating a line of prestigious cosmetics. The founder of The Brow Revolution that has created landmark contributions, Soare was the first one to find out brow shaping products. They strictly commit to cruelty-free production including formulation, testing, and development.

Some of the famous products of the brand are Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit, Lash Brag Volumizing Mascara, DIPBROW Pomade and Liquid Lipstick.

2. Axiology

Axiology specialises in making 100% evil free lipsticks. They strictly believe that the most beautiful products can be created without harming the animals and hence their motto is to create beauty which is evil free. They have a line of lipstick collection suitable for all skin tones. Their products are clean, vegan and cruelty free.

Some of the famous products of the brand are Loyalty, Enduring, The Goodness and Keen. These are all different shades of lipstick. 

3. BareMinerals

Giving clean and natural makeup and skincare, that’s what Bare Minerals is all about. Started in 1995 with their first mineral foundation, they aimed at starting a clean beauty revolution. The best thing about the brand is that each product is free of mineral oil, coal tar, propylene glycol, triclocarban, and microbeads. 

Some of the products of this brand has also been awarded with multiple awards such as the tinted moisturizers, brightening serum foundation and supreme finisher brush which are also the famous products of the brand.

4. BeautyBlender

Founded by Rea Ann Silva’s over 20 years ago, the discovery of beauty blender completely changed the game of makeup. This helped the application process of makeup become even smoother and easier. It takes minimum efforts to use it but it definitely gives the maximum results.

Some of the famous products of the brand are Original beauty blender, beauty blender makeup sponge, beauty blusher cheeky and micro mini pro. 

5. Becca Cosmetics

Becca is one of the high end cruelty free makeup brands known for its complexion products and iconic glow. They use innovative light technologies to provide a range of makeup from the lightest to the darkest skin tones. 

Some of the famous products of the brand are Hydra Mist Set and Refresh Powder, Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter, Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation. 

6. Besame Cosmetics

To give life to her grandmother’s beauty, founder Gabriele Hernandez started this vintage beauty line. The products specialize in historically inspired and pigmented cosmetics. They are specially created for sensitive skin and are 100% cruelty-free. They are also long-lasting in nature.

Some of the famous products of the brand are victory red lipstick, black cake mascara, and porcelain cashmere powder compact.

7. Bite Beauty

The brand is known for its creation of one of the cleanest beauty products. The ingredients are pure, clean and vegan chef inspired. The lipstick collection will give you a flawless finish with bold look. The products are paraben, sulphates and phthalates free giving better results.

Some of the famous products of the brand are the changemaker complexion system, changemaker supercharged miscellar foundation, Power move creamy matte lip crayon and outburst Longwear lip stain. 

8. Blinc

Most of the mascaras that were made initially were made of oil-based paints which results in smudging, flaking and clumping of mascaras. To solve the problem of this, Blinc introduced the Tube Forming Mascara Technology. Blinc not only gave its consumers the satisfaction of a long-lasting makeup but also made the removal process easy.

Some of the famous products of the brand are the original tubing mascara, eyebrow mousse and ultra-thin liquid eyeliner pen. 

9. butter LONDON

With the aim of giving a toxin-free nail lacquer which didn’t make a compromise on color, quality, and performance, butter LONDON was founded in 2005. It is a clean, vegan and cruelty-free brand aiming to make you feel good not just from outside but inside as well.

Some of the famous brands of the product are Little luxuries, Bezzie Mate Soft Matte Lip Cream, Power play mascara and liner and Plus Rush Blush and Lip.

10. Buxom Cosmetics

Buxom Cosmetics’ idea of beauty is that the safer the product is to use, the more helpful it will be in enhancing your beauty. The formula they use for their products is free of all sorts of harmful chemicals, or parabens. Their motto – ‘sensuality is strength’, and their products reflect it to their utmost possible. The lip products they sell and the bold shades of eye shadows have especially garnered a lot of attention

The Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish and the Plumpline Lip Liner are some of the most sold products from Buxom. 

11. Catrice Cosmetics

For Catrice, two things matter most – staying on top of the fashion trends, a feat easily done by them, and secondly, keeping safety first. By Making sure that their products are safe for the skin, they have prioritized the skin-health of their customers. With carefully chosen ingredients, they have found a way in most women’s fashion collections. The Liquid Foundations they offer, and their range of Fixing Sprays are novel additions to their variety. 

The Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation, the Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer are some of the most sought-after products from Catrice Cosmetics.

12. Chantecaille Beauté

The brands at the higher end of the spectrum of fashion tend to provide their customers with a little extra care, for the higher price. Chantecaille Beauté’s products are majorly comprised of the higher end ones, where most of them are botanical in nature. Flowers being the core ingredients for majority of their products, Chantecaille Beauté has made it their goal to protect the health of the skin of their customers. Their products have superior textures, and are of excellent quality. Offered products are in vast variety, be it for skincare, facial care, foundations, concealers, lipsticks and lip glosses and what not.

The Hummingbird Eye Quartet, the Perfect Blur Finishing Powder, the Future Skin Foundation and the Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer are some of the most popular products from Chantecaille Beauté.

13. Ciate Cosmetics

Ciate London was founded in 2009, and it quickly came to the centre stage for having pushed the boundaries when it comes to beauty through nail products. However, that was not the end for the brand, as it soon entered the market for facial beauty and foundations, concealers, and pioneered for success in all of them. The brand enjoys considerable repute for their products for the face, eyes and lips, and since they are of excellent quality and are cruelty-free.

The Ciate London Extraordinary Translucent Powder, the Ciate Confetti Highlighter, the Ciate Eye Lustre Crème Eyeshadow, etc. are some of the products which have encapsulated the customers.

14. Cover FX

Cover FX prioritizes the quality of the ingredients they use in their products, and it uses the best of ingredients to produce the safest of cosmetic products for its customers. Cover FX only focusses on skin cosmetic products, such as foundations, bronzers and others. However, since all of their products are 100 per cent vegan, they are also good to be used by those who have sensitive skin, acne, or any other likewise skin conditions. 

The Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer, the Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder Light, etc. are the most prized products from the range of products by Cover FX.

