Best Whitening Body Lotion – 2020 [Reviews & Guide]

best whitening body lotion in the world
Best whitening Lotions in the world
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Going out in the sun every day can be taxing on our skin, in several ways. At the same time, it is a very important part of a recommended daily schedule for skin care – taking care to ensure that our skin tone remains uniform throughout the body. Over time, several things start to happen to your skin – dry skin, several dark patches, etc., and all of these tend to give your skin a darker shade. To keep this under control, or counter them, you will need to use the best whitening body lotion to keep off the dark spots from your skin and give your skin an overall whiter tone. It is advised that to do so, you should take one of the safest routes – whitening creams/lotions.

Whitening body lotions and whitening body creams come with included moisturizers and thus also keep your skin hydrated, while at the same time giving your skin a lighter and even tone. However, not all of the skin whitening creams on the market are good for everyone, and therefore, we have listed below a list of 10 best whitening body lotions in the world, which will benefit you in every way possible to keep an even and brighter tone on the skin.

Top 10 Best Skin Whitening Body Lotions

1. Snow White Milky Lotion

This skin lotion is an all-rounder – that is to say, it is not confined to be used on one single body part. Rather, it is harmless on every part of your body where you use it, the part which needs lightening of the skin tone. It also contains moisturizers and tends to provide adequate hydration for the skin where you apply it. The effect of the whitening lotion becomes evident immediately after the application. 

  • No need to wash it – absorbed like a lotion
  • Effective with people who have dark skin tones
  • To be used in moderate amounts, like a gentle massage.

2. Vaseline Healthy White, Skin Lightening Lotion

Having a bright, and healthy skin is equally important to remain healthy, overall. This product from Vaseline is no simple skin lightening lotion, rather, it has healing capabilities. The carefully chosen ingredients heal the damaged dry skin and can restore your healed skin, in a much brighter shade within 2 weeks. The ingredients chosen are nature-friendly and give you a naturally glowing skin, that’s why it’s considered to be the best whitening body lotion.

  • Contains Vitamin B3 – helps to look skin fairer
  • Perfect for daily fairness glow on the skin
  • Contains sunscreen, absorbs quickly
  • Leaves no greasy residue behind

3. Olay Quench Body Lotion 

This product from Olay is heavily comprised of natural ingredients – it has shea butter extracts, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, etc. The major target of this whitening lotion is to keep the moisture in your skin intact and keep it healthy. In doing so, it also improves the skin tone to a considerable level, while keeping the fair tone of the skin intact by protecting the skin from developing dark spots due to damage and dryness.

  • Replenishes dry skin with moisture
  • Constant moisturization for 24 hours
  • Provides protection against everyday drying

4. Silka Skin Whitening Lotion 

The Silka Skin Whitening Lotion is another product that is totally full of natural components – the natural extracts such as Papaya Enzyme and BHA help get rid of dead cells, and below that, they leave behind a fresh, clear and white layer of skin which looks younger and healthier. The added moisturizer and protection from ultraviolet rays protect the skin under the sun and also from drying out.

  • SPF6 Protection prevents darkening from sun
  • Prevents premature aging effect 
  • Moisturizes your skin for a soft and supple feel

5. CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion

The CeraVe Lotion is a light product for your skin which is intended to keep your body hydrated round the clock. The contained ceramides in the lotion helps hydrate the skin effectively, preventing dryness and thus, bringing a lighter tone to the skin. Since the formula is not harmful, anyone can apply it without any issue, in any amount, and as often as one wishes.

  • Oil-free and gentle on the skin
  • Fragrance-free, no unnecessary additives
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid – retains skin natural moisture

6. Klear Plex Kojic Milk Face & Body Whitening Cream

This lotion is another good choice if you want to make your skin brighter than before, and also at the same time, keep the skin hydrated enough to retain that brighter texture. It is perfect as a moisturizing and whitening lotion for the entire body and gives your body a clear and radiant effect. If you’re looking to buy the value for money, the best whitening lotion for body, this is the one.

  • Contains Kojic Acid and Milk for all-round protection
  • Locks body moisture for protection
  • Gives a naturally radiant and fairer skin

7. ASDM Beverly Hills Natural Body Lotion

This skin whitening lotion works overtime and step by step removes the darker tone from the skin, and fight against the excessive melanin growth on the skin. The product uses natural extracts that provide the skin of the user with soft and repaired skin. The formula used in this skin shall lighten and brighten the tone of your skin, and renews the skin for a flawless appearance.

  • Perfect for uneven skin tones 
  • Livens up the dead skin and repairs the cells
  • Usually, effects show in 7 to 8 weeks on daily usage

8. New Vaseline Healthy Skin Lightening Lotion 

This Vaseline product also is an effective solution to your needs for a slighter skin. The product contains abundant quality of Vitamin B3, which provides adequate protection from dehydration of skin, while the product also contains added sunscreens for protection against ultraviolet rays and protect the skin from darkening in the sun while you are out in the day.

