Best Tan Accelerator Lotions – Reviews & Guide (2020)

Best Tanning Accelerator Lotions
Best Tanning Accelerator Lotions
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Who wouldn’t want to have a skin that gives the sun-kissed glow and shiny texture of a tan? Everyone right? But it is not easy to run away for a quick vacation and be a beach bum, letting the almighty Sun do its work. What is easy is finding an alternative solution – best tan accelerator, that will give you a quick fix which will make you speed up the tanning process, be it indoors or outdoors.

But wait, what exactly is an Accelerator Tanning Lotion?

It is exactly what the name suggests – a lotion that speeds up the tanning of the skin. The lotion increases the melanin production in the cells of the skin, making the skin darker. It is a product which provides huge relief to fair-skinned people, especially when it comes with a bronzer.

Some of the best accelerator tanning lotions that are out there, provide immediate effect on the skin, giving it a glow and moisturizing it as well. Some of these lotions also possess anti-aging properties. There are many products available in the market, but one has to be cautious about which are effective and suitable for the skin type. End your long patience for here is your guide to our curated list of the best tan accelerator lotions for your skin.

Top 10 Best Tan Accelerator Lotions with Reviews

1. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion gives your skin that even, golden shine. This lotion leaves your skin hydrated because of its enriched goodness of cocoa butter, coconut milk, and coconut oil.

  • Leaves a pleasant fragrance while providing dark golden results without using any bronzer agents
  • Quad tyrosine blend along with melanobronze increases the formation of melanin in the skin to speed up the tanning
  • Melactiva leaves the tan for a longer period of time as it is a melanin synthesizer
  • It gives an even tan because of the presence of Nouritan
  • One of the best tan accelerator for tanning beds

2. Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator

Forget the expensive tanning lotions in salon now which has the same exact ingredients as this product, and get introduced to this amazing tanning lotion that will take your skin to the tropics. It gives a golden dark color to the skin.

  • This tanning accelerator lotion leaves the skin with an exotic fragrance
  • It absorbs easily and moisturizes the skin properly, without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling
  • Works great for both outdoor use and tanning bed
  • You can start seeing the magic happen after 3-4 minutes of its application on the skin

3. Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter

#TANLIFE is one of the best tanning accelerator lotions that does not compromise on the skin’s natural glow. It is one of those lotions that work as two-in-one; it gives the golden luster to the skin as well as hydrates the skin amazingly well irrespective of the skin type.

  • Designed with Shea Butter formula, that works great on sensitive skin, be it the driest of them all.
  • This lotion has the benefits of making the skin firmer and has anti-aging properties.
  • The tanning lotion does not affect the tattoo and protects its color. 
  • Hydrate, Bronze, and Protect is the mantra of #TANLIFE

4. Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer for Indoor Tanning Beds – Dark Tan Accelerator – SunGodz Artemis/Apollo Sun Tanning Lotion

While tanning lotions are great, one of the biggest worries is about losing the tan after a shower. SunGodz tanning lotion is a premium bottle made of anti-run off ingredients so that the tan you get isn’t lost. Equipped with tattoo protectant and bronzer, this lotion keeps the tan for a long time while leaving your skin silky and shiny.

  • SunGodz tanning lotion has the ability to make your skin so smooth and moisturized, that you might not want to opt for any other lotion in the future.
  • It is one of the very few products that come with shower-proof technology.
  • The result of this lotion is fast, sexy and long-lasting.
  • It comes with a scent that is unisex friendly and works perfectly for indoor tanning as well as outdoor tanning and does not damage tanning bed as well.

5. Natural Tanning Lotion & Accelerator

Put your best Face and Leg forward for this tanning kit that is Vegan-friendly and focuses on the basics of tanning- melanin production and moisturization. It works both outdoors and indoors. The kit consists of Elixir and Mist.

  • Elixir is a moisturizer that speeds up the melanin production in the cells which should be used a week before you decide to get that tan, and then use tanning spray mist which acts as a booster for getting that dark glowing skin.
  • They focus intensively on melanin production through FoxComplex which is an active amino acid that activates the formation of melanin in your skin cells.
  • Fox Tan is also very serious about moisturizing the skin with revitalizing ingredients like almond oils, jojoba oils, and aloe vera.
  • It can be used anytime, anywhere, even during the winters.
  • The best tan accelerator for sunbeds

6. Island Black 200X Bronzer Tanning Lotion by Tan ASZ U

Take a trip to the islands and boast about your secret vacation by showing off your tan with this bronzer tanning lotion. This lotion leaves your skin with a coconut-y smell. 

  • This lotion is made of activated charcoal and has bronzer agents in it, but the good thing is it doesn’t stain the hands.
  • Preferably used for indoor tanning beds and this product gives you a bronze look that is absolutely next level.

7. Black Chocolate Double Dark Coconut Cream 400X 

Made of antioxidants, this bronzer is made for a glow that looks elite. It makes the skin moisturized and soft while giving it an instant dark glow.

