Best Body Washes for Kids: Gentle & Soothing (2020)

Best Body Washes for Kids Gentle and Soothing
Best Body Washes for Kids Gentle and Soothing
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Don’t you want to bottle up that sweet delicious baby smell? Guess what? It’s already done! Keeping your young ones clean and fresh is a constant contention, especially when it’s showering the tiny, soft newborn can be nerve-cracking! As a natch, kids live an active and playful lifestyle which sometimes might annoy you as a parent but honestly, they nearly don’t care about having a relaxing bath, like adults! Straight from the messy food times to the finger painting hours, it takes a smooth yet clean scrub-dub.

Indeed, why would they care even? Kids don’t live a stressful life like us!

Dating back, the bathing choices were limited, but the times have changed now and we put ourselves in a turmoil to pick the best body wash for kids. Nevertheless, the concern remains stable as now you have got to pick considering kid-friendly factors.

That says kids shouldn’t use adult bath products as they could be too harsh on baby skin. Kids’ body washes are specifically formulated with organic components to keep the skin healthy and enriched.

You may have tried other bath products, but no satisfying results yet?

Yeah? Relax! If you are finding it that critical to pick one, we have come up with a list of the best body wash for kids that they are going to crave for bubble bath every day.

Let’s have a sneak peek?

Best Body Washes for Kids in 2020

1. Overall Best: Everyone Soap for every Kid

An excellent add-on to the bathing regime that your baby will love. Everyone, a brand that is one of the best kids body washes that is a power-packed wash from head to toe. The smooth ingredients are the secret of the product with which you can use it for both a bubble bath and shampoo. Works it magic on delicate skin with the essential oils and vitamins.

  • Keep your little one calm and fresh with the pacifying fragrance of orange extracts.
  • Creamy lathers hydrate the skin with optimum nurturing.
  • Made with a lot of love and essential hypoallergenic properties.
  • Free of chemicals, artificial fragrance, and dye.

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2. Best Baby Body Wash: Truly Calming Lavender

Honest, a clinically approved wellness brand started by the famous Hollywood celebrity Jessica Alba, especially made for the young ones to empower a healthy life. The body wash is gentle and calm on delicate skin relieving your baby’s skin from any type of skin condition. Scented with pampering lavender gives your baby a balanced skin with enhanced nourishment. 

  • Chamomile extracts formulated with the goodness of lavender for refreshment.
  • Perfectly suitable for the whole family and not just the kids.
  • No chemical ingredients and is free of sulfates and paraben.
  • It’s a 2 in 1 wash, can be used from hair to toe.

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3. Best Body Wash for Roddlers: Johnson's Clean & Fresh

Let your baby’s skin glow and shine with Johnson’s clean & fresh body wash and shampoo. The body wash is actively gentle on your tiny one’s skin that gives a fresh kick-start for your kid. The fragrance of the body wash is mind-blowing and leaves your baby’s skin fabulous throughout the day. Ideal for newborn and toddlers too, it’s time you take one home!

  • Mild formula for children’s hair and skin.
  • Tear-free wash which means no more tears.
  • Hypoallergenic body wash plus shampoo that is free of chemicals.
  • Ophthalmologist tested that soothes your baby’s skin after every shower.

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4. Good Kid Body Wash: Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash

Hunting down some calming and sensitive body wash to keep up your little one? Have you tried Aveeno yet? If you want a zero artificial fragrance wash then Aveeno is your comforting pick that will relax your baby’s skin after the first wash. The enchanting scent of natural oats would mesmerize your child and you will see your baby enjoy every shower and that’s what every parent wants, isn’t it?

  • It doesn’t dry out the skin and locks up the moisture.
  • A tear-free wash made with organic ingredients.
  • It can be used from head to toe to pamper the baby’s skin in every bath.
  • Completely hypoallergenic and contains zero chemicals.

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5. Best Body Wwash for Babies: Fresh Monster Watermelon

Ready to meet the most soothing and multi-tasking wash? A clean top to toe clean-up is now here for the kids who want a quick shower. Lathers up a luxurious foam to pump up the day and keep your child active and fresh all day. Nothing like the ordinary and mainstream body products for babies, this will be highly irresistible to inspire to cherish their uniqueness.

  • Nurtures the skin with essential ingredients, while calming the mind.
  • An easy hair to toe body washes combined with shampoo.
  • Plant-based properties to leave the kid’s skin and hair silky.
  • Safe and suitable for children with all types of skin.

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6. Best Value for Money: Suave Kids Melon Flurry

Suave, one of the best body wash brands that always keeps up with the expectations. Indeed, made with all the goodness of organic ingredients, it nourishes the skin with every shower. Dermatologist tested formula that travels mildly through your skin penetrating the essential properties into the skin to keep it healthy and fresh.