15. Doll 10

Doll 10 wants the best for your skin, and their cruelty-free products are the best for that. Products which are clean throughout in their ingredients, are safe to use and apply – that is the motto which Doll 10 operates under. With products which are free of sulfates, parabens and other harmful chemicals, they are suited for most skint types. Their clinically-proven to be safe products have been received well by their target market.

The Doll 10 Complete Nude Lip Wardrobe Collection, the Skin T.C.E. Super Coverage Concealer, Anti-Stress Skin Perfector are popular products in their lineup.

16. Dr. Jart

Dr. Jart was founded in 2005, and since then, they have been working towards producing beauty products which embody the amalgamation of science with skincare – so that your skin can be beautiful, yet also healthy. Their products have won plenty of awards, while they were also the ones to have introduced the BB Creams in United States. Besides, all of their products have been highly praised for excellent skincare capabilities. 

The Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream, and Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm are some of the most famous products offered by Dr. Jart.

17. ELLIS FAAS Cosmetics

Having been established by one of the most renowned makeup artists, ELLIS FAAS is popular amongst the customers for plenty of reasons – their range and variety of colours being the prominent one. The founder initially worked with L’Oreal, but when in 2007 her association ended, ELLIS FAAS was born, and their products created a swirl in the market almost immediately. The Human Colours collection is well known with the others for their variety of shades. 

The ELLIS FAAS Skin Veil pen and the Concealer from their Human Colours Range are some of the most sold products, while their Lipsticks in more than 36 shades take the cake.

18. Eyeko

With much likeliness to its name, Eyeko was founded as a company in 1999, and soon enough it became the go-to brand for all eye-related cosmetic solutions. The packing of the products makes it even easier for their eye-cosmetic solutions to apply, without harming the eyes as well. The color in the products lasts longer and is smudge-proof, which makes it a really ideal solution for the eye mascaras.

The Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, the Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara are some of the products which are popular when it comes to Eyeko.

19. Face Atelier

As a consumer brand, the company has made considerable name for itself as a brand which is good enough to be used by professional makeup artists as well. The quality of the products remains high, while the application and use remains contrastingly simple. Their products have attracted a mass following amidst celebrities and professional makeup artists. There are some products which stand apart, such as the Ultra Foundation, which has a distinct identity even apart from the brand.

The Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Pro, the Face Atelier Ultra Loose Powder, etc. are some of the products which are popular among customers.

20. Forest Essentials

More than being a brand for cosmetics, Forest Essentials strives to be a skincare brand. The majority of its products are based on formula which include Ayurvedic Treatment within the scope of beauty products. The majority of their products are sourced out of plants and other edible extracts. Their products are organic, and cruelty free, and also, they are healthy for your skin. 

Amongst their products, Forest Essentials Facial – Ubtan Narangi and Nagkesar, the Ayurvedic Herb Enriched Head Massage Oil and the Forest Essentials Deeply Nourishing Facial Cleansing Paste are the most popular ones.

21. Grande Cosmetics

The brand began with a single product – the GrandeLASH MD, and it has become to one of the most known names in the cosmetics industry. The number of products offered by the brand are well over forty, and all of them cater to a wide variety of customers. The GrandeLASH MD, and the GrandeBROW series of the brand have especially been endeared by the customers around the world. 

The GrandeLASH Lash Enhancing Serum, the GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum, the GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lips Pumper, and many likewise products from different collections have caught the eye of the customers and critics alike.

22. Hourglass Cosmetics

As a cruelty free brand, Hourglass Cosmetics is quite a name when it comes to luxury segment of cosmetic solutions. With the higher price tag, the packaging and the focus on specific quality of ingredients is heightened, and as a result, you get a product highly refined for you. Ever since 2004, the brand has been expanding its reach and renown, while the products among them feature some of the best cosmetic solutions in the market.  

The Hourglass Mini Ambient Lightening Finishing Powder, the Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High-Intensity Refillable Lipstick in Secretly, etc. are some of the popular products from their lineup.

23. Hynt Beauty

Hynt Beauty has branded itself as a natural beauty brand, but the products it contains in its col0lections are luxurious as well. The ingredient selection has been given much thought, and the resultant product is a combination of rich feel for your skin, while equally healthy for it. Hynt Products are free of all undesirable chemical elements, and they pay particular attention to the complexion of the user.

The Hynt Beauty Aria Pure Lipstick, and the Alto Matte Powder Blush, etc. are some of the products which embody the principles of Hynt Cosmetics, and are favorites amongst the customers.

24. Illamasqua

Illamasqua is famously known for the richness of their colours. Makeup that empowers you to be bold – that is the motto of Illamasqua, and they follow suit with that in their own design. Of all the products that they have, most of them are all unique in their own way – redefining the boundaries of beauty. 

The Illamasqua Antimatter Lipstick Cosmic, and the Illamasqua Precision Ink Eyeliner Abyss Makeup Remover, etc. are some of the fan-favorites from this luxury brand.

25. IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics prides itself on creating products that are innovative and produce decent skin solutions. Their products are largely comprised of ingredients that are good as anti-aging solutions and overall skin nourishers. Also, all of their products are cruelty-free – not even their brushes use any animal products. Their Colour Correcting Full Coverage Cream with the Anti-Aging Hydrating Serum is a critically renowned product, which has been able to turn many heads. 

The Your Skin But Better CC Cream Oil-Free Matte, and the IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder, etc. are popular products from IT Cosmetics.

26. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star is the internet king of makeup, and from the YouTube Channel, his own line of cosmetic products has received much hype internationally. There are plenty of products on the market from his own line of cosmetics, that they are giving tough competition to some of the existing contenders in the market. The line of Concealers especially has received much hype, and the Lip Gloss is another of the favourites amongst the customers. 

The Jeffree Star Mini Breaker Eyeshadow Palette, and the Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Mini Controversy Palette, etc. are some of the products which have attracted massive attention from the customers.

27. Josie Maran Cosmetics

Founded in 2007 by the Actress/Model Josie Maran, the brand has spiralled into the spotlight over the time. However, to make it as safe for the skin of the customer as they could, the major ingredient which they chose for their products was Argan Oil – it nourishes, hydrates and takes care of the skin at the same time. 

The Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment, the Argan Beta-Retinoid Pink Algae Serum, and the Argan Daily Moisturizer Mineral SPF 47, etc. are some of the best-sellers from this brand.

28. Kat Von D Beauty

As a healthy and conscious makeup brand, Kat Von D’s vegan line of cosmetic products has sure hit a space in the market where few competitors have entered – and it has already made a name in here. Their makeup products last long, are smudge proof, and sweat has no effect on it. Could a girl really ask for more? For Lips, for eye, and combination sets, they have a product for all these segments. Their vegan products have equal variety, and the cruelty free range of brands has enchanted a lot of customers. 

The Kat Von D Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette, and the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – LOLITA, etc. are some of the most prized products from Kat Von D.

29. Korres Cosmetics

Korres is a brand which has been around for more than 20 years now, and the products are an amalgamation of the science and the natural ingredients, making them more versatile than their counterparts. The brand has expanded leaps and bounds, and their famous products have left a considerable impact on the customers. Their famous brand collections include their line of Shower Gel and Body Butters, but the Wild Rose Line is the one which is the crown jewel of their achievements. 

The Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Facial, and the Korres Wild Rose Blusher 24 Dusty Rose, etc. are some of the most famous products from the brand.

30. Kryolan Professional Makeup

Kryolan is one of the companies which has been in the market for over 70 years in the making, and depends on its own formulas and recipes for their cosmetic products. Their products are highly pigmented and rich in quality. They are also safe to use on most skin types. The brand specializes in making cosmetic products which are targeted at the professional makeup artists, and are of high quality. Unsurprisingly, they are priced at an equally high point.

The Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 12 Colors Makeup Palette, and the Kryolan 5703 Translucent Powder Profesional Makeup, etc. are some of the most famous products from the brand.

31. Marc Jacobs

The company was founded in 1986, and since then they have been venturing into all fields of fashion. Although, they primarily specialise in fashion industry, however, their makeup segment is no pushover. All of their products are top of the line, with rich quality, and an inherent ease in application. Not only that, but they offer lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, but mascaras and perfumes as well. With the rapid innovation, they are sure to expand their line of products more than these in the near future. 

The Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter, and the Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara, etc. are some of the most popular makeup products from this fashion giant.

32. Nude by Nature

Another luxury brand with the focus on the authentic natural experience for their customers, the brand is centralised around the idea of healthy skin care, with the use of completely natural ingredients. Products by Nude are completely devoid of any harmful chemical, and all of the ingredients are natural. They offer products ranging from simple eyeshadows, mascaras, the eyeliners, lipsticks, lip glosses etc. and a lot more. 

The Nude by Nature Mineral Bronzer and the Nude by Nature Allure Defining Mascara are some of the celebrated products from Nude by Nature.

33. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is one of those luxury 100 per cent vegan brands in the market, which was established in 2004. The need of the professional makeup artists who were not satisfied with the products already available, was the core selling point for OCC. Although the company has mysteriously vanished, the products are still on the market. The OCC Skin line of products by the company particularly garnered the attention of the professional makeup artists. 

The Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar, and the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Skin Concealer, etc., are some of the products which sold particularly well.

34. PÜR Cosmetics

PÜR Cosmetics is a mineral-oriented brand – they focus on the ingredients so that they are able to not only cover the skin imperfections, but also, over time, correct them successfully. Most of their ingredients are natural derived, and the products are safe for most skin types. This Environmentally responsible luxury brand has amassed a lot of popularity with their varying lines of products. They also offer vegan friendly cosmetic solutions.

The PÜR 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Broad Spectrum, and the PÜR Fully Charged Mascara, Black is the most popular products sought-after by the customers.

35. Smashbox Cosmetics

The products from Smashbox were intended for the professional makeup artists and photographers. The origin of the company’s line of products was inside a photo studio, and they specialised in doing so marvellously. Gradually, they started accommodating the masses as well, and expanded their line of products. Their primers, lipsticks and the foundations were greatly being used in studios as makeup solutions. 

The Smashbox The Original Photo Finish Smooth & Blur Primer, and the Smashbox Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation, etc. are some of the most popular products from the brand.

36. Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte was established in 2000, and since then, it has become a major force in the market for vegan, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic products for cosmetic beauty. The skincare products from the brand are tested against all common allergy types, and are bound to be safe for your skin type. With chosen ingredients, the makeup products are lasting and of rich quality. 

Some of the popular products are the Tarte Maneater Magnetic Voluptuous Mascara, and the Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer.

37. The Body Shop Makeup

The Body Shop dates back as old as in 1976 when the company began ion England. After all those years, the company is one of the biggest names worldwide, operating in 66 countries. The source of inspiration for the Body Shop lies in natural beauty, and they carefully select their ingredients to provide their consumers with the best skincare solutions, while keeping their products 100 percent cruelty-free.

Some of the popular products from the Body Shop Makeup Line are The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and the Body Shop All In One Face Base.

38. Thrive Causemetics

With a decade of experience, the founder of Thrive Causemetics established it to help the women gain beauty with no compromise. With all the formulas involved specifically designed for skincare, the products included in the line of Thrive Causemetics are vegan, and cruelty-free. The shades that are available in the Glossy Lip Hydrating Serum are one of the eye-catching special collections from the brand which attracted considerable attention. 

The Liquid Lash Extension Mascara Brynn, and the Thrive Causemetics – Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner Shade, etc. are some of the most popular products from Thrive Causemetics.

39. Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced Cosmetics was born in 1998, when there was a dearth of bright colours in the cosmetics industry. Their products are revolutionary, and innovative, celebrating the individuality of their customers with every product they sell. From boot to head, the products in their line are cruelty and paraben-free, and they strive to make makeup fun again. Too Faced has introduced varying products, such as eye products, facial cosmetics, lips and other essential products.

The Too Faced  Sketch Marker  Eyeliner Waterproof and the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette are some of their popular products.

