Best Lotions for Swimmers – 2020 [Reviews & Guide]

Best Lotion For Swimmers
Best Lotion For Swimmers
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Swimming as a practice can be greatly helpful for an individual to keep their fitness with them, and with the people realizing the goodness which comes along with the fun that accompanies swimming, the activity is well on its way to beat gym out of the ideal activity for exercising. But it’s not all as good as it seems – the pools do not contain the best quality of water for keeping your skin healthy.

There are plenty of irritants commonly found in the swimming pools which could lead to you developing some sort of a rash, or leave behind an irritable skin for you to tackle. This demands that you take proper care of your skin to counter the effects of these impurities. The water usually kept in pools contains ridiculous amounts of chlorine, making the water pH level incredibly low, thus destroying the skin complexion. This also causes the skin to lose more water fast, leaving behind dry skin which only causes more irritation.

Thus, it is all the more important to keep your skin intact by undertaking requisite measures. One effective way could be by applying skin lotions or using lotions. This article shortlists some best skin lotions for swimmers available in the market in order to keep the skin safe and protected from the irritable effects of swimming.

Let’s get started with the list of best lotions for swimmers.

Top 10 Best Lotions for Swimmers in 2020

1. Derma Swim Pro 8 Ounce Tube Pre-swimming Lotion

The Derma Swim Pro is aimed at targeting the most common problems that swimmers face chlorine and bromine infusion into the skin. These chemicals usually cause dryness and itching in the skin – and the composition of the lotion is targeted to remove any of these issues. The lotion also allows the swimmers to protect against the chlorine odor and rashes caused while their time in the pool. Aside from its utility, it’s an additional plus that there are no age restrictions on its usage – people from any age groups are welcome to use it. It is an added benefit that you can use it as a normal everyday lotion as well.

  • Paraben-free composition, 97.55% natural formula
  • Multiple uses – for all age groups
  • Perfect all-round protection from chlorine and bromine
  • Helps in preventing itching, dryness, chlorine odor and pool rashes
  • It can be used as an everyday lotion.

2. TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Swimmers Body Wash Moisturizing Repairing Skin

The ingredients used in the TRISWIM body wash help the user wash off the traces of chlorine and bromine after a session of swimming. The ingredients will also help the swimmers neutralize the effects of the saltwater and other chemical odors that accompany chlorine or ocean water. This body wash, with its multi-purpose approach can be significantly useful for swimmers to avoid the common problems that swimmers face. The agents used in the body wash help in attacking the chemical components, and then also in draining them out of the body. However, simply the protection is not what makes this lotion a no-brainer. It is actually the hydrating properties that it has – organic components such as aloe-vera extracts and pro-vitamin B5, which help in keeping the skin hydrated after the chemicals have been washed down. The combined effect of detoxification and hydration is what makes buying this lotion a no-brainer.

  • Soothing effect – softer skin left after detox.
  • TRISWIM Body wash heals and soothes the skin leaving one refreshed and healthy.
  • The use of organic extracts helps strengthen skin and keeping it hydrated.
  • Useful against chlorinated pool water as well as sea-water
  • It also hydrates the swimmers with organic aloe vera, Vitamin A and E and provitamin B5 which helps swimmers build healthier and stronger skin
  • This body wash helps in keeping the skin chlorine-free and salt-water free
  • It is made with ingredients that protect the skin from drying elements and dry rashes in the skin.

3. Pre-Swim Stick, Extra Strength Chlorine Neutralizing Lotion Bar

The use of this swim stick is relatively diverse – the user may use it before entering a swimming pool, or even before taking a dip in the ocean. The lotion is effective in both scenarios. The product is mainly comprised of a chlorine-neutralizing solution, whose extra strength gives extra protection to the user from the salts in the water as well. That is not all, however, as there is plenty of butter in the swim stick, which also helps the user in keeping their skin dry, and the Vitamin C present helps to keep the effects of chlorine at bay.

