Best Shapewear for Love Handles and Tummy from Spanx (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Best Spanx for Love Handles
Best Spanx for Love Handles
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With age, the little slabs of fats which spontaneously grow out on your waist a.k.a. the love handles, although may sound cute, without a doubt they are one of the tricky parts of the body since neither diet nor heavy exercise is able to modify them easily. However, there is one effective way to bring these love handles within tone – by making optimum use of clothing. The type of clothes you wear, and the way you wear them tend to have a really defining effect on these love handles. Where on one hand, wearing some lengthy trousers can actually emphasize these love handles and really bring them on, but on the other hand, if you resort to wearing something high-waisted, it will result in the flattening of the layers of fat and help you get that slim figure that every woman desires, over the time.

Shapewear, such as Spanx can be an excellent option to keep those otherwise bulging love handles in check, and this guide is going to walk you through some of the Spanx for Love handles variety available on the market, and why you should select them to tone those extra layers of fat for the perfect hourglass.

Our 10 Best Picks for Shapewear to hide Love Handles

1. SPANX Women’s High-Power Panties

These panties would be a good choice primarily because of the bulk – that’s right, they have none. These are lightweight panties and smart enough to hide those love handles from tummy. Another plus, they have no center-seam – making the effort negligible and smooth. The comfort is real – before you realize it, these panties will become your everyday necessity and it will hide your love handles too. The shape of the panties greatly enhances the shape of your hips while you’ve worn them, while the material used is spandex and nylon.

  • Feather-light material – barely causes any discomfort.
  • High-waist – focuses on toning the stomach.
  • Smooth fabric made with soft yarn – not rough on the skin.

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2. SPANX Women’s High-Power Shorts

These light-weight pants are another one that contains a hassle-free design which is also comfortable to a great extent. The seam-free formula can be found here as well – and barely any squeezing can be felt while wearing them. The material used in the product is yarn, which is stretchy in its form. This shapewear allows the user to wear it around all day hiding those love handles without feeling the discomfort. The design allows an overall effect on the stomach area and give them a uniform shape to the waistline. But at the same time, the elastic allows a margin for comfort – allowing you to move freely and not be hindered by the pants. The product is perfect for those who are plagued by muffin tops and can’t seem to be getting rid of them, as the high-waisted design targets them effectively.   With a high-waisted design, it eliminates muffin top. And I think this is the good option of shapewear for love handles.

  • Nylon made, entirely – can be washed by hand.
  • Needs to be hang-dried, should not be ironed.
  • The no-slip strip on the area of the waistband – effectively stays put on high waists.

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3. SPANX Women’s Oncore Open-Bust Panty Bodysuit

With lightweight and powerful support, this sculpting shapewear has a fully bonded front panels resulting in a table-top flat stomach. This results in comfortable sculpting power with less bunk. Edge-boned side panels help in offering squeeze-free slimming and easy movement and is definitely very comfortable. You are not to be worried about the bonded necklines and the underarms since it will not rub or cause irritation to the skin. It comes with a booty enhancing pocket which prevents uni-butt. This shapewear also has adjustable straps. Since it is a bodysuit, it also has hook & eye closure when nature calls.

  • Lightweight fabric used – with full-boned front panels.
  • Open bust so you can wear your own bra
  • Has straps Adjustable according to preference
  • Comes with Hook & eye closure

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4. Spanx Women’s Oncore High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short

The selling point of the OnCore would be the multi-utility option – it is one of the few products on this list which can also be doubled as a pair of comfortable shorts, while also providing effective figure-sculpting options for the user as a body shaper. The side and tummy panels in the design allow for the user to experience flexible control, while the shape gives a perky view for the rear. The sculpting fabric that has been used is a fairly soft fabric, which does not really trouble the wearer.

  • Efficient body sculpting structure
  • Slimming yet comfortable fabric
  • The flexible pattern allows usage for prolonged periods of time.

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5. SPANX High Waist Brief

These shapewears are in the form of briefs and made of graduated mesh. They have been designed to target the stomach. The design does not simply give you a comfortable shaping – rather, even though the fit seems light, it is a really effective shapewear for love handles. The shapewear included waist-band in the product does not allow for the product to move around much. Spanx for love handles ensures that the product stays in place and does its job effectively. The shape of this shapewear is plain. It does not leave behind any panty-lines on the user.

  • Machine washable fabric – needs to be hang dried
  • Soft fabric – needs to be washed with care
  • Lightweight and it does not burden the wearer with bulk

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6. SPANX Power Shorty

These power shorts are seamless and lightweight for all-day comfort. It helps flatten the tummy with medium control and eliminates the muffin top since It sits at the natural waist. This is one of the good shapewear for love handles and it can also be used as shorts too.

  • Stretchable fabric – extremely comfortable
  • Can be paired with most clothing accessories easily
  • Prolonged usage does not discomfort

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7. SPANX Women’s Power Conceal-Her Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

Sometimes, simply one layer of shaping is not enough – which is where this SPANX bodysuit comes into play. The bodysuit is surprisingly lightweight and has a double layer of fabric – where the first layer is comprised of the shapewear. The shapewear is supposed to provide the all-round shaping effect on the stomach love handles. However, the second layer does the job of hiding any lumps of fat – making it perfect for wearing without any fear. The shapewear includes a booty-lift design which is included in the design of the bodysuit – perfect for that perky rear-view. The leg finish on this bodysuit is a non-binding design – effortlessly allowing for the fabric to skin transition.