40. Urban Decay Cosmetics

The story behind Urban Decay dates back as long as 20 years ago, when the market was dull with no spunk in the colours which were vogue. Initially, Urban Decay introduced into the market only 12 lipsticks, and 12 nail enamels, which were launched in 1996. The names of the products were revolutionary then, and the movement has not ended since then. The competitors still compete to keep up with their innovation, and the brand has launched many more products which follow the trends now, or even set them anew. 

The Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Holiday 2016 Limited Edition, and the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette are some of the products which caused a stir in the cosmetics market.

B. Drugstore Brands:

1. Anabelle’s Minerals

The products manufactured by this company seek to be based completely on the natural products, even if the ingredients themselves may not be many. Products from Anabelle Minerals are varying and also are available for most people, regardless of their skin types. Since the brand focusses mainly on natural components, their products are also perfect for vegetarian and vegan people as well. 

Some of the popular products offered by the company are the Annabelle Minerals Sunny Cream Mineral Concealer, their Mineral Foundations, and the Correctors as well, amongst many other products from their line-up.

2. Aromi

The word Aromi, of Finnish origin, means fragrance itself, and the company has dedicated its efforts towards providing the customers with cosmetic products with magnificent fragrances, all of which is manufactured using the finest of ingredients. The company has committed itself against using any products which are derived from animals, nor are any of their products or used ingredients tested on animals – both of which make the company Aromi a cruelty-free brand. 

Some of the popular products offered by Aromi are their cruelty-free Men’s Solid Cologne and their Amazing Solid Perfume, the Matte Liquid Lipstick and several others.

3. Black Radiance

The mission behind Black Radiance lies in the recognition of the women of colour, and giving them the empowerment, they need with the help of appropriate cosmetic products. The company has dedicated itself into providing the women of colour around the world the inner strength by generating self-acceptance, and in order to do so, they have initiated a range of formulae in their products, which use cruelty-free ingredients.

Some of the popular products offered by the brand are the True Complexion Contour Palette, the True Complexion Loose Setting Powder and the True Complexion Bb Cream SPF 15, etc.

4. Bliss Cosmetics

The company Bliss Cosmetics was found in the year 1996, and the company has prioritized safety of the skin ever since it came into existence. All the products which are manufactured by Bliss Cosmetics contain carefully selected ingredients, and are free of other ingredients which you would not want on your skin. 

Some of the products popularly sold by Bliss Cosmetics are the Bright Idea Moisturizer, the Drench & Quench Hydrator, the Rose Gold Cleanser, etc.

5. Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees has made it their mission to ensure that all of their products are as close to the nature, as they can make them to be. With the goal to nourish the skins of their customers with all the goodness that nature has to offer, Burt’s Bees as a company strives to make sure that the communities who add to their supply of natural raw materials get their share for the same. 

Some of the popular products sold by Burt’s Bees are the Lip Shimmer, the Goodness Glows Full Coverage Liquid Makeup, the Mattifying Powder Foundations, etc.

6. BYS Cosmetics

BYS Cosmetics is rapidly gaining prominence in the cosmetics market, with a rapidly growing loyal consumer base, primarily because they are proving that it is not impossible to provide cosmetic products to the consumers with a reasonable price tag. While doing so, the company has made sure that all of the products which it manufactures are cruelty-free. BYS products are not only following the trend, but there are also some instances where they have helped create some of them. 

Some of their popularly sought-after products are – the BYS Cream Contouring Palette Tin Collection, BYS Peach Face Palette, the BYS All Day Wear Pressed Powder, etc.

7. Chi Chi Cosmetics

Whilst not all of their products are vegan, Chi Chi Cosmetics is widely known for offering a cosmetic solutions which are vegan. Additionally, all of their products are cruelty free, with the company claiming that all of their products contain ingredients chosen carefully, whilst none of them are tested on animals. The company initially only dabbled with nail-polishes, but over time, they have gathered stable footing in the market. As expected, all of their products are cruelty-free. 

Some of their popular products are the Viva La Diva Lipstick, the Super Matte Liquid Lipstick, the Coconut and Argan Natural Body Cleanser, etc.

8. Coloured Raine Cosmetics

The company, which was founded in 2013, was founded with the vision of beauty that was not bound by the existing conventions of beauty. Breaking all the barriers to beauty, the products offered by the company have also included variants for the people of colour, and the company itself has amassed great recognition over time. The company offers quite a variety of liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows, whilst all of their products are entirely cruelty-free. 

Some of the products offered by the company are the ‘Coloured Raine Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Who, Me?’, the Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint – Sugar, etc.

9. ColourPop Cosmetics

This California based company was established in 2014, and since then, they have been offering the customers with cosmetic solutions which do not leave a big hole in their pockets. The company claims that their products are completely free of any cruelty, and are made with the ingredients which are specially and specifically chosen. Plenty of their products have won several awards, and the company has amassed a loyal fan base in the time that has passed. 

Some of the popular products which are sold by the ColourPop Cosmetics are the ColourPop – Give it to me Straight, the ColourPop Bare Necessities Shadow Palette.

10. Dose of Colors

Ever since 2013, the company Dose of Colors has been offering cruelty-free makeup accessories and has strived to make sure that the products are at par with the prevalent trends in the market. The goals for the company are that their products are safe for their customers, and at the same time, are easy to use without many complications. Several products offered by the company already have won several awards and recognitions. 

Some of the popular products offered by the company are the Dose of Colors Lip it Up Satin Lipstick, the Liquid Matte Lipstick, the Eyeshadow Palette, etc.

11. E.L.F. Cosmetics

e.l.f. Cosmetics has become known recently, probably because of the fact that every single one of the products that they offer is vegan, and one hundred percent cruelty free. In addition to that, they also offer a wide variety of products for their customers to chose from. It is only an added bonus that none of the harmful chemicals are amongst the ingredients which have been chosen by the company in making their products – making it fit for use by people with almost all types of skins. 

Some of the popular products which are offered by the company are the Lip Lacquer, the Poreless Putty Primer, the Tone Adjusting Face Primer, etc. 

12. Elizabeth Mott Cosmetics

The company is all about the struggle to offer the best cosmetic solutions to the people who have a really busy schedule, and are not able to invest as much time as they would like into being pruned up. The founder has sourced the innovation of the Korean Cosmetics market and has brought innovation for the customers worldwide. Keeping their products entirely free of any animal-sourced raw material, the brand boasts a series of cruelty-free cosmetic products. 

