Best Korean Serums for Oily Skin – 2020 (Reviews & Guide)

Best Korean Serums
Best Korean Serums for Oily Skin
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Oily skin? Which means acne! Acne? Indeed, itching, inflammation and of course, a few little bumps and toppings on your skin like a pizza! Caring and pampering your skin is crucial if you want your skin to love you back! With the rise and growth of K-Beauty naturals and cosmetics, even the western skincare is adopting the Korean practices to get a radiant complexion. Starting from normal skin to dry skin, Korean cosmetics works its wonders if used regularly and with utmost care. Inevitably, K-Beauty products are amazing as they start reflecting their magic after every single use.

Indeed, along with Korean moisturizers and face creams, if you also give your skin the touch of serums. Korean serums have completely acquired the center stage of beauty with shadowed essences.

So, does that mean, it would be expensive enough?

It’s a big NO! You can now avail of the K-Beauty products without losing out your wallet strings! Battling every day with Oily skin is neither easy nor pleasant. Consistently, applying foundation and conceal is quite annoying, and again, if the product is not up to the mark, then within a couple of hours – You will soon lose the temporary mask and expose your oily skin!

That’s a silver lining that oily skin rarely develops age lines and wrinkles, but it doesn’t matter when it otherwise steals your beauty and makes you look like an LED light. Hence, to help you better here we have listed a few best Korean serums for oily skin that will make you fall in love with your skin.

Top 10 Best Korean Serums for Oily Skin

1. Best Korean Vitamin C Serum: Skin Care K Beauty

From Seoul Ceuticals, Korean Skincare K beauty to the perfect skincare serum for an oily complexion. With excellent perfection and quality, the serum contains natural ingredients that work indeed great on every skin type, especially oily skin. The most suitable day glow serum for oily complexion with the goodness of Ferulic acid and Vitamin C which will make the skin more radiant and shiny.

  • Instantly reduces wrinkles and shows a youthful look
  • Hyaluronic acid contents the natural moisture of the skin and keep hydrated
  • Fights against aging and fine lines
  • No more acne, pores or dark spots and gives a smooth yet clear skin

2. Best All-Rounder Serum: Eva Naturals Skin Clearing

Skincare serums? Indeed has to have antioxidants and several nutrients that would do the treatment in a very few weeks. One such best Korean hyaluronic acid serum is Eva Naturals Vitamin C Serum that repairs sun-damaged skin and battles with aging and fine lines simultaneously. The Niacinamide formula in the serum protects the skin complexion and fights with acne and pores too.

  • Works as the best anti-aging serum that makes you look young
  • No worries about hydration with this skin serum
  • Removes inflammation and redness giving you a smooth skin
  • Packed with natural ingredients with K-beauty organics
  • Safe for all

3. Best Face Serum for Oily Skin: 3-Pack Serum

Want a soothing skin with zero acne? Here’s what you should opt for, a perfect anti-aging serum from Tree of life that would work wonders on your oily acne-prone skin. The high form of Vitamin C and with other natural ingredients to smoothen and soften your skin. Protecting your age and fighting against wrinkles and lines is the specialty of the serum too.

  • Rejuvenates the skin with all the essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Natural ingredients help to fight against aging, wrinkles, dark circles and spots
  • The retinol serum aids in toning out the skin giving it a youthful look
  • Hydrates the skin throughout the day keeping its moisture content
  • The best serum for oily acne prone skin out there in the market

4. Best Korean Whitening Serum: Elizavecca Hell Pore Control

Straight from the extracts of all the natural and organic ingredients, here is Elizavecca hell Pore control Facial serum that works its magic on oily skin or an acne-prone skin without causing any side effects. Hyaluronic acid in the facial serum makes your skin evidently soft and gives it a texture toning out the complexion indeed.

  • Moisturizes and hydrates the skin efficiently without any certain side effects
  • Suits all types of skin especially oily and acne-prone skin
  • Probably the best Korean whitening serum
  • Restores skin’s natural color and texture removing acne and pores
  • Whitens the surface and functions smoothly for a long time

5. Best Korean Anti Aging Serum: LilyAna Naturals

Tired of using all sorts of face serum, and still no results? Here’s one of the best Korean serums for Oily serum from LilyAna that not only deals with your oily skin and acne over it, but also battles against age wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots from heavy exposure to UV rays. The Vitamin C formula in the serum brightens the skin with regular use.

  • Properties of Vitamin C lightens the skin without stealing your original complexion
  • Gives a balanced and healthy skin without any side effects
  • Evens the skin tone and also boosts the clarity and texture overall
  • Gels up with the skin quickly leaving the skin smooth with no layers of grease or stickiness

6. Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Cosmedica Korean Skincare

With the purest and most natural ingredients, Cosmedica Skincare is the best Korean face serum with all the K-Beauty products from the market that gives ultimate effect and even results on your skin in a few weeks. Improving your skin’s moisture is quite effortless with Hyaluronic acid in the face serum that will also eliminate dark spots, wrinkles, and adds radiance and a dewy look to your skin.

