Best Tanning Lotion for Men in 2020 (Reviews & Guide)

Best Tanning Lotion for Men
Best Tanning Lotions for Men
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Until some time ago, the masses believed that only women fancied a tanned look for their skin. However, that does not hold true anymore. Tan is the new fad in town, and gender can just not control the spread. Men are not shying away from adopting tans and are appreciating the trend all the more. Since tanning has become a new trend in the town, people have started flooding beaches. But a natural tan on the beach does not become viable for everyone – which has given rise to the use of ready-made tanning solutions, such as tanning lotions.

Applying these lotions allows your skin to darken at a faster rate, making it appear on your skin that you have a natural tan. A man wanting a tan is not so uncommon a thing anymore. Speeding up tanning with the help of these tanning solutions is an acceptable way, especially since they are not all harmful to the skin of the user. Keeping the general needs in mind when purchasing a tanning lotion, we have arranged a list of best tanning lotions for men, which should be an appropriate choice for most people seeking a tanning lotion. Keep on reading to read about our top 10 picks of men’s tanning lotions.

10 Best Tanning Lotions for Men in 2020

1. Devoted Creations CAMO KING Black Bronzing Lotion

This product is rather a low-maintenance product, allowing the darkening of the skin while tightening the skin itself. However, rather than merely darkening and tanning it, the product also contains added moisturizers that provide the skin with a smooth touch, which lasts for as long as 24 hours. It also contains fragrances and a deodorizing agent for the body, making sure that you smell good all the time. To conclude, it’s overall the best tanning lotion for men.

  • Contains harmless anti-oxidants – useable on sensitive skin
  • Anti-aging skin effects – firms the skin
  • Prevents tattoo discoloration

2. Devoted Creations H.I.M. Titanium Bronzer

Specially designed for efficacy on the male skin, the HIM Titanium Bronzer contains a non-greasy bronzer formula – it does not cling onto the skin of the user, and also provides a tanning effect which lasts longer as compared to usual tanning solutions – chiefly because of the additional melanin provided to the skin from the product. SunXtend technology allows us to use the product less frequently – and the after-tan odor eliminators keep your skin smelling fresh.

  • Added Vitamins C & E – no environmental damage
  • SunXTend – lasting tanning effect
  • Natural extracts – skin-friendly
  • Good men’s tanning bed lotion

3. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

The Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses contains a plethora of natural extracts – coconut oil, coconut milk, safflower seed oil and cocoa seed butter and many others. The quick-absorbing formula allows it to easily seep into the skin and work wonders there. The lotion soothing coconut scent left behind while the lotion works to give your skin a healthy tan is a pleasant addition. If you’re still looking for the best tanning bed lotion for men, this is a great option to go with.

  • Does not contain bronzers – gives a delayed natural golden tan
  • Protects Tattoos – no discoloration
  • Cruelty-free – organic product

4. Devoted Creations Hydrating Tanning Butter

This tanning solution contains butter which provides the skin of the user with a natural glow and provides a mildly darkening shade with time. The product also contains natural extracts, such as shea butter extracts and is also friendly for sensitive skin. With the mellow darkening effect, the product also offers a formula for providing anti-aging effects for the users, and firms up the skin.

  • Tattoo-protection formula
  • Anti-aging formula – reduces wrinkles on the skin
  • Seed oils and glycerine for moisturizing the skin

5. Devoted Creations H.I.M Chrome Natural Bronzer

This Chrome Natural Bronzer from Devoted Creations is an oil-absorbing product, which is ideal for men. The product gives the user a dark and supple tan on their skin, which spreads evenly on the area where the product is applied. The side effects are none – nor does the product cause any wanton staining on the skin. The body deodorizing agent included in the formula also keeps the skin free of any form of odor, while anti-aging elements prevent any wrinkling of the skin.

  • Enhanced tattoo protection – prevents discoloration and fading
  • Abundant bronzers for a rich, dark tan 
  • Perfect for pregnant women with sensitive skin

6. Australian Gold G Gentlemen Black Bronzer

Prioritizing natural composition, the Australian Gold G Black Bronzer is basically a blend of natural extracts working together to provide the user with a healthy, natural tan with a hydrating effect on the skin. That is to say, it also does have enhanced bronzers working along a base of coconut water which provides the user with a rich dark texture on their skin, while keeping the skin abundantly moisturized for the user.

  • Tattoo-protection technology 
  • Allows the skin to passively repair
  • Added fragrance for odorless tan
  • One of the best self tanning lotion for men

7. Lot of 2 Australian Gold G Gentlemen Black Bronzer

The Australian Gold G Gentlemen Black Bronzer is known to provide the user with a delayed, but a developed and rich tanning effect on the skin. The product uses enhanced DHAs along with CellActive technology which allows the skin of the user to become resilient and also gives the skin a deep color, on a hydrated skin, which also lasts longer. This, in turn, reduces the frequency with which the product has to be used. One of the top men’s tanning lotions to choose from.