  • Possible to wear a bra as per your choice
  • Double-layered fabric design used in the product.
  • Has a gusset eyelet opening – allowing for no hassle during nature-calls.

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8. Spanx Women’s Oncore High-Waisted Brief

This Spanx Brief works as an excellent lightweight body shaper, and due to the fact that it has a sculpting front-panels for slimming you down, it is one of the most convenient accessories for that flat stomach and hiding the love handles. Not only that, the edge-bonded panels on the side help you get slim without it being uncomfortable. Besides, it also has a structure which contains a hook and eye closure, so that you never hesitate or feel discomfort when you need to use the washroom.

  • Nylon and Spandex made, does the job without being uncomfortable.
  • You can machine-wash it, but with only non-chlorine bleach.
  • Dries out easily, but should not be ironed.
  • If not satisfied, you can return it easily.

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9. Spanx Women’s Original High-Waisted Footless Compression Tummy Control Shaper

This Spanx Body Shaper is basically a shaper-cum-pantyhose. Well, basically, it is a footless-pantyhose, but the design of this shaper tends to help control the growth of the love handles by beginning from the thighs. The entire product also airbrushes the cellulite stuck in the fat cells, thereby claiming to provide the flawless hourglass figure that all girls desire. The waistband in this shapewear is made such that it will not be uncomfortable over prolonged usage, while the leg band is adjustable according to a preference for length.

  • Made out of nylon
  • Washable, by hand in warm water
  • Can be bleached, but only with non-chlorine bleach
  • Has a cotton-based gusset – eliminate visible-panty-lines

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10. SPANX Shape My Day Medium Control Open-Bust Full Slip, XL, Natural

The product is an entire slip, which has been cut out from the smooth fabric which enhances the firm-compression necessary to tone down that extra layer of fat. This spanx shapewear helps you control your midriff, the hips as well as the thighs, and overall, provides you with a slender look for that perfect dress you so much wanted to wear. The back of the product is high-cut, while the bust is open wide. Customize your wardrobe if you want to, according to you. The turf is yours.

  • Has an open bust – wear the bra of your choice/size
  • Adjustable straps – ease into your comfort-zone without hassle.
  • Gives you a refined and toned-down look

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Best Shapewear for Love Handles – Buyer’s Guide

Not everybody loves that love handles – to most people, they are just undesirable layers of extra fat which acts as a hurdle in their way to wear their favorite dresses. This is exactly why there is a huge demand for the shapewear for love handles which plays an essential role in the trimming down of these layers. This is essential because it is not easy to bring within control the love handles with diet control or with exercise or workout. The Spanx Shapewear for love handles has come into trend recently and has gained the confidence in those wishing to get rid of these annoying rings of fats around their waists. However, it is essential to select your shapewear with extreme care, or you just might end up with a body toner which is too tight for you to be even comfortable in, or something which just lets the bulge hang loose. These following tips are to be kept in mind while selecting your shapewear for hiding love handles.

1. Firm and Tight Fabric:

It is important that the product you select tends to be firm and actually pushes back the love handles rather than just running along with them as a flexible piece of fabric. The shapewear you select needs to be firm on your body in order for it to make an actual difference. However, the stomach is not the only thing you need to account for – you also need to look after the hips and the thighs. Although the shapewear is not sufficient for these areas – effective diet control is also vital for controlling the excess fat in these areas.

2. Proper Sized Shapewear:

The selection of the size of your shapewear should be directly related to the size of your waist as well as your hips. The popular practice is to pick the shapewear in the same size as your pants which you wear regularly. However, it would be more ideal if you actually resorted to measuring your waist and hip size and then select a size which is going to effectively help push back the love handles and tone your stomach. Don’t always go for the smaller size – rather than being effective, it may just turn out to be straight-up uncomfortable for you to wear at all.

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FAQ’s Related to purchase of Best Shapewear for Love Handles:

1. What method is best to wash your shapewear?

It is always advised by most of the companies that the shapewear, especially Spanx should be washed by hand and that they should either be laid flat to dry or should be dried on the line. They should not be ironed. Since most products are made of nylon or spandex, it is required that if you ever bleach them, ensure to use the chlorine-free bleach so as to not ruin your shapewear.

2. Should shapewear be worn over something beneath?

Since the fabric used in shapewear is tight, if anything else is worn beneath it, the shapewear fabric will make it look very protruding and bulky. Keeping that in mind, it is not advised to wear anything beneath the shapewear.

3. Does wearing shapewear cause sweating?

Undoubtedly, most shapewear is a tight fit for everyone. They are meant to be so. Obviously, it is going to cause sweat, especially if you wear them on a hot summer day. However, it is one plus of the fabric used in the shapewear which enables it to retain the sweat caused. So, you need not worry about that sweat ruining your beautiful dress if you are wearing Spanx beneath it.

4. How to hide love handles ?

Love handles are basically a layer of fat over bone. You can only squash them by covering it with the strong layer of fabric. You need extra firm control shapewear to hide those bulges and love handles from your tummy and hips.


The Shapewear for love handles market has gained considerable repute in recent times, and their use has gained rapid popularity, especially with the models and stars around the world demonstrating just how effective they can be (the Kardashians being the prime example). It is not as easy to reduce the love handles with exercise or diet alone, which is exactly why using shapewear such as Spanx is the first step towards getting that perfect hourglass figure with time. Any of these aforementioned Spanx products can be effective for toning down that extra fat layer, but selecting the best shapewear for love handles is once again, a matter of preference of style, or how you would like it. We hope that our top picks of spanx for love handles will be helpful to you.


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