  • Treats the skin’s condition with perfectly balancing the moisture
  • Provides dewiness and radiance on the skin
  • Vitamin C adds complexion and youthfulness to your skin
  • No chemicals, paraben and harmful ingredients added in the product

7. Good Serum for Oily Skin: InstaNatural Moisturizer

Guarantees the clean beauty with all the organic ingredients that are cruelty-free and indeed with all the essential properties added to the face serum. The product does not involve or contain any kind of harsh chemicals or ingredients such as paraben, sulfate and any kind of animal cruelty. All the extracts of botanicals and oil that are safe on your skin completely.

  • The ingredients added in the product are completely natural
  • No chemicals, dyes or harmful properties added in the product
  • Smoothens the skin, removes the irritation and redness
  • Suits all types of skin

8. Best for Combination Skin: Zone - 365 Serum

A complete package of skin-friendly materials that would suit any skin type. The natural ingredients reverse the common aging signs making your skin look actively young and fresh throughout the day. Evens out the skin texture and smoothens your oily skin to remove acne, pores, sunspots, and dark spots. If you’re looking for the best Korean serum for combination skin, go for this one!

  • Get rid of discoloration, hyperpigmentation with the goodness of Vitamin C
  • A sincere delight to the skins of both men and women with all skin types
  • Vitamin E to protect from sun damage and other skin conditions
  • Retinol that will fight acne and breakouts without any side effects

9. Best Anti Wrinkle: Mizon Original Skin Energy

The best Korean serum for oily skin that holds deeply concentrated hyaluronic acid that takes care of hydrating the skin leaving the skin moisturized enough. The skin elasticity is improved as it contains copper tripeptide, lecithin with a hydrogenated formula to penetrate the skin deeply. You can indeed use the serum after the toner to see its magic on you.

  • Works as the best conditioner for your skin
  • Gives a balanced and healthy skin with the help of hyaluronic acid
  • Rejuvenates skin to the core and restores the skin’s natural tone and texture
  • Contains no harmful chemicals and safe for all skin types

10. TruSkin Vitamin C serum for face

It contains a high level of antioxidants in the serum that makes it the best Korean serum for oily skin or acne-prone skin. The blend of Vitamin C with hyaluronic acid gives extensively smooth skin whitening the complexion, even more, removing hyperpigmentation concerns and other skin conditions. Age wrinkles and UV Rays caused dark spots? No worries!

  • Removes the common and usual signs of aging, dark spots and sunspots
  • Provides nutrients and vitamins to the surface
  • Whitens the skin, gives an active and fresh skin
  • No added chemicals, additives or fragrances in the face serum

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Best Korean Serum for Oily Skin – The Buyer’s Guide

Be very well aware of the factors even before you choose Korean serums for oily skin or acne-prone skin. Once after you are ready to start with K-beauty skin serums here we have a set of guidelines to assist you better.

1. See if it works for sensitive skin

Indeed, if you have oily skin but also sensitive then you have to pick a Korean serum that would be suitable for your skin and won’t cause any side effects too. Ensure that the product does not trigger any kind of rashes or allergies.

2. Ingredients

Another significant factor that helps you to choose the right Korean serum is to keep an eye on the ingredients. Search if the product has any harmful ingredients or properties that are against the skincare routine.

3. Originality

K-beauty products are available everywhere both online and offline, but are they really a part of Korean cosmetics? Ensure to buy with the help of reviews and experiences of buyers and then choose to buy.

4. Suitability

With thousands of serums available in the market, it is indeed difficult to choose the right type. There are many types such as acne-fighting serums, anti-aging, toner, brightening serum and etc. Choose as per your need or otherwise, it may give adverse effects.

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FAQs Related to Best Korean Serums

1. Do Korean products really work?

In most cases, yes! But, ultimately depends on how suitable it is for your skin type.

2. Are serum and toner the same?

No, they are not! Toner is something applied before you put on your facial serum that evens out the skin and prepares for further skincare routine.

3. How to figure out the best serum for oily skin?

Look for hydrating and exfoliating properties in the face serum to keep your skin moisturized and balanced.

4. Are serums safe to use on sensitive skin?

Sensitive skins always require some special touch and if the serum gels up well with the skin then it can start off with its results.

5. How soon can I see the results after serum?

You can’t see results after a single application. You have to use the serum regularly and the results will be visible in a few weeks.


K-Beauty skincare is never an easy task! Most of us, think it is difficult, but in reality, it isn’t! Out of thousands of Korean beauty products in the market, choosing the most suitable one could be tricky, but once you are aware of your skin needs and demands, you would be able to feed the skin rightly. K-beauty products are always safe and efficient, but only if you choose original products. If you are confused about choosing the best Korean serum for oily skin, then take a look at the products listed above to get a radiant yet shiny skin with complete clarity.


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