Some of the popular products sold by Elizabeth Mott Cosmetics are the Thank Me Later face Primer, the Tints & Sass Lip and Cheek Stain etc.

13. Emani Cosmetics

The company Emani Cosmetics hopes to consider the need of cosmetics accessories of their customers as skincare, and uses a special assortment of products which are good for the health of the skin of their customers. Founded in 1998, the company has ever since been providing the people with 100 percent vegan, gluten and cruelty-free products, not to mention the fact that the entire process involved in making these products is eco-friendly. 

Some of the popular products in their line-up of products are the Emani HD Corrective Concealer, the Organic Soy Mascara – Midnight, etc.

14. Essence Cosmetics

The company Essence Cosmetics was started by Christina in 2001, and ever since then, it has been expanding its areas of operation. With strict compliance with the EU and US Directives, the company manufactures products which are entirely cruelty-free, and the company also sends back the donations to the needful sections of the society, by making charitable donations. All of the products available in their range are made using chosen ingredients and are cruelty-free. 

Some of the popular products in their line-up of cosmetic accessories are the Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara, the essence Salut Paris Eyebrow Palette, etc.

15. Etude House

The Etude House company produces products that are completely cruelty-free and provides the customers with products that mix in a variety of colors so that everyone can have their pick. In business since 1999, the company has established a firm footing in the cosmetics market and is one of the brands which can successfully claim their products to be cruelty-free. 

Some of the popular products sold by Etude Cosmetics are the Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk, the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow, etc.

16. Fiona Stiles Beauty

As a makeup artist, Fiona has been revered in the industry for a long time, and in 2016, she launched this line of cosmetic products, the Fiona Stiles Beauty which was originally 120-piece color collection. The products offered by the company now have earned international laurels, and the whole line of products is vividly rich in colour options, not to mention, absolutely cruelty-free. 

Some of the popular products in the Fiona Styles Beauty Collection are the Matte Finish Foundation Concentrate, the Fiona Stiles Sheer Sculpting Palette Highlighter, etc.

17. Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty, an endeavour of Drew Barrymore, is a company with the ideology that women deserve the best of cosmetic accessories to look their best, which is available to them at an affordable rate. The company has prioritized the care of its customers by carefully shortlisting the ingredients they use in their products, and also by carefully packaging them. The products offered by Flower Beauty are completely cruelty-free and have been acknowledged widely for their quality. 

The Flower Beauty Draw the Line Eyebrow Pencil, the Light Illusion Foundation, the Petal Pot Lipstick etc., are some of the popular products in the lineup of Flower Beauty.

18. Gabriel Cosmetics

Gabriel Cosmetics was a skincare company that was founded in 1992. Applying the same principals of herbal skincare, the company has now expanded itself into the beauty segment, by offering products that are not harmful to the skin, rather help keep it healthy. Sustaining itself on the vision of natural beauty, the products offered by Gabriel Cosmetics are vegan and gluten-free, while they are completely organic. No better way to bring out the natural beauty of a woman.

Gabriel Cosmetics Lipsticks and the Gabriel Cosmetics Organic Dual Powder Foundation are some of the organic products offered by the company.

19. Girlactik Beauty

The company is the consolidation of the love of a teenager for beauty accessories. Earlier, the company only dealt with glitters, which were state-of-the-art, and now the company has come leaps and bounds ahead of what it used to be. Products offered by girlactik are completely cruelty-free, with the intention that the products become easier for women to use, rather than strictly adhere to the trends. 

Some of the popular products are the Girlactik 3 in 1 Lip Sparkle Balm, the Long-Lasting Matte Lip Paint Liquid Lipstick, and the Flirty Matte Lip Paint, etc.

20. Gosh Cosmetics

Gosh Cosmetics is another company which started off as a skincare company, when it used to be a pharmaceutical company, and then ventured to step into the cosmetics industry. It was established in 1945 in Denmark, and since then it has spread its reach in more than 80 countries. With the emphasis on the best quality products, carefully chosen, the company strives to provide the customers with the best products which are healthy for their skin, and cruelty-free. 

The Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Classic, the X-Ceptional Wear Make-Up are some of the most sought-after products from Gosh Cosmetics.

21. HAN Skin Care Cosmetics

The story of HAN began when a pregnant woman was short of options in skincare accessories to use when in need. The mission of the company remained to offer non-toxic makeup options to the women in need, and establish a principle of positive beauty. The company has been approved by PETA, and does not test its products on any animals. Even the pigmentations used by them are extracted naturally from plant and mineral-based sources. A variety of products have been offered by the company, but none of them contain any form of harmful toxins in them. 

The All-Natural Cheek and Lip Tint, the All-Natural Bronzer and the All-Natural Illuminator are some of the products which have caught the eye of the customers.

22. Jane Cosmetics

Founded on the dream to reunite the women with the idea of beauty and compassion, Jane Cosmetics is a brand that has become a force to reckon within the market for cosmetic accessories. Having ensured that all of their products are cruelty-free, the company has already amassed reputation and other laurels which have led it to gain popularity amongst the customers. 

The Jane Cosmetics multi-colored Powder, the Jane Cosmetics Lip Gloss are some of the popular products sold by the company.

23. Jordana Cosmetics

For a company that has been in the business for more than 25 years, Jordan Cosmetics lives up the reputation it has gained in the market, and constantly keeps itself updated, walking hand-in-hand with the latest trends in the market. In addition to all of their products being cruelty-free, they also offer a vegan segment for the customers who desire. High-quality cosmetic accessories which are a bang for the buck, for someone to be able to create her own unique look, Jordana Cosmetics aims to achieve that. 

Jordana Easy Eye Liner Pencil, the Jordana Forever Flawless Face Powder are some of the popular products sold by Jordana Cosmetics.

24. L.A. Colors Cosmetics

The company L.A. Colors Cosmetics has created a niche for themselves in the affordable section of the cosmetics industry, by providing the customers with quality makeup accessories without breaking their banks. The latest trends are all kept up with, and the brand offers cruelty-free products, with no unnecessary toxic substances in their products. 

