Best Soap for Tattoos in 2020 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

best soap for tattoo aftercare
Best Soaps for Tattoo
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It is without a doubt an appreciation of art on your part when you get a tattoo inked on your body. While the tattoo is a masterpiece in itself, whatever it may be, your body is also important at the same time. This is why, after getting a tattoo inked on your body, it is important that you devote yourself to taking good care of your body because a fresh tattoo can leave your body vulnerable to many diseases. You can several steps to ensure that while your tattoo is preserved, your body is taken care of as well.

However, the most common thing that you can do is to wash the inked tattoo with the help of a soap which has been specifically designed to do so. There are now several soaps on the market which have been designed by the makers to ensure no damage to either your skin or the tattoo which has been inked over it and yet be efficient in protecting you from the entry of germs or bacteria into the body. The following are some of the soaps on the market which would serve best your needs when it comes to preserving tattoos. Lets’ take a look at the best soap for tattoos.

Top 10 Best Soaps for Tattoos

1. Best Overall: Billy Jealousy Make Your Mark Tattoo Wash

The tattoos which have been inked into the skin can often cause irritation as well or may fade out with gentle use of ordinary soaps. This solution is perfect for avoiding such conditions. The Billy Jealousy Tattoo Wash helps you retain the color of your tattoo, while at the same time, it also provides added moisturization to the skin. This helps in ensuring that the vibrancy of the tattoo is not lost by washing it. The major components of this tattoo wash are cucumber extracts and oat proteins, which make this product considerably nature-friendly – which is able to retain the glow of the tattoo, yet is fairly gentle towards the skin. An ideal product, indeed the best soap to wash tattoo.

  • Enhances the colors of the tattoos
  • Improves clarity – provides a new shine
  • Provides added nourishment to the skin – removes impurities slowly

2. Best for Aftercare: Dial Complete Foaming Anti-Bacterial

This product is a non-abrasive formula, which helps in ensuring that the user is able to ward off the infection from the very get-go. The anti-bacterial formula used in this product, however, is not harmful to the skin at all – rather, its effects on the skin of the user are fairly gentle – allowing the users to not be worried about the side-effects of the product if they have gentle skin. The product helps the tattoo users not harm their skin while also preserving the ink of the tattoo. Since the anti-bacterial formula is effective, the user can rest assured that the entry of bacteria through the tattooed area is protected against. Probably the best soap for tattoo aftercare.

  • Fast-acting formula – foams and rinses very quickly
  • The non-abrasive formula does not harm the ink on the skin
  • Comes in a variety of fragrances you can choose from

3. Good Soap for Tattoos: Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap for Tattoos & Piercings

Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap is used on the skin while taking care of the tattoo and dermal piercing. The Soap helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells from the skin. The PCMX-L formula in the Tattoo Goo Soap allows cleansing the skin deeply. The name itself says, Deep Cleansing Soap. Hence, it’s the best soap to use for tattoos.

  • Makes your skin with a tattoo, refreshing clean
  • Nature-friendly formula – no damage to the skin
  • PCMX-L Formula helps to deep cleanse the skin

4. H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap 

This product has been specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of the tattoo users – so that even if you wash your tattoo with it, the tattoo does not dry itself out dries due to uses. As compared to the other common soaps which cause irritation on the tattooed skin, this product aims at ensuring that you are able to get an optimum experience in the area where you have the tattoo. The product comes enriched with natural elements – such as Aloe Vera extracts and other enriching minerals.

  • Antibacterial – keeps you and your tattoo protected
  • Causes no irritation or rash on the tattooed skin
  • Free of alcohol – heal rapidly

5. Best Soap for Tattoo Care: Numbing Foam Soap 4% Lidocaine Topical Anaesthetic

This product here is no ordinary soap to be used on a day-to-day basis. Rather, this soap is only meant to use when you intend to wash your tattoo in the primary days when the pain is present there too. This is because of the composition used in this soap, it contains Lidocaine, a commonly used anesthetic amidst doctors. This soap is meant to disinfect and relax the skin as it helps in cleaning some minor cuts or burns. The anesthetic is commonly used while inking the tattoo as well, and this soap allows you to numb the skin where the tattoo has been inked and numbing it enough for you to disinfect it and wash it without even damaging the tattoo. If you’re looking for the best soap to wash tattoo, then this is what it is.