  • Comes in an easy-to-apply form – stick-shaped applicator
  • Plenty of butter and other extracts for abundant hydration and chlorine-protection
  • Effective protection in the form of a barrier created using beeswax present in the product
  • TRISWIM Body wash heals and soothes the skin leaving one refreshed and healthy
  • It also hydrates the swimmers with organic aloe vera, Vitamin A and E and

4. Art of Sport Skin Armor Sunscreen Lotion

One of the major benefits of this lotion is that its protections are against the chlorine in the pool water, as well as the fact that it doubles as sunscreen before entering the water. The array of protections is against UVA/UVB as well, which is why the product is targeted towards the athletes and professional swimmers. The composition also allows all-round protection by keeping your skin hydrated in the sun. Dryness caused by sweating in the sun is also protected by the use of this product, and the product itself is free of any fragrance or oil.

  • All-round protection – sun, chlorine, and dryness
  • Free of undesirable components such as paraben, dioxane, oxybenzone etc
  • Water-resistant after application for almost 80 minutes
  • This sunscreen lotion is ultra-dry and is weightless finish
  • Made with no-slip formula, it doesn’t feel greasy
  • It hydrates your skin

5. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

The product contains several natural elements, such as emollients and oatmeal extracts, which act on preserving the skin – both preventing and protecting against dry skin for as long as 24 hours after application. The product itself claims to bring significant improvements in the dry skin problems within 24 hours and then treating it effectively in the two weeks following regular application. The lotion itself does not cause any aberrations on the skin, rather leaves behind a soft and comfortable feel. Fragrance-free, non-greasy and non-comedogenic are some of the other perks of Aveeno Body Lotion.

  • Free of any unnecessary fragrances
  • Non-greasy composition with little or no residue
  • Guaranteed improvement in dry skin ailment within 24 hours
  • Aveeno Body Lotion contains a unique soothing oatmeal-formula which gets
  • Absorbed quickly resulting in a healthy and beautiful skin
  • It is clinically proven to improve your health in one day
  • This lotion is a dermatologist-recommended brand

6. NIVEA Nourishing In-Shower Body Lotion

There are plenty of benefits to be had from moisturizing your skin regularly – not only is it effective in making it look beautiful, but it is also healthy for the skin. But wouldn’t it make things even easier if your body wash could be merged with a lotion? Well, this Nivea Body Shower Lotion is the perfect solution for that need. This shower lotion can be used to provide moisturization to your skin right in the middle of showering your body – the formula used here contains almond-oil extracts, and barely leaves any residue behind.

  • Works well with all skin types
  • The water-activated formula ensures effective hydration and cleansing during the shower
  • Simply wipe away with a towel – no noticeable residue post-application left behind
  • Contains special water-activated formula for using in the shower
  • NIVEA shower-body lotion leaves your skin soft and smooth
  • It leaves no sticky feeling and instantly dries

7. Theraplex Clear Emollient Lotion

Often dryness is also caused when the skin begins to lose the moisture trapped within a quick rate under the sun. This product aims at preventing this loss of moisture and to do so, it creates a layer that traps the moisture within the skin and prevents excessive loss of moisture leading to dry skin. The result is a healthy, supple-looking and thoroughly moisturized skin. The composition instigates the essential lipids in the skin to ensure lasting protection against moisture-loss.

  • Gentle on the skin – soft effect on sensitive skins
  • Clinically proven to relieve eczema + psoriasis
  • Hydrating effect on the skin – leaves behind no residue
  • It is dermatologist recommended.
  • It feels smooth with a very non-greasy feeling

8. EltaMD UV Sport Sunscreen

While you may want to soak your body with as much Vitamin D as you want, it does come with some noticeable repercussions – an itchy after taste for the skin. The dryness of the skin and the tan which follows a sun-baking hour is not the easiest to deal with. This UV Sport Sunscreen effectively gives you all-round protection from the sun. The bonus here is that the lotion is water-resistant – it doesn’t matter whether your skin at the time of application is dry or soaked. The components are selectively chosen and are certified to not cause any irritable aftereffect – which is what enabled it to be recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. It is one of the best lotions for swimmers to keep their skin protected from the effects of the sun while they are swimming outdoors.

  • All-round protection from UVA/UVB rays.
  • Water-resistant – good for protection while swimming.
  • It does not wash away with sweat or cause irritable effects.
  • It is one of the great products to enjoy all your outdoor activities.
  • Since it is water-resistant, it doesn’t rinse off or dribs in your eyes or stings when you sweat.