  • Skin Repair – uses exotic berries and DieMEN Pepper
  • Improves roughness of skin using moisturizing agents 
  • Locks in moisture into the skin for smoothness

8. Supre Smoke Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

The Supre Smoke Black Bronzer prepares the skin of the user for further tanning to come using the product and constantly enhances the pigmentation of the skin of the user. For this, it uses the Oxygen Regenerating Formula used in the product. It also improves the blood flow of the skin allows the bronzers in the product to work in harmony with the natural skin darkening mechanisms of the body, providing the user with a rich, deep tan on the skin.

If you’re searching for the best sunless tanning lotion for men, this is absolutely the one you’ll love.

  • Oxygen Regenerating System – multiplies skin tanning
  • Dark tan maximizers with self-acting bronzers – for darkest possible tan
  • However, no sunscreen – no protection against sunburns

9. Devoted Creations H.I.M. Hydrating Intense Moisturizer

HIM by Devoted Creations is a series of products that have been specifically designed for the tan on male skin. This product, in particular, is an intensely hydrating tanning solution. Available in a convenient pump-dispensing design, the product is heavily loaded with natural extracts such as Vitamins C & E, as well as shea butter extracts. The combination of these natural extracts and some fragrant elements provides the user with an odorless darkening of the skin which is friendly for the skin.

  • Contains Lavender and Rosemary leaf extracts 
  • Antiseptic and antifungal properties 
  • Provides an even tone, heals the skin as well 

10. Black & Tan Indoor Tanning Bed Bronzer

The Black & Tan Bronzer contains some auto-darkening formulae which help in an accurate bronze tanning of the skin. The product contains silicone emulsion and warming beads which allow the tanning effect to be friendly for the skin and also allow for the skin to be darkened afresh while keeping the skin moisturized. The effects of the product are sufficient to last for more than 24 hours at a time. Overall, the best indoor tanning lotion for men.

  • Enhanced silicone bronzers for maximum darkening
  • Fast results obtained from the use

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Best Tanning Lotion for Men – The Buyer’s Guide

Tanning being the new wind blowing in the town, a natural-looking tan is treasured immensely amidst people. However, tanning lotions are one way to speed up the process of tanning in adults. Plenty of options have become available as and when this culture gained popularity – outdoor tanning, as well as indoor tanning solutions. It demands some level of care since plenty of tanning risks are accompanied if you overdo their use. It is important to avoid these pitfalls and chose the appropriate tanning lotion.

1. Ingredients

It is of utmost importance that you are aware of the ingredients that are in the product you are looking at. Even more so, it is important to study the ingredients used in tanning lotions, and also the potential side-effects they may have on your skin. Before buying, look into the ingredients and their effects, and compare if they are compatible with your skin and other conditions that you may have.

2. Sun Protection

Even if this is not the most important of all other criteria, it is still important to ascertain whether the product you have chosen has an added sunscreen or not. Speeding up the tanning process still involves exposure to the sun, and being in the sun that long could cause some serious sunburns, especially if your skin is sensitive. TO ensure that the skin does not suffer any harm, it is advised that the tanning lotion you DO choose has a minimum of 15 SPF for abundant protection in the sun.

Best Tanning Lotion for Men – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to prepare your skin for tanning lotion?

Properly exfoliate your body before applying the lotion, and also it is advised for the user to shave their bodies, as hair can obstruct the application of the lotion onto the skin, hindering the tanning effect.

2. How to use tanning lotions for men?

Upon application, refrain from washing your body for at least 24 hours, so as to allow the tanning solution to stick to the skin. Apply evenly on the body, and wait at least for a period of 10 minutes before putting your clothes after applying the lotion. Also carefully refer to the instructions of the product, if there are any.

3. Are there any dangers of tanning?

Using your tanning solutions carefully is a must – tanning can be extremely dangerous if you don’t traipse carefully. Indoor or outdoor tanning if overdone, can cause skin cancer since harsh ultraviolet rays can be damaging to the skin. Additionally, it may also lead to eye damage as well.

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The urge to seek a darker complexion is not uncommon, but it is one that demands the exercise of caution on the part of the user. Overdoing it may cause some complications in the skin of the user, and they are not ones which you can simply do away with medication. True, the practice done moderately is not harmful, but tanning demands restraint. If any of these above-mentioned men’s tanning lotions are used in moderation, they shall not harm the user in any hazardous manner, while giving them a satisfactory darkened complexion.


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