  • The fragrance is really beautiful and is not overpowering in any way. It gives a smell of Coconut Dream Blend.
  • No staining of a tanning bed can be seen with this cream.
  • The results are immediate and reviewers have given their verdict by saying that it does not peel or dry the skin out.

8. Brown Sugar Way Past Dark Bronzer

This bronzer is a 200x bronzer that proudly roots for giving the darkest color to your skin. Designed with a ColorEvolve complex with DHA makes the skin evenly darker, that too in a short period of time. It is known to be famous for providing a “deep” tan.

  • This bronzer is powerful and effective and leaves the skin with a very silky texture.
  • It does not leave any orange tones and you can see its effect after the very first session.
  • The fragrance is breath-taking and the best thing about it is that it leaves no greasy effect.

9. Tan Asz U COCONUT CABANA 200X Island Black Bronzer

Feel the fragrance of passionate coconut secret and get the Caribbean color with this bronzer. This leaves the skin firm, moisturized and provides a visible toned appearance. Coconut contouring and silicones seep into the skin making the skin smooth.

  • The presence of coconut milk soaks in the skin and makes it firm. 
  • Extracts from islands – Awaphui, Monoi de Tahiti and sea minerals are the unique ingredients that provide healthy glowing skin.
  • You can call it a paradise in a bottle.

10. DC Glow, Tan Enhancing, Whipped Body Creme Lotion

This accelerator lotion results in giving the perfect tan making the skin evenly toned. It has anti-aging properties and also makes the skin tight and firm. The smell of this lotion is great and comes without bronzer agents.

  • Designed with the formula of fighting cellulite, shrinking pores, fighting wrinkles, contouring the skin and giving a young vibrant looking skin.
  • The best tan accelerator for outdoor tanning & indoor tanning
  • Absorbs smoothly into the skin and the lotion is not too thick or heavy.

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Best Tan Accelerator Lotions – Buyers’ Guide

You may not be able to get yourself a tanning accelerator lotion at the drop of a hat. Certain factors are to be considered like your skin type, indoor or outdoor tanning, presence of sunscreen, ingredients etc before buying any product. There is a lot to choose from the best tanning accelerator lotions, but only after you keep this guide ready in your mind by considering all the mentioned factors, you can find yourself the product you will fall in love with:

1. Skin Colour:

An accelerating lotion will work differently for different colors and tones of skin. There are mainly six types of skin considered by dermatologists –

  • Pale
  • Fair
  • Light brown
  • Caramel
  • Bronze
  • Dark brown

The darker the skin, the faster the result will be of an accelerator lotion. Most of the products do mention the type of skin it is best suited for. A dark-skinned person may not even need a tanning lotion if he/she is opting for indoor tanning.

2. Presence of Sunscreen:

While it is not a necessity, but it is generally safer to get a product for yourself that comes with an affirmation that it will protect you against those harmful UV rays. Some outdoor tanning lotions can cause skin cancer or other problems, so being precautious wouldn’t hurt. There is always a sunscreen lotion that you can apply externally in case of no SPF presence in the accelerator.

3. Accelerators for sunbeds:

If you are going for indoor tanning, your lotion should not damage the material of tanning beds. You may then have to end up spending extra. Do check if the lotion comes with such caution. You have to be careful about the scent you choose, as most indoor tanning leaves you with an odor that isn’t too pleasant.

4. Ingredients that are good for your skin:

Yes, getting the even tan is our main objective but we wouldn’t want to compromise on our skin’s health, which is why choosing the right ingredients which will moisturize and protect your skin is crucial. What are some of the ingredients that you should look for in your accelerator lotion? Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, and coconut extracts, Carrot Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Green Tea Extract, Cocoa Butter.

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FAQs Related To Best Tanning Accelerator Lotions

1. What should I consider before buying a tanning accelerator lotion?

Referring to our Buyers’ Guide will give you a detailed answer. Keeping your skin color in mind is number one, after which you can look at the ingredients and other factors mentioned above.

2. What is the difference between a bronzer and a maximizer?

Accelerator with Bronzer will give you instant color upon its application and the accelerator ingredients will work to give you a natural tan after the bronzer effects wear off.

Maximizers do not contain bronzers, hence no immediate coloring of skin. You will have to increase the melanin production naturally by applying indoor accelerator tanning lotions and intensifiers. It is advisable for people with sensitive skin to choose maximizers over bronzers.

3. Is sunscreen a must when using these lotions?

Sunscreen is a must in general, for all skin types. If your accelerator has SPF, then you have nothing to worry about. In the case of no SPF, apply sunscreen, particularly when you are tanning outdoors.


Nothing should stop you now from getting that tan you have been longing for. You have to choose the best accelerator tanning lotion product understanding your needs and skin type. If you want an immediate effect, bronzers are great, if you want a longer natural tan, you may have to opt for intensifiers as well. At the end of the day, you have to make sure your skin remains healthy irrespective of its color. Play around with different shades and experiment what works for your skin the best and show it off on your Instagram page. With all the information you have gathered, there is nothing that will get in your way of buying the product you love.


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