  • Gets rid of the burning feeling – easily wash the target area
  • Efficient disinfectant – gets rid of any impurities in the inked area
  • No traces left – disappears from the skin with time

6. Best Soap for Fresh Tattoo: Tattoo Green Soap Neutral SOAP Foam

The product is composed majorly of vegetable-based oils that are not harmful to the skin. It is common equipment found with tattoo-makers and contains soap which totally based on vegetable-oils and water-soluble components. This is in contrast with common soaps. The soaps are totally plant-based and friendly to the environment. It has a soothing effect on the skin and does not harm it while at the same time giving the user the requisite anti-bacterial protection to ensure the protection of the target area. If you’re searching for the best soap for a fresh tattoo, then this one is the most suitable product to go for.

  • Effective detergent – protects the skin and the tattoo
  • Contains Aloe Vera extracts – harmless to the skin
  • Non-toxic effect on the user

7. Royal Herb Soap

The Royal Herbal Soap is majorly made up of ingredients that are supposed to hydrate your skin upon application – such as extracts from Aloe Vera and ginseng. The resultant foam from these components gives the user a gentle feeling, and the lather removes the dirt on the skin. It’s indeed good soap for tattoos as it does no harm to the ink effectively preserving the tattoo. The ingredients of the product have been chosen carefully that it allows repairing the dead skin cells, and then grow healthy ones. The gold extracts in this product also allow enhancing the recovery of the cells – thereby giving you enhanced protection from the bacteria or germs. Since the product is not damaging to the skin, it is an amazing product to protect the skin and the tattoo alike, where it is an added bonus is that it can be used generally for other parts of the body as well.

  • Allows enhanced recover of dead skin cells
  • Cruelty-free product – no animal-based ingredients
  • All-round protection – accelerates the growth of skin-repair proteins

8. Best for Sensitive Skin: Dove Body Wash Pump

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The biggest problems for those with sensitive skin – selecting a skincare product that is not damaging to their skin but is equally powerful to ward off the germs and the bacteria. In such a condition, if you get a tattoo inked on your skin, then the trouble only doubles. This is why this product is perfect for those who have sensitive skin and also don’t want to damage their tattoos – the Dove Body Wash contains NutriumMoisture to allow the skin’s natural moisture barrier to not be broken and prevent dryness. The Non-abrasive formula provides a smooth wash over the tattooed area and thus preserves the tattoo without compromising with the protection against the germs. So, overall this soap can be considered as one of the best soap for tattoo.

  • Protection for all – harmless even on sensitive skin
  • Safe and soothing soap-free formula for gentle, yet effective, protection
  • Contains added natural moisturizers – for silky-smooth wash and skin

9. Best Antibacterial Soap for Tattoo: Dial Antibacterial Bar

Dial as a company is known for making several anti-bacterial products and this soap bar is also another one that deserves to be included in this list. The product is the perfect balance found in a soap bar when it comes to providing clean and balanced protection with a refreshing feel to the user. The soap bars come in a variety of fragrances that you can choose from, and the rich creamy lather that they produce is effective in pulling the dust away from the skin and to be washed off easily. It is another good option for people with tattoos to opt for – to gently wash the tattooed area and keep it clean of germs/bacteria. One looking for the best antibacterial soap for tattoo should definitely check it out.

  • Antibacterial – provides adequate protection
  • It can be easily rinsed away – produces a rich lather
  • Lasting protection from bacteria and germs

10. Good Soap for Tattoos: Dial Basics Hypoallergenic Bar

The Dial Basics soap has earned its spot in the list because of the healing properties it possesses despite the fact that it is equally effective against the germs and bacteria. The composition is perfect for being effective against microbial elements, and yet it has also added conditioners that help greatly in the treatment of the dried-up skin where the tattoo has been inked. While it is good for people having tattoos, it is also usable for a day-to-day wash of skin. An added benefit – they are also good for people with sensitive skin.