  • Restores skin moisture and fairness in 2 weeks
  • Contains Vaseline Jelly droplets for the softness of the skin

9. New York Fair & Lovely Lightening Lotion

The New York Fair & Lovely Lightening Lotion is an excellent solution for hydration of the skin and provides the skin of the user with a lighter tone to provide it with a shining glow. It is recommended for this product that it should be applied to the dry and cleansed skin. Paired with sunscreen with SPF 30 is perfect for all-round protection from the sun, where the whitening lotion provides the user with lightened skin, and the sunscreen shall protect it from being darkened again. If you’re in a search of the best whitening body lotion with SPF, then grab this lotion.

  • Use for external parts of the body
  • Not recommended to use this product in case of pregnancy
  • Hydrates the skin and lightens the skin tone

10. Malissa Kiss Whitening Perfume Body Lotion 

The Malissa Kiss Sweet Poison is a proper moisturizing lotion that is made out of natural Aloe Vera extracts and other Grape Seed extracts, which makes it safe for skin of all ages. This whitening lotion is smooth in the application on the skin and nourishes the skin while keeping it hydrated. The brightening effect of the lotion is noticeable and helps in attaining fairer skin tones easily.

  • Contains extracts from Macadamia Ternifolia seed oil for repair
  • Vitamins A, C & E provide hydration and brightening effect

Buyer’s guide to Buy the Best Whitening Body Lotion

Skin brightening lotions are one of the safest ways to ensure that your attempt to lighten your skin tone does not go awfully wrong. The market is filled with skincare solutions, and not all of them are the ideal options for everyone. This is what demands extreme care while selecting whitening lotions since some of the products can be adverse for your skin, especially if you are not wary of special instructions for application if there are any. There are several things you’ll need to keep in mind while purchasing your ideal skin tone whitening lotion. The following questions are what you need to ask before purchasing any product.

1. Skin type

Not all the products on the skin are perfect for all skin types. Ranging from dry skin to oily skin, there are several skin types, and not all the products are meant to fit perfectly in all of them. Buying a product that does not suit your skin type, can lead to the opposite results. Some products often contain elements, which could lead to allergic reactions or make your skin drier than before. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep track of the compatibility of the product with your skin type.

2. Ingredients

It is always important to check the table of ingredients of every product before buying it. Rather than going for products with chemical components, it is always advised to opt for products that have completely natural extracts and do not harm your skin in the long run on the continuous application over long periods of time. The best kinds of creams for natural augmentation of brighter skin tone are those which are based on nature-based pigments and extracts.

Besides, it is always advised to consult your doctor regarding any potential allergic reaction to the contents of any skin whitening cream you are using. Your knowledge of the potential outcomes for this could be limited, and thus, such consultation should always be welcome. It is also better if the lotion you select should be compatible with any sunscreen, since most skincare products leave the skin sensitive to the sun, and thus protection through a sunscreen is essential.

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FAQs Related to Skin Whitening Body Lotions

1. Are skin whitening creams permanent?

No, contrary to what the people in general believe, the skin whitening creams are not permanent in their effect – that is to say, they do not get rid of melanin completely. The skin on the human body is in a constant process of renewal, and melanin is constantly produced anew. What the bleaching cream does is that it reduces the functioning of the melanin-producing cells. This is what causes the effect of lighter skin. If the application is not controlled and proper care is not taken, the effect of the skin whitening cream is removed, and a person may become darker again.

2. How can you effectively fix your uneven skin tone?

The reason behind a person’s uneven skin tone is because of the pigments in the skin being distributed unevenly. The triggers which could cause this uneven distribution are due to exposure to the sun, or an internal hormonal change in the body of the person. There are many products on the market, which contain an abundance of Vitamin C, such as sunscreens and moisturizers, which can help make this skin tone even. Any of the products mentioned in the list above could be a good choice to even your skin tone by applying them on a daily basis.

3. How to use Skin whitening body lotion for better results?

You can select the skin whitening body lotion according to your skin type from the given list and do patch test first! If the product suits you then you can go ahead with the skin whitening lotion. You can apply the whitening body lotion to all over your body in a good amount after taking shower. This way, you can keep your skin well moisturized and hydrated too.

4. Which is the best skin whitening lotion ?

  • Snow White Milky Lotion
  • Vaseline Healthy White, Skin Lightening Lotion
  • Olay Quench Body Lotion

5. What is the skin whitening body lotion ?

Skin whitening body lotions reduce the dry patches, freckles and roughness from your skin, they make your skin look even toned. If you want to have fairer, glowy and healthy skin, then you can try one of the above 10 listed skin whitening body lotions.


These skin whitening body lotions are the best for the value they sell at, and are generally safe for use by all, on almost all parts of the body. The products included in the list shall offer the user with the best protection from the sun, dry skin, and also provide them with a much brighter tone of the skin, provided that the instructions in the application are followed to the point. The effect shall take some time to show in some products, but none of the above products is bound to disappoint you.



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