The L.A. Colors I Heart Makeup Contour Palette, the Strobing Illuminating Powder and the Day to Night Eyeshadow Palette are some of the popularly sought-after products of the brand.

25. L.A. Girl Cosmetics

LA Girl Cosmetics has become one of the trendy cosmetics brands over the times, and offers a wide variety of cosmetic solutions to girls worldwide. The products offered by the company are critically acclaimed, and have received good reviews all around. They have constantly indulged into the newer and rising beauty segments, and all of their products tend to be available in variety of colors. 

L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Nudes, L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Set Orange are some of the popular products sold by L.A. Girl Cosmetics.

26. Lime Crime Cosmetics

The idea of beauty around Lime Crime Cosmetics is a rather different conception, and they have been working on that ideology since 2008. The company has had a spurt of products gaining popularity over the times, such as the liquid matte lipstick, Velvetines, which gained considerable popularity. Their hair color line of products also made quite a buzz in the market. The company has been certified by PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program, and all of their products are 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free. 

The Venus Eyeshadow Palette and the Metallic Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipsticks are some of the lines of products that sold off the shelves, offered by Lime Crime.

26. Marcelle Cosmetics

The heritage of Marcelle as a brand is as old as 1874, however, it was not until 1919 when the company started manufacturing cosmetic accessories. As and when the time progressed, Marcelle has updated the line of products they sell to their customers. The company has launched several cosmetic products which left behind a lasting impression for their quality and efficacy. One such line of products was the Anti-Aging creams which it launched in the year 2003.

Some of the prominently sold products from Marcelle Cosmetics is the BB Cream Illuminator and the Marcelle Flawless Foundation, etc.

27. Melt Cosmetics

Melt Cosmetics made a mark on the market in 2012, when they came in swooping to fill in the void in the lipsticks market – they realized that the market needed some highly pigmented shades, in bold colors too. Once they started addressing this need, their fame skyrocketed, and they have made a place for themselves in this market. Some of their products were sold out within a minute of their going on sale in 2013. The brand has earned several laurels and is prominent in the cosmetics market. 

The Amor Eterno Liquid Lipstick Set, and several other shades of lipsticks, such as Fiesta, Mariachi, etc. are some of the most sought-after products from Melt Cosmetics.

28. Milani Cosmetics

Milani Cosmetics has centered its product ideology along the lines of beauty for all colors, regardless of their race, ethnicity. Their range is a perfect example for this – the ideology is embodied in the variety they have to offer to their customers. The quality of their products rivals the costlier alternatives, while their products itself are not equally costly. The Milani range of cosmetic products has gained quite the popularity in the time it has been around, and are known widely for their concealers and foundations. 

The Milani Conceal+Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation, the Baked Blush and the Ludicrous Lip Gloss are some of the examples of their products that remain in quite the high demand.

29. Mineral Fusion 

Mineral Fusion was founded in 2007 and has since then secured its ground as a cosmetics brand through and through. The products claim to nourish the skin while enhancing the beauty of the wearer. The effect is also swift to show on the skin, with accommodation for even the sensitive skin types. The range of their products is largely organic, including nail polishes, products for hair care, and obviously, skincare. Also, none of their products consist of any ingredients which could be harmful to your skin. 

The Mineral Fusion Lengthening Mascara, the Intense Hydration Face Cream, etc. are some of the bestseller products from Mineral Fusion.

30. NYX Cosmetics (Owned by L’Oreal)

Nyx Cosmetics was acquired by L’Oreal in 2014, and since then, its line of products has flourished further beyond. The Brand was initially confined to Los Angeles, but now it reaches have far grown. Nyx has quickly expanded into the vegan market, and the list grows continuously – while all of its products remain cruelty-free. Their products are largely acclaimed by the customers for being rich in quality, in particular, their lipsticks and eyeliners. 

The Nyx Professional Makeup Matte Liquid Eyeliner, and the Micro Brow Pencil are some of their highly praised products, and so is the Concealer Wand from the Professional Makeup Lineup.

31. Pacifica Cosmetics

Amidst so many organic makeup companies, there are still very few which offer completely vegan makeup accessories. The products they have consisted of only organic products, and not an ounce of harmful chemicals. Their products range from facial skin care, hair care, as well as solutions for body care and sunscreens, nail polishes, and perfumes as well. The company is the go-to when you want products that are at par with the trends in the market, as well as offer natural and completely organic and vegan products for skincare.

The Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash, the Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful Mask, etc. are the most sought-after skincare products from Pacifica Cosmetics.

32. Physician’s Formula Cosmetics

The company originated as a brand for those who yearned for makeup, but due to skin conditions, could not enjoy the beauty. The idea of ‘healthy beauty’ is deeply enshrined in the heart of the company, and in the likewise, majority of the line of the products which are offered by Physician’s Formula are hypoallergenic, and also safe for people who have sensitive skin. The chosen ingredients prevent the known irritants for the skin to cause any damage to the skin, and also, all of their products are cruelty-free.

The Murumuru Butter Bronzer Light, the Healthy Foundation and the 2-in-1 Eye Booster are some of the most sold products by Physician’s Formula.

33. Prestige Cosmetics

Prestige Cosmetics is a drugstore product brand that offers quality products that are rich in quality, but at the same time, are not priced high like other costly products in the market. Their products have vastly received positive reviews from their customers. However, the major selling point for the company is the fact that their products are priced lower as compared to the competition, while the quality is equally good. 

Some of the most sold products are the Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Multitask Powder Concealer, the Waterproof Lipstick Liner, etc.

34. Radha Beauty

The company had been established in 2014, and wishes to cater to its customers the best skincare along with the cosmetics solutions. The company has included the art of oil treatments and natural skincare into their cosmetic manufacturing, and as a result, was able to give to its customers the organic, eco-friendly and a healthier makeup solution in the form of its products. It has also been hailed as the best aromatherapy brand being sold on 

The Radha Beauty Retinol Moisturizer Miracle Cream for Face, the Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Face, are some of the most popular products from Radha Beauty.

35. Real Techniques

The idea behind Real Techniques was conceived in 2010, and the first product from the brand debuted in 2011, which was a brush collection. But it was the first step for the company, and ever since then, the company has amassed considerable popularity in the market. The brand is really famous for its brush collections, which are all cruelty-free. They are made with really fine quality synthetic Taklon, while none of them are tested on animals. 

The Real Techniques Everyday Essentials + Miracle Complexion Sponge Set, as well as the Eye Shade + Blend Set Makeup Brush Kit are some of the most treasured brush collections from Real Techniques.

36. Rituel De Fille Cosmetics

Another brand which is all about the natural beauty, Rituel De Fille is one of the brands which focuses more on the authenticity of the ingredients they choose – the ingredients in the lipsticks manufactured by Rituel De Fille are all handpicked, natural and carefully blended in together to create the product before it is sent for sale. All the products are entirely natural, paraben-free and cruelty-free. They produce two major lines of lipsticks – the Enchanted and the Forbidden Lipsticks, all of which are very popular amongst women.

Some of the famous products from Rituel De Fille are the Enchanted Lip Sheer, the Forbidden Lipstick – Moisturizing Semi-Matte, etc.

37. Sugarpill Cosmetics

The products offered by Sugarpill Cosmetics are entirely cruelty free, not to mention they have a very wide variety and equally deep pigmentation in them. The brand was established in 2003, and the brand was quick to realize the need for vibrant shades of makeup in the market. The brand has dabbled into producing the shades of makeup, which other known brands are hesitant to dabble in, and in doing so, they created a new place for themselves. The company has a strong belief in the idea of cruelty free makeup, and most of its products are vegan as well. 

The Trinket Trio Bundle of Lipsticks, the Cherish Liquid Lip Color, and some other Eyeshadows are some of the very popular products in demand from Sugarpill Cosmetics.

38. Shea Moisture Cosmetics

The beauty products from Shea Moisture are manufactured by Sundial Brands, a company which is renowned for the use of authentic natural ingredients. The majority of the Shea Moisture Products are a combination of homemade hair and skin protection preparations. The range of products from Shea Moisture vastly includes organic products and all of them are cruelty free. 

The Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curling Shampoo, the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Conditioner, etc. are some of the popular products from Shea Moisture. 

39. Simple Cosmetics

The Simple Cosmetics is one of the top brands in healthy facial skincare, and the products from their line are made to ensure that their customers get the cosmetic care they need at the best price possible, also without harming their skin with undesirable chemicals. The Protect ‘N’ Glow range and the Hemp Seed Oil series launched by the brand have been a center of attraction for people looking after organic skin care cosmetic products. 

The Simple Facial Moisturizer, the Simple Kind to Skin Miscellar Cleansing Water, etc. are some of the healthy skin care beauty products which are popular amongst customers.

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40. Stila Cosmetics

With a brand history of over 20 years, Stila Cosmetics has pioneered innovative styling and beauty solutions. The makeup accessories from Stila Cosmetics are designed such that they are easy in application, can be used smoothly without any hassle. Also, they are all cruelty-free. The quality of the products is top-notch, and they have no harm whatsoever on your skin. Their prideful products include their range of foundations and Liquid Lipsticks. The Liquid Eyeliner from Stila also has its own merits and is highly applauded by the customers. 

The Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, the Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner and the Waterproof Brow Color are some of the popular products from Stila.

No products found.

41. Wet n Wild Cosmetics

For price to quality ratio, Wet n Wild is another brand which offers quality makeup solutions, without compromising the quality of their ingredients, while keeping the price under the bar for being affordable. The brand offers more than 400 shades in their makeup arsenal and is the first brand to present black Nail Polish into this segment of makeup solutions. Their lipsticks have no lead content, and nor do their other products have any other harmful chemicals which could harm your skin. Plus, all their products are cruelty-free. 

The Wet N Wild Photo Focus foundation, the Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette, the Silk Finish Lip Stick are some popular products from their varying ranges sought by the customers.

C. Natural and Green Brands:

1. 100% Pure

With the commitment of producing the most healthy and pure products, the brand 100% pure strives to live to their name. It is naturally pigmented in nature deriving its source from fruits, vegetables, tea and cocoa. This brand has been recognised as 100% cruelty free since they have never ever tested any of their products on animals. None of their ingredients have been sourced through animals. 

Some of the famous products of this brand are Maracuja mascara, Long-lasting liquid eyeliner, BB Cream, Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, Vitamin C Serum, Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette and Bamboo Blur Powder.

2. Alima Pure

The most attractive thing about this brand is the fact that it was started by a lady, Kate O’Brien who was neither a makeup artist or beauty industry insider, rather just a mother and a kindergarten teacher. The brand is involved in 1% for the planet which means it donates 1% of its annual revenue for the betterment of the planet. The aim of this brand is minimal ingredients for maximum impact. They have been working for over 10 years without emitting carbon and have also been certified with B corporation for their commitment in corporate responsibility.

Some famous products of this brand are Satin Matte Foundation, Loose Mineral Blush, Pressed Eyeshadow, Velvet Lipstick, etc.

3. Au Naturale

With the aim of creating a line of bold and long-lasting cosmetics that have no harmful chemicals, Ashley Prange created this brand so that her customers don’t face any skin irritation, breakouts or toxic load on the skin. Not only Au Naturale is a brand. The founder is involved with the Personal Care Act which is a movement in the USA that demands a strict regulation for cosmetic products.

Some of the famous products of this brand are Zero Gravity C2P Foundation, The Anywhere Cream Multistick, Bold Statement Vegan Mascara and Perfect Match Lip Pencil.

4. Everyday Minerals

It is said that beauty comes from within. Everyday Minerals is one such brand that wishes to provide all its customers the feeling of beauty and confidence from inside as well as the outside. Made with 100% vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free products, this is one of the finest brands. Every product is made with real botanicals and real minerals.

Some of the famous products of this brand are Multi-tasking mineral concealer, Jojoba base, A whole lotta warmth luminous blush, back to board game shimmer eye shadow and pomegranate lip scrub.

5. INIKA Organic

A 100% Australian Brand, INIKA Organic has successfully managed to set up its base globally. The brand is a pioneer in certified organic ingredients. The ingredients are natural, ethically sourced, derived from botanical minerals and natural at the same time. It is not only 100% cruelty-free but also 100% vegan and halal. The use of vegan ingredients in the products helps you give gentle skin. The products are hence gluten-free and eco-friendly.

Some of the famous products of the brand are Full Coverage Concealer, Limited Edition Liquid Glow Illuminator, Limited Edition Vegan Lipstick, All Eyes On You Mascara and Blush and Go.

6. Jane Iredale

The founder Jane Iredale wanted to give a holistic approach while launching the brand. Hence, he came up with the idea of creating a comfortable line of makeup. The first product which was launched was a mineral powder foundation 20 years ago that led to the demand for Jane Iredale makeup. Now this brand has a range of mineral and skincare products that are known for being completely cruelty-free and safe for the skin.

Some of the famous products of the brand are Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation, Amazing base loose mineral powder, Pure Pressed Eyeshadow Triple, InTouch Cream Blush, Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain and Beauty Prep Hyaluronic Serum.

7. Lily Lolo

The brand was found in 2005 by Vikki Khan who gave the name after her two sisters, Lisa (Lily) and Lorraine (Lolo). After the first product ie. The natural mineral foundation took a toll in the market, the confidence to create a bigger line of makeup derived. With only natural and nourishing ingredients in the products, the brand aims in giving flawless and synthetic results only. The products are 90% vegan friendly and 100% cruelty-free.

Some of the famous products of the brand are Mineral Foundation SPF 15, Naked Pink Cheek Duo, Natural Mascara, Super Kabuki Brush, and BB cream.

8. Sappho New Paradigm

Sappho New Paradigm is a Canadian brand that is designed by Emmy nominated makeup artists. It is created with the finest of organic ingredients, tested by professional makeup artists and infused with phytonutrients. It offers a line of makeup products which proves that organic makeup products are the need of the hour. The brand is made of vegan free products and cruelty-free certified by PETA. And it contains no harmful or disruptive ingredients. 

Some of the famous products of the brand are Essential Foundation Bryce, Primer for Dry Skin, Mascara and Christine Vegan Lip Gloss.

9. W3ll People

Founded by elite makeup artists, cosmetic dermatologist, and tree-hugging entrepreneurs, the brand is passionate about making a positive impact on the society. It is made with premium natural ingredients which are first tested. The products have the presence of essential oils and uber hydrating formulas. 

Some of the famous products of the brand are Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer, High Vibrations Cream Trio, Expressionist Pro Mascara, and Bio Extreme Lip Gloss.

10. Young Blood Mineral Cosmetics

Founded by a medical aesthetician, Pauline Youngblood knew exactly how the skin reacts to harsh medical procedures. Hence, she wanted to create a range of makeup which was soothing and gentle to the skin. The products are formulated with high-quality natural minerals and ultra-redefined preservatives and fillers. Today, they offer a range of clean and light-wear makeup suitable for all skin types. 

Some of the famous products of the brand are Loose Natural Mineral Foundation, Weekender Palette, Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad and Mineral Crème Lipstick.

11. Zuii Organic

Rose Beesey, through Zuii Organic offers a range of affordable makeup which are beneficial and completely organic in nature. These products actually work for improving the conditions of your skin. With the aim of creating a greener and cleaner future, it aims in making the world a better place to live in. That’s why the products are clean, green, pure, organic and all vegan.

Some of the famous products of the brand are Lux Liquid Foundation, Flora Blush, Flora Self-Tanning Foam, Flora Moisturising Body wash and Flora Lip Tint.

Buyer’s Guide

As a buyer, it is a common knowledge that makeups are an expensive purchase. So, it is equally important that you make the right choice while purchasing these products. In doing so, since the variety available in the market is immense, it is essential to keep some parameters in mind while shopping to ensure that you don’t make a mistake. These parameters have been discussed below:

1. Go through the advertisements

Not always what you see is going to be true. Appearances will always be deceptive. Hence it is very important that you be a little critical and not trust the labels blindly. There are a lot of companies that will claim to be cruelty-free while in reality, they are not. Hence, you need to be very aware and this is where a little research will help.

2. E-mails to the companies

There might be a lot of times when you will not be able to find out details about the products. At such times you can always get in touch with the company to share with you the details and you can analyse accordingly.

3. Be Aware of New Ingredients

With so much modernization and technology updates, every day there is a new product or ingredient in the market. One of the main reasons why testing on animals still exist is because every company is trying to stay in the market and hence, they keep coming up with new and updated products or ingredients. Therefore, if you see any product claiming to have new ingredients, you can always look it up on the internet for your surety.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands

1. What does cruelty-free mean?

Cruelty-free means that the company has refrained from testing their products on animals, and have been certified by organizations such as PETA, or Leaping Bunny for the same.

2. What is the difference between cruelty-free and vegan?

The difference between cruelty-free and vegan is thin – while ‘vegan’ means the product is free of any raw material taken from animals, ‘cruelty-free’ implies that the product was not tested on animals.

3. What makeup brands are cruelty-free?

Few of the famous cruelty-free makeup brands are Wet and Wild, The Body Shop, Shea Moisture, NYX, Marc Jacobs, L.A. Girl, Forest Essentials, ColourPop, Bare Minerals, etc.

4. What does PETA mean?

PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. An organization that works for animal rights. It majorly focuses on industries where animals are widely abused.

5. Why one should go for cruelty-free makeup brands?

Opting for cruelty-free brands is a small step to ensure that the rights of animals are protected. Abstaining from purchasing products that are not cruelty-free is one way to protect their rights.

6. How do cruelty-free companies test products?

There are several other ways to test products, one of which is to test them on the volunteers who opt for such testing. However, many companies prefer cell culture testing as well.


Opting for cruelty-free luxury makeup brands is a good way of ensuring that the rights of animals are protected. PETA and Leaping Bunny Certified brands, which have been shortlisted above are ones that embody the principle of protection of animal rights and selecting them as your cosmetic solution is a good way to ensure that you do your part in protecting the rights of animals. All of these Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands have a variety of products that you can choose from, with an absolute peace of mind.

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