  • Helps in easing rashes on the skin – effective against dry skin.
  • Removes bacteria causing the odor in the skin.
  • Lasting fragranced effect and protection.
  • One of the best soap to use for tattoos.

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Buyer’s Guide to Purchase the Best Soap for Tattoo

Tattoos have become the norm in the current generation, however, what remains ignored is the care that needs to be taken after the tattoo has been inked. While the tattoo itself seems to be magnificent in appearance, the process causes some scrapes and wounds on the skin which need to be taken care of. The skin is bruised and needs to keep clean with anti-septic solutions or the skin could develop rashes or dryness behind the ink. This is why you need to clean it on a regular basis for some days after the tattoo has been inked.

However, if normal soaps are used in order to clean the tattooed area, then the ink on the skin could be wiped away. This is why specifically some soaps exist on the market in order to ensure that the tattoo remains intact but the skin can still be kept free of bacteria or germs and kept hygienic. This is not so easy, however, since the skin can be sensitive to many ingredients in the products and thus, you need to watch out for them before buying any such anti-bacterial soap which you would use for the washing area where you have your tattoo. These following factors need to specifically taken into consideration before buying soaps for tattoo. 

1. Organic and Natural

The soap you chose should contain organic components which are nature-friendly and have no adverse effect on your skin. Artificial ingredients can be damaging to the skin, often leading to rashes or irritation on the skin which is still sensitive because of the tattoo. This is why organic soaps are always preferred. Natural soaps are those which contain no chemical additives, which is why you should watch out for ingredients carefully before actually purchasing the soaps for a tattoo.

2. Antibacterial and Alcohol-Free

The important part here is to ensure protection against bacteria and other germs, which is why it is important to take note of the efficiency of the antibacterial soap for that before actually buying it. You need to be careful while selecting a good soap for a tattoo. The antimicrobial effect is vital for a soap intended to wash the tattooed area. However, the product should still be free of alcohol. The drying effect of alcohol if coupled with the healing process can cause irritation when there is dryness involved.

3. Price Of the Soaps for Tattoo

Above all, when you’ve spent a whole lot on the tattoo itself, it is not wise to go over the board while investing in skincare after the tattoo. You should only go for the skincare solution which is economically and yet is able to tick the maximum number of checkboxes. It is not wise to purchase the skincare solution which is too costly, when the effect itself is achieved by a much cheaper solution, without compromising with the efficacy.

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FAQs Related to Soaps for Tattoo

1. Is anti-bacterial soap good for a tattoo?

Yes, it is usually advised to use antibacterial soap for cleaning a tattoo, especially one which is not harmful to sensitive skin and has gentle healing capacities. Their use usually enhances the speed at which the tattoo heals, and at the same time, provides protection from external elements that could otherwise harm the skin further. However, it is not advised to use antibacterial soap, but one which is not going to worsen the damaged skin due to the tattoo, some soaps on the market could further damage the wounded skin due to their strong components.

2. Can you wash your tattoo?

It is appropriate to wash your tattoo at the very least 2 to 3 times a day, with any of the products that have been included above in the list. The process is also to be carefully administered – do not resort to using a washcloth for the tattoo, rather simply rinse the tattoo, with appropriate antibacterial soap and then use your hands to wash off the tattoo. After that, simply let it dry. However, it is not advised to generally immerse the tattooed area into the water, like going for a swim or the likes, until and unless the tattoo is healed completely.

3. Is it advisable to apply sunscreen on the tattoo?

Since the sunscreen usually has an array of chemicals to protect you against the UV Rays, it is not wise to apply it on a tattoo – the tattooed area is more or less a wound, and it is not wise to expose that area to such a wide array of chemicals, not until it is totally healed, nor is it advised to bring the tattoo out into the sun before the skin is healed.


The downfall of having a tattoo, it seems, is to have to dedicate yourself to the aftercare that it accompanies. However, it is important that you do so since not doing so can cause you to develop rashes or diseases which you do not want to encounter at all. The best soap for tattoo aftercare which has been listed above would serve you well in order to keep the tattooed area on your skin free of any undesirable germs or bacteria, and at the same time preserve the shine of your tattoo that you have invested in.


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