Best Cruelty Free Deodorants – 2020 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Best Cruelty Free Deodorants
Best Cruelty Free Deodorants
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Your body odor can always make a big presence for you in the outside world. Eventually, Finding the perfect things for your body can always be a task in itself. Even after trying a lot of different things, you can’t seem to find the one that will actually make you happy or feel good. This article will help you solve the problem for the right deodorant for your body type. 13 best cruelty free deodorants with suitable features for all body types have been carefully selected to help ease your process of the right deodorant.

Before that, there is one thing that everyone should know. Unlike antiperspirants, deodorants only help in getting rid of body odors and not sweat. Amongst this plethora of products, deodorant has created for themselves a necessity, since they are budget-friendly, easily available – not to mention, they get the job done easily. However, cruelty-free products are the new trend, which is not exactly a bad thing. It is also important to always try opting for a cruelty-free product since they are not tested on animals. For more understanding, go through this article and find out what is your type.

13 Best Cruelty Free Deodorants in 2020

1. Best for Sensitive Skin: Humble Deodorant Stick

The Humble Deodorant stick is majorly made up of clean ingredients that do not harm the user. The product itself has been designed keeping in mind the people with sensitive skin, and the lingering fragrances are soothing to the nose. In order to make sure the product is vegan, the company resolves to make use of candelilla wax, and not of beeswax. The product is also completely cruelty-free.

  • Free of harmful substances.
  • It contains essential oils, providing a variety of fragrances to the user.
  • It contains organic components – cornstarch, coconut oil, etc.

2. Best for Men: Deodorant by The Body Shop

The Body Shop has gathered a sufficient reputation for having produced good body care products, and this Maca Root Deodorant Stick is another one of them. The product has been made cleanly with extracts from Maca Root and organic aloe vera amongst other products that are beneficial for the body. A simple application after routine bath or shower every day is bound to keep you smelling fresh for a long time for that day.

  • It contains Community Trade Brazil Nut Oil.
  • Vegan and certified to be Cruelty-free.

3. Best Runner Up: Tom’s of Maine Natural Deodorant

In the Fresh Powder scent, this product from Tom’s Of Maine is a deodorant that can easily give you a scented effect for your body for as long as 48 hours. This product, for women, is designed so that it nulls the odor on the skin, and will make sure that your body is rid of any bad odor for the day. As a measure for care, they also make their products absolutely cruelty-free.

  • Perfect for the care of the underarms.
  • Sustainable ingredients used in the product.
  • No harmful products, aluminium free.

4. Best Budget-Friendly Pacifica Beauty Deodorant

Rather than being a deodorant stick, this product is an innovative approach towards removing odor from one’s body. These ‘deodorant wipes’ are useful for the customers if they wish to wipe away their odor in the underarms, or otherwise difficult-to-access areas, as well as can be used to get rid of any excess amount of perspiration in the likewise. Since the ingredients used are organic as well, the usage is relatively safe for most people with varying skin types.

  • Natural blends of oils and coconut milk.
  • Aluminium-free wipes.
  • Can be used in most circumstances.

5. Good Cruelty-Free Deodorant: Brittanie’s Thyme Deodorant

The Thyme Deodorant is quite effective when it comes to absorbing the excess perspiration that happens in your underarms, and the product is particular to not make use of harmful chemicals in the product. With all-round protection on the board, the Thyme Natural Deodorant also produces cruelty-free products, making sure their ingredients were not tested on animals.

  • It does not clog pores.
  • Breathable through the skin.
  • It contains essential oils – bergamot and lime essential oils.

6. Cruelty Free Men’s Deodorant: Element Deodorant

This Natural Deodorant provides the user with the scent of fresh cucumber melon, which is a refreshing scent to wear on you, and this is one of the best cruelty free deodorants on the market. Besides, the product is not only free of parabens or other harmful chemicals, but it is also devoid of any gluten content in it, so that it does not pose harm in the strictest sense.

  • Round the clock protection.
  • Easy application process.
  • It can be used by men as well as women.

7. Vegan Cruelty Free Deodorant: Love Beauty & Planet Deodorant

The focus of Love Beauty and Planet deodorant is to ignore the ingredients which could pose harm to the planet, and in light of that, they tend to base their scents in the floral origins. The particular use of French Lavender is what sets it apart when it comes to fragrances. Apart from that, they also have included several other organic components which can be helpful for several people to be compatible with varying skin disorders.

  • Vegan products; pure aluminum-free as well as cruelty-free.
  • It contains Moroccan Oil, fresh lavender.
  • Constant protection against odor for 24 hours.

8. Best Aluminum-Free: Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

This Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant is a no-nonsense product when it comes to the utility – that is to say, it performs just as the company promises it to. Without any harmful ingredient such as aluminum or paraben, and rather the product itself is bundled in a pack of 3, making it an ideal pick for the budget you have. Since it is devoid of any artificial fragrance, it is an unlikely event that it would be harmful to your skin.

