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Summers are around the corner and we all know the havoc it plays on our skin color. The unwanted tan or discoloration, patchy skin, the list is endless. Leading dermatologists have always stressed on regular use of sunblock throughout the year. Thanks to all the write-ups on the harmful effects of sun damage. Let’s review Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Cream!

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Cream

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Cream
Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Cream

Product Description:

Price: Rs 225/-INR
Content: 50gm

 Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Cream Ingredients

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Cream Ingredients
Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Cream Ingredients

What Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Cream claims:

Indian summer bring concentrated Sun consisting of UVA & UVB rays. This unique Sun Block cream with PARSOL1789 provides complete protection reducing chances of SKIN TAN & SKIN AGING, Sweat-proof, waterproof and non-greasy.

How to use?

Apply it after using your moisturizer or after washing your face. Kindly ensure to use it at least 15 minutes before you step out in the Sun. It recommended to reapply it after every 3-4 hours if you exposed to extreme Sun damage.

My Experience with the Lotus Sun Block cream says,

My inclination towards natural skin care/hair care always made me read up on articles which have stressed enough on the usage of using a sunblock. I have been delaying the purchase, but finally got my hands on them as this was a must needed. I bought this from a chemist after briefly going through the options available at his counter. The berry extract (Anti-aging properties)picture on the tube was another attraction for me. The packing is simple, reminds me more of Lakhme products, with necessary information on both sides of the tube. I purchased a travel size tube, as it is convenient to carry in a small bag!

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Cream Swatch
Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Cream Swatch

My climate requires a minimum of SPF 30. However my office hours are more in the air-conditioned environment, but this is for those mini intervals when I am exposed to Sun Damage. I instantly fell in love with the fragrance. Thanks to the berry extract, this was a welcome change from my past experience of using sunblock which has an overpowering smell of chemicals. It truly lives to its claim of being non-greasy plus it doesn’t dry out my skin.

I do not sweat a lot, however, I feel that even if I do a little, it doesn’t show on my face on days when I am wearing this Sunblock(Another ++). I am yet to test it for being waterproof, I might try it on my next pool getaway🏊, or I’ll have to wait for the rains. I feel a lot more confident without worrying about any tan when moving around with this sunblock. It definitely has added a protective layer, as this has reduced all the unwanted tan and discoloration on my face especially.

Pros of Lotus Sun Block cream:

-Practical packaging
-Good texture
-True to its claims
-Soothing fragrance
-No white cast

Cons of Lotus Sun Block cream:

-Not suitable for oily skin types

VooBeauy Rating: 4/5

Will you repurchase/ recommend?

Yayyy 👍I’m definitely going ahead with my second tube, and will definitely recommend it to Beauties who have skin texture similar to mine. Ladies Don’t let the Sunblock🌞 you this summer!!!


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