  • The goodwill of the brand speaks with the best of its bathe products.
  • Tear-free shampoo and body wash that is suitable for delicate skin.
  • Shower time would be the best time with Suave.
  • Moisturizes the skin and keeps it balanced.

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7. Best Affordable Option: Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo

You can’t stop your kid from being playful, can you? Cetaphil, blended with lusciously rich and lathering foam that eliminates dirt and pollutants with the first wash. Your baby’s skin is so crucial and that’s why top dermatologists trust Cetaphil to let it pamper your child’s skin with all the natural touch and love it needs.

  • It doesn’t dry out the skin and keeps it hydrated.
  • Nourishes the skin while removing the dirt.
  • Leaves zero residue and never stings eyes.
  • Trusted and tested by dermatologists to keep your baby smiling all-day.

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8. Best Hypoallergenic Body Wash: Puracy Baby Body Wash

Your baby’s skin is getting used to this new world, so why not give it some adorable and healthy shower every day? From day hugs to good night cuddles, Puracy, one of the best body washes for kids, has got the handpicked hypoallergenic ingredients to make your baby happy throughout the day. Your baby deserves a happy shower!

  • Comforts the skin with essential care and love.
  • Made with natural ingredients and is safe.
  • Plant-based components to keep the skin hydrated, cleansed, and fresh.
  • It contains no chemicals and is hypoallergenic.

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9. Best Body Wash for Eczema Kid: Dove Tip to Toe

Dove, the most promising brand for skincare and body care products. Give some extra love to your baby’s delicate skin to keep it soothed. Baby Dove Tip to Toe body washbacks up your bathing regime and adds some special care and attention to the skin to keep it healthy and hydrated. Feels like trying one?

  • Hypoallergenic combined with pH balancing formula.
  • Locks up the moisture and never leaves the skin dry.
  • No artificial fragrance or chemicals included.
  • Lathers up a creamy layer and your baby is going to love this!

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10. Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath

Known for its soothing properties, Aveeno Baby bathe wash, is a good body wash for kids that never disappoint the buyer. Blended with the lively fragrance of lavender it supplies active ingredients to your baby’s skin. The fresh vanilla soothes up the mood and mind of your baby that will always keep up the smiling face.

  • Colloidal Oatmeal to guard against dry skin.
  • Vanilla scent to revive and calm the mind of your baby.
  • It doesn’t sting the eyes and is effectively soft on the skin.
  • Artificial fragrance-free, chemical-free and is completely hypoallergenic.

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Buyer’s Guide to Buy the Best Body Wash for Kids

In general, any product that comes directly in contact with the bare skin has to be delicate and chemical-free. You can’t just pick up random body wash where your hand reaches, it has to be hypoallergenic and safe to soothe up your child’s surface. Hence, keep these pointers in mind before you get attached to any bathing wash.

1. Chemicals

Wave a huge bye to those harsh chemicals that are here to annoy your tiny one. Paraben, sulfate, and other acidic chemicals can harm your child’s skin. Look for baby bathing shampoos and body washes that are specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin.

2. Fragrance

Natural fragrance is a big yes, but artificial ones are the worst. However, some fragrances can irritate your infant while some may dry the skin deep from the roots. Go for brands that use plant and fruit-based ingredients that supply essential oils to the skin.

3. Tear-free

Even adults can’t stand when our bathe gel gets into our eyes! Body washes and shampoos that are made with tear-free formula are real. Pick the body washes that won’t irritate your baby’s innocent eyes.

4. Dermatologist

Before using any skin product on those delicate skin, ensure to consult your dermatologist once and get an opinion. Never use skin products without the recommendation from the skin expert and ensure to follow the prescription.

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FAQs Regarding Best Body Washes for Kids

1. Is it necessary to bathe infants every day?

Absolutely no! It’s completely okay if they don’t bathe every day or you don’t have to use soap or body wash every day in a row.

2. Are body washes safe for newborns?

Blindly! There are dozens of newborn baby washes available that care from head to toe to nourish your baby’s skin, pick amongst them.

3. Can we use baby body wash to clean skin folds in a baby?

Yes! You can wipe smoothly and gently with the body wash solution and pat dry with an extremely cotton soft towel.

4. Are baby body washes safe to use on baby skin?

They are 100% safe to use on such delicately soft skins, as they are specially made for babies. Opting for organic and hypoallergenic body wash would be much safer.

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Let those little toes and fingers squeaky fresh and cleansed with the hypoallergenic body washes. When bathing washes acts like irritants, it annoys the most, even we adults can’t tolerate it, imagine the kids?! To pamper those adorable and soft baby skin, it is crucial to shower some love with the most loved bathing products to have them enjoy their bathing hours. The baby body washes must not drive away from the dryness, instead, it should shield it. Now bathing your younger version has become more enjoyable and cheering with the most comforting body wash, much like the ones that have been listed above.


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