9. Neutrogena Beach Defense Water Resistant Sunscreen Body Lotion

By helping you defend from the signs of sun and water damage, Neutrogena sunscreen lotion is ideal for all your family members. This lotion is formulated with helioplex technology which results in protection from UVA and UVB sun rays. It is a lightweight sunscreen that is oil-free and PABA-free. This is one of the fast-absorbing sunscreen lotions.

  • It is a dermatologist-tested sunscreen brand.
  • This sunscreen lotion is fast-absorbing and oil-free and PABA-free.
  • It has an SPF-70 that prevents sunburn which decreases the risk of sunscreen.

10. Replenix Antioxidant Sunscreen Moisturizer

The composition of this lotion is rich with UVA and UVB, making it one of the effective hydration for the skin on the market. The application process of this lotion is clean and simple and involves no specific or out of the ordinary precautions to be taken by the user. The application allows the user to apply a primer-sort of protection against the irritable effects of the sun and prevents dry-skin due to moisture loss.

  • It is oil-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, non-comedogenic.
  • This moisturizer is sensitive and skin-friendly.
  • It is tinted with concentrated levels of green tea polyphenols

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Best Lotions for Swimmers – The Buyer’s Guide

Swimming is one of the favorite forms of exercise for most of the world, and not only as an exercise, rather, but the activity is also loved by many for fun as well. But it is sad if your fun is marred by the irritable rash you are left with after a long session of swimming, thus causing you to actually detest having spent all that time in the pool. Prolonged exposure to chlorine can be excruciating for your skin, and thus, it is in your best interest to take proper measures and ensure that you are taking proper care of your skin after swimming in pools.

One such effective measure, as discussed above is the application of moisturizers or skin lotions, but it is essential to ensure that your choice is the one which serves your need well. This buyer’s guide is intended to walk you across the several pitfalls of choosing the wrong skin lotion for giving your skin the all-round protection. Here are some things to keep in mind while buying the perfect skincare solution for you.


The ingredients of the skin product that are you are selecting are of vital importance. As a swimmer, the major exposure you have is to the sun and the chlorine in the water. These are the two things that cause the majority of skin problems amidst swimmers. It is essential to look out for products that are providing protection against both of them, if possible. If the product has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of over 15 (at the very minimum) it is ideal to put it at least 30 minutes before diving into the pool so that it is not wiped away by the water in the pool and is able to effectively protect you against the sun rays. Other ingredients, which have powerful hydration for your skin are also important for your product to have in order to give you overall protection for your skin.


Make sure before purchasing that your skin is capable to tolerate the application of any given product. Several people have highly sensitive skin to a certain set of ingredients, and if the application of the protective layer is going to harm your skin, then there is no point to such protection, is there. Thus, consult an appropriate dermatologist before purchasing any product if it has any side effects of usage on your skin.

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FAQs Related to Purchase of Lotions for Swimmers

1. Can Coconut Oil be applied before swimming?

The experts on this issue have advised people to apply a conditioner fairly deep or to apply any natural oil, where coconut oil is also allowed to the hair. This application of the oil needs to be done before entering the pool. However, it is also advised if you are using coconut oil to wear a cap. If you do not wear a cap before entering the pool when you are outside, then in such a case, you might attract sun damage due to the oil. Thus, when you apply oil, it is advised to use an indoor pool, and if not that, then wear a cap before entering the outdoor pool.

2. During swimming, can tanning be prevented?

There are several steps which are to be importantly followed in order to take proper care of
your skin during swimming. The steps are as follows –

  • Properly rinse your skin before swimming
  • Apply a lotion which helps to neutralize chlorine
  • Rinse immediately after getting out of the pool
  • Properly moisturize your skin with an appropriate moisturizer
  • It is important to keep your body hydrated, drink your share of water.
  • Periodically resort to exfoliating your skin.


The swimmers are fairly troubled with the issues caused by the pool water, and thus, it is an important part of their schedule to include proper practices that are vital for their skincare. These best lotions for swimmers as enumerated above are capable of protecting your skin from any hazardous effect from the sun as well as chlorine, and this any of them should serve the purpose of general protection from external components really well. It is essential to take proper steps to take care of your skin because, if not taken care of, it can cumulatively lead to greater diseases that are difficult to treat.


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