  • Completely vegan product certified cruelty-free.
  • Great for refreshing fragrances.
  • No harmful chemicals like aluminum. 

9. Organic Cruelty-Free Deodorant: Bali Secret’s Deodorant

This Natural and Vegan deodorant is a completely natural product, and in the same manner, it is also completely organic products of this line-up. True to its name, there are no harmful chemicals in the product which could be remotely considered to the skin of the user. Additionally, the product has also amassed considerably popularity for a variety of reasons and also has plenty of shade variations to offer to different people.

  • Completely vegan, no harmful parabens.
  • Best chosen quality ingredients.
  • Plenty of natural products.

10. Best Fragrance-Free: Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Another unique turn for the customers, this particular product is a ‘fragrance-free’ product and does not have a fragrance at all. Rather than actually using fragrance to get rid of the odor, this one only absorbs the wetness and in doing so, successfully gets the odor dealt with as well. However, the company uses natural ingredients mostly which are derived from nature.

  • Non-sticky and non-grease formula.
  • Mineral derived materials used.

11. Cruelty Free Deodorant That Works Kopari Deodorant

The Kopar Deodorant does not leave behind a sticky residue on the skin after application by the customers and does not contain any harmful chemicals in their product either. The company boasts of an entirely plant-based formula and attempts to give you the best fragrance it can. Their entire choice of ingredients was non-toxic and it can last on the skin of the user for as long as 24 hours.

  • Organic ingredients – coconut oil and other plant extracts.
  • It does not contain MOST harmful chemicals.
  • Targeted at the removal of the odor.

12. Good for Women: Antiperspirant Deodorant

Targeted specifically against women, this deodorant can be easily worn by any woman and feel the rush of fragrance running through her. With offering riddance from odor, and though the product does not get rid of all chemicals, the ones present are extracted sustainably, and in most cases, recycled aluminum is used by the company.

  • 24 hours of protection against the odor.
  • Aluminum used as an antiperspirant.
  • Effective fragrances are provided.

13. Each and Every Deodorant

The ‘Each and Every Deodorant is another product which had chosen to get rid of all the harmful components – no aluminum, no parabens, and the likes. However, there are still some ingredients that would allow the product to also be used by people with sensitive skin. Since the product has been certified to not have tested the ingredients on animals, which is what the brand claims anyways.

  • It contains key ingredients, as well as essential natural oils.
  • It does not contain alcohol, baking soda.
  • It can help you remain odorless for long periods of time.

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Buyer’s Guide To the Best Cruelty Free Deodorant

The products here are merely a guideline for you to follow – they do not actually represent what you should be looking out for when you are buying a deodorant. There are some common pitfalls that need to be avoided, and in order to do so, it is suggested that you keep the condition below beforehand.

1. Should Remove Sweat Odor

There are often deodorants in the market which will claim to removes the sweat odor from the base of it but in reality, won’t actually do it. Rather, just hide it. Sweat odors must be removed from the base, hence you should look for a deodorant that reduces the sweat, kills the bacteria and finally give a long-lasting fragrance instead of just covering it from outside. It will definitely be a big turn off.

2. Should Be Long-Lasting

Most deodorants are usually not very long-lasting. In such a case you must go for perfumed deodorants from luxury brands since they are known to be using the best ingredients which produce perfumed essence. This will keep you fresh for a long time along with a lasting fragrance.

3. Should Be Safe for Your Skin Type

Harsh chemicals are always harmful to your skin and unfortunately, most of the deodorants contain these harsh chemicals. It will only cause you allergies and harm your skin. You should always confirm the ingredients before buying the deodorant which will save you from unnecessary rashes and redness.

FAQs Related to Best Cruelty Free Deodorants

1. How is deodorant different from antiperspirant?

Deodorants usually fight the bacteria in the body which generates odor in the body. So, the ingredients in deodorants are such which prevents or restrict the growth of bacteria only. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, have aluminum salts which reduces the sweat released by the sweat glands. They also have a deodorizing effect on them.

2. Why does one sweat?

This question cannot be confined to only one aspect. Different people perspire due to different reasons. Reasons like emotional or physical stress; which causes sweat on your forehead, armpit or palms; or increase in the body temperature due to some physical activity; or high body temperature due to fever are some of the reasons that cause sweat in one’s body.

3. Why does the armpit still smell after using a deodorant?

This is usually due to the daily lifestyle. If you ensure daily cleaning or your armpits and maintain good hygiene, you will not face this problem and the deodorants will work effectively.


So, these were some of the top cruelty-free deodorants that work best. We have gone through many options while our research and prepared this list for you. Feel free to choose any based on your skin type or budget. If you got any queries, you can ask